The Camping Trip

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This hotwife had the gangbang opportunity of a lifetime with her husband’s camping buddies.

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My husband has been going wilderness camping with his buddies since high school. Occasionally, one of us wives will attend, but it typically is just the boys getting out and roughing it for a couple of weeks together. As a hotwife and exhibitionist, most of these guys have seen me naked or had their way with me at some point in the past. None of their wives would ever do anything like that, and I am sure they have no idea they have done anything with me. A few years back, one of the recently divorced guys said he was missing the touch of a woman and wished I could come out with them for some extracurricular playtime when they were bored. We joked around about how fun it would be, but even though my husband loves for me to be a hotwife, I think our talk was a little too much even for him to handle. It was all just talk anyway, so it really didn’t matter. I was not going on the trip that year. 

A few months later, they all packed up and headed out, and when they did, I started thinking about that conversation — what we had talked about, how wild it would be — and I began to get really worked up. I could hardly make it through the day without thinking about what I would be doing or experiencing right now if I were out there, and I was constantly wet with all of the excitement! There were always at least 6–8 men on this trip — a true gangbang in the making.

Her Fantasy Comes True

Four days into the trip, my husband called saying his one buddies had fallen and hurt himself pretty badly. He asked if I could meet them at their base camp and help him bring his buddy back to the hospital. Of course, I agreed, but as I was driving out there, it hit me that this was the perfect opportunity for me to make some of the things I had been fantasizing about come true. 

When we met at base camp, I asked my husband if he would mind taking his buddy back and let me stay with his buddies. He immediately knew exactly what was going on and said he wasn’t sure he was comfortable with that, but I told him I am a big girl and can handle myself just fine; besides, they were all his buddies and great friends of ours, so they would never do anything to harm me. He reluctantly agreed and went on his way. 

I hiked out to their camping area, but just before I got there, I stripped completely naked (except for my socks and boots) and walked into camp that way! The reaction I got was totally priceless; they were shocked, amazed, excited, and confused all at the same time! I told them I was there to be used in any way they wanted, but one rule was this: I would not put a stitch of clothing on for the rest of the trip — no matter what happened! Whenever they wanted me, whatever I was doing, just grab me and go at it. It did not take long for the first one to do just that.

All in for the Rest of the Trip

While I was getting things out for dinner, he came up behind me and took me bent over the cooler. I know several of the other guys saw and heard us, and once that ice was broken, it was all in for the rest of the trip! I have never had so much sex in such a short time, but it was also very fun! We went for walks in the woods, me still completely naked, and after 10 or 15 minutes, one guy would just take me and bend me over and do me; sometimes, the others would watch, sometimes they would join in. We did a round-robin nearly every night around the fire, where I would just start with one of them and ride them one by one around the fire, then go to bed as full as I could get. Most nights, at least four or five of them would come into my tent and take me again, sometimes in pairs. We did it every way you could imagine! 

One night, we even had a stranger wander into our camp, as sometimes happens when camping. He was completely surprised and shocked to see a completely naked woman sitting there at the fire! He only stopped to ask for some water and supplies, but he got much more than he expected that night. I think he took me at least five times before he finally left. 

This happened about five years ago, and the guys still talk about it every time they are around without their wives. Of course, they now ask me to go with them every year, but I like the idea that it happened, and now we can all just live with the memory of it! Maybe some year I will go back, but not this year.

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