Two Men Just for Me

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A blur of pleasure awaited at the end of this couple’s three-way date.

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Last summer, we arranged our first three-way date. We had met Mark and his wife at l’Orage a few months back. Mark and I both sensed some chemistry, so my husband maintained communication with him and invited him out with us on Friday. We met up at a local bar for some sangria and snacks. It was nerve-wracking before he arrived… what to wear? How to act? Will it be completely awkward? Thankfully, it was quite smooth from the moment he arrived. The attraction was still there, subtle but present.

Breaking the Ice

After drinks, we walked back to our place. We made some gin and tonics, put on some “mood” music, and continued talking. My husband felt there was too much talking, and I was too shy to make a move… until finally, my husband practically pushed me into Mark’s arms! The ice was still not broken, so Mark suggested a tour of the house. 

We quickly made our way to the bedroom, which was dimly lit. Mark started off by kissing me quite gently with lots of tongue, but very sensual. My husband was behind me. Mark sat on the bed, so I was standing facing him, and my dress was quickly removed. Mark started touching me and continued kissing me. My husband unclasped my bra from behind, so now Mark was at the perfect height to start kissing and licking my breasts. I unbuttoned my lover’s shirt, and then Mark’s. I could not believe this was happening… two hot naked guys in my bedroom, one being my husband!

A Blur of Pleasure

We were all naked quickly and moved to the bed. The series of events is a bit blurry… I could not keep track of all of the hands and tongues caressing my body, all focused on bringing me pleasure. My partner started to go down on me — one of my favorite activities. At the same time, I was eager to suck on Mark’s penis. I started slowly, licking up and down, stroking at the same time. I could hear him sighing and enjoying it and felt it as he was getting harder. Then I would stop, we’d all move around, and then my husband was kissing me while Mark started pumping a few fingers in and out of my vagina, hard and fast. I was so horny and loving it. After some of that, my husband penetrated me while I went back to sucking on Mark’s dick. I was having so much fun moving from one penis to another, sucking each one and listening as they were both enjoying it. Then, it was Mark’s turn to go down on me. He was rougher than what I’m used to, but it was still hot. I think I was sucking on my partner’s penis during that time. 

Finally, I was ready for Mark to fill me with his cock. He went to get a condom. He was upright on his knees, put me on my side, and pushed his cock into me. It felt so good to have another penis inside me. He continued in that position for some time, then I went on all fours and wanted to straddle him. Once on top of him, the rhythm increased, and he went deeper. We were so sweaty and wet by this point. He kept thrusting upward, which was making me really horny. Finally, I could not hold back and had a strong orgasm, yelling as I came. 

Once I came down from that high, it was my lover’s turn to fuck me from behind as I was on all fours and went back to sucking Mark’s dick. I could feel my husband getting close to coming, and Mark as well. Mark finally removed his penis from my mouth and had me stroke him quickly. He came strong, and his sperm went all over his chest. He relaxed while my husband continued to pound me until he came as well. It was so incredible! We all rolled over and relaxed on the bed, wet, naked, and exhausted. We’d probably been at it for almost 1½ hours at this point! We chatted a bit, got up to have some water, and Mark went on his way (kissing me goodbye on the lips on his way out). It was a most memorable evening!

SDC Member Writing Contest Hottest Hotwife Experience 2020

This story was submitted by one of our members to the My Hottest Hotwife Experience! Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced the winner of this contest on September 18th, 2020. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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