Little Caravan

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When his wife caught the eyes of a stranger at the campsite, the thought of her pursuing her summer crush was too arousing to pass up.

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“He’s a charming guy,” she said. I looked surprised. “Which one?” “You know, the guy with the blueish eyes and the subtle smile,” she said with a dreamy expression. We walked from the forest to our campsite. I hadn’t noticed anything special about the guy, but now I thought about it, I could imagine her being charmed by his pleasant conversation and confident demeanor. I started cooking some dinner, and I saw her mind was wandering every few minutes. It was clear she had been struck by lightning, and if she had been sixteen, he would probably have become her holiday love. 

We had been camping with our kids in the mountains for almost two weeks. During the day, the sun was blazing, and we would wear as few clothes as possible. Her tall legs and tanned skin were getting her a lot of secret glances. In the evenings, it would get terribly cold. Because of the cold, we would all go to bed early, and when the kids were asleep, we would quietly make love in our own little tent. It was wonderful to feel her naked skin in our sleeping bag. No kinky sex, but just some cuddling that would eventually lead to her riding me with soft moans. When we both had come, we would fall asleep wrapped around each other. This evening, it was different.

She Craved His Body

Although her hands went over my body like the night before, her mind was not here. I smiled to myself because it was clear that she was thinking of this other guy. Her body was probably craving his body. I felt aroused by the idea. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t permanently lose her to some random summer crush, so I could enjoy the fantasy of her being shagged senseless by this stranger. 

Today, three guys had arrived. They were on foot, each wearing a huge backpack. Apparently, the campsite owner offered a small caravan for rent for backpackers. It stood pretty isolated in the woods, and one of the guys had decided to rent the thing while his two friends would stay in their tiny tents on the campsite. He had arranged a VIP stay for himself. The thought struck me. It was a totally isolated love nest. 

“What’s on your mind?” I turned over to my wife and tried to see her face in the dark. “I was thinking about the guy,” she said. “I’ll be honest; I have constantly been thinking about him since he looked at me. I can’t help myself. I’m sorry, dear. I hope I’m not hurting you.” “It is fine,” I responded, “I don’t feel threatened or hurt. Just tell me. What would you do if everything you’d do would be totally okay? If there would be no shame or guilt or anything like that?” She was quiet for some time and then whispered: “I would probably go to his little caravan, knock on his door, and tell him that tonight, he could do anything with me.” I responded, “You should.” “I should.”

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