The First Time

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This lucky stag has had his fill of orgasmic delights — first from his kinky vixen girlfriend, and then his Hedo-born hotwife.

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When I was 18, I dated a girl that liked men much older. She was 20, but 40+ was her preferred guy. Against her “rule,” over time, we fell in love, but the problem was she couldn’t date me and admitted it was because she couldn’t stop sleeping with older men. We had never done anything but kiss but were at a party. After it was obvious this was going to happen, I rolled on a condom, and she stopped me right before I entered her. I had to choose between being with her and dealing with her obsession with older, mostly married men or dropping out now. 

There I was, on my knees, music from the party softly bumping in the background, looking down at my 18-year-old dick, pointed straight up at me screaming, “Yes, whatever it is, yes!” She noticed my hesitation and said, “I love you. Nothing changes. It’s just something I need.” Without much thought, I conceded and agreed to the terms laid out in front of me. She reached out, removed the condom, and pulled me in. That night changed my life forever.

She Wanted Him to Feel — and Fill — Her

She and I dated for nearly two years. During that time, a couple times a month, she would be “busy” for the night, either coming back to our apartment very late or even the next day. She would always come home, shower immediately before coming to bed, quietly snuggling up and whispering she loved me. One night, she came home, and I was still up. She sat down next to me, and for the first time, I asked her about her date. Surprised, she began to tell me, trying to keep it casual. I kept asking questions, and it was obvious to both of us we were getting turned on. She told me he was a married guy from the next town, a car salesman with four kids and no sex life that she met while taking a test drive. We sat on the couch as she now stroked me, finally removing her clothes and touching herself. The sound of her pleasuring herself, obviously wetter than I had ever seen, was almost too much. The smells, the sounds, it was all intoxicating. 

She climbed on top of me, and I could see she was dripping and using me to rub herself as she continued to tell me what happened. We were both worked up, on the verge of orgasm when she once again changed my world: “He didn’t want to use a condom.” I mumbled something incoherent as she began to sink down on me. “I let him, I wanted to feel him, and I wanted him to feel me.” So enamored by what was going on below, the words just floated by until she looked me in the eye and said, “he came inside of me.” She sank all the way down, and we both shuddered and rocked with our orgasms. That event would not only be the beginning of my swinging life but also set the stage for my marriage.

New Wife, New Swinging Life

I met my wife a couple of years later and knew she was the one from the instant we met. Our sixth date was our wedding, after only three weeks of long-distance dating. My wife Babette and I had dabbled or talked about swinging from almost the first time we had sex. We were young in our very early 20s. Both attractive, interested in each other but still wanted to experience things. While it was mostly talk on her part, the discussion was about her experiencing other women, as well as watching me with other women, while mine involved watching her please other men. I didn’t reveal much about my girlfriend or our kinky life but hinted to us exploring things. Babette was not interested in sleeping with any other men but me, and I was being offered the chance to have threesomes with beautiful young women; who was I to complain? We did experience a couple of soft swing experiences after meetings at a local swingers club. Being our age, we were always a hit at the club. While she would play around and enjoyed watching me, it just wasn’t her thing. Our sex life was amazing, and we were a perfect fit — pleasing each other more than any past lovers.

Our Trip to Hedo

Fast forward several years: We had just had our second child, and things had gotten a little stagnant. I mentioned booking an exciting vacation for our seventh wedding anniversary — something to spark things up. I booked a trip to Hedonism in Jamaica, and six months later, we arrived at the resort from our exciting bus ride. Before we even stepped off, I said, “no judgments this week; you be you, explore what you want; I promise I won’t be mad no matter what you do.” She nervously chuckled it off and half-heartedly agreed. 

The week was amazing, and our sex life was back! Spending the days naked, talking, laughing with others — all while people around you were openly having sex — made the whole resort so sexually charged. We spent Toga night talking with two couples that had been with each other but just socially with us. Nothing had happened all week, but what a great vacation. I actually had hope that my luck was about to change when my wife and one of the other husbands began to kiss as they danced. We all decided to leave the club and go to the beach. I was hoping this was moving to a room because we didn’t have any of our completely unused condom supply. 

We swam out to a raft just off the nude beach. The moon was almost full, and we were all lying there in the warm night air and began playing around. I looked over and saw my wife climb over one of the husbands and almost completely ignored his wife as I watched in amazement. I had watched her rub and play around like that with close friends but never with strangers, and yet here I was, watching her slide him between her legs, careful not to slip. Just then, the other couple’s wife reached over, grabbed his stiff cock, lined it up, and gently pushed my wife down. I heard her moan, “oh god, yes,” as I watched my wife grind down on him. 

I instantly felt that feeling in my stomach from when I was younger. I was frozen. Less than a minute later, he tried half-heartedly to pull out, but I watched her still going up and down as it began to leak out. I was just a bystander as I watched her roll off of him when the husband from the couple watching began to touch my Babette. I moved up to be with her, kissed her, and assured her everything was OK when she let out a soft moan. I looked down, and the other husband was now inside her, slowly sliding in and out. I held her and kissed her, looked into her eyes, and told her I loved her just as he came loudly. Without a word that night back in our room, we had sex so powerful that it shaped our 23 years of marriage. The first time it happened was my hottest hotwife experience, but so many have been memorable.

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