Saturday Night Swim

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She couldn’t resist any longer and took him right there in the pool.

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We had fresh drinks and laughed and talked as the sun settled just a little bit more. She got closer and closer to me and finally looked me in the eyes and said, “I can’t hold back any longer.” She wrapped her long legs around me as she thrust her tongue into my mouth. We kissed heavily until we couldn’t breathe. I realized she was squeezing my groin tighter and tighter, trying to pull me to her. She threw her head back and laughed, “oh, wow! Way too many clothes on…”

Welcome to the Oasis

She took off her bathing suit, showing off her large, swollen breasts, and I buried my face into them, licking, nibbling, sucking, gently biting, and turning her on even more! I put my hand between her legs, and I could feel her wetness even in the pool. She got my hand and fingers against her and then slowly inside her. She made a wonderful moan and squirmed against me even harder, causing my cock to strain against my bathing suit. She breathed deeply and started kissing again as she put her hand down my swim trunks, grabbing my firm member and whispering how she wanted me deep inside her and knowing that we have both lusted for each other so strongly. 

The waterfall was deafening as she slid my trunks off and mounted me, slowly at first, and then riding harder and harder, pressing against me with an urgency that was all too powerful! There was a rhythmic buoyancy of the water with this beautiful woman riding me from one side of the pool to the next. I grabbed the edge of the pool and slammed inside her over and over as she begged for more. She wrapped her legs around me even tighter as we came at an amazing tempo! Still clutching me with her legs, I went to the swim shelf, and she rode me, still bouncing up and down those beautiful breasts in the evening light. Her swollen womanhood was tight against me, and we were reaching for each other — breathless, spinning in the afterglow after having a fantastic orgasmic adventure. I laughed and said, “welcome to the oasis!”

SDC Member Writing Contest Hottest Hotwife Experience 2020

This story was submitted by one of our members to the My Hottest Hotwife Experience! Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced the winner of this contest on September 18th, 2020. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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