Who Gets to Take Home the Hotwife?

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Who is this ravishing woman at the club? Only one man knows for sure.

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Think about a group of boys headed out on their first trip to Goa. Fresh college pass-outs, newly joined at work, went through college with none having had a real chance with a girl, watched other gifted classmates bed college heartthrobs, and wondered when one of us… essentially, they’re young and desperate. You got some basic money at last from your first salaries to pay the high stag entry to ONE happening Goan party. And you fantasize that life is about to happen! Chances are they return home having won as much attention from the opposite sex as a candle gets under a scorching sun.

In a pinstriped secretary suit that was probably meant to be a slutty roleplay costume indoors, the ravishing woman I was watching that night seemed to have other plans, though. Heads turned as she took center stage at the club and moved. It was an act to witness. Was it her sweet womanhood age? Her raw abandon? The skin on exhibition? The inebriated intent? The confident challenge to fellow party-goers to make this an unforgettable night? Who was she, and where did she come from? And then the boys got lucky.

The Object of Their Desire

The shy ones took the brunt of it; she grabbed each one in turn for a dance, enticing them with her touch and smile, leading them to grope in the dark and as the music peaked gave them all a grind, one after another, again and again. It was a slim negligee of a dress — I have no doubt she could tell to the last measure how each one grew under her care if only she was sober enough to remember later. In due course, one who escaped this debauchery from that group came up to me, either curious of my constant watch or for some company to ogle at her with. 

We spoke about the only object of desire we had in common that night for long. I had experience and the boy had imagination, and we cooked up a thousand twisted thoughts concerning her and us. When it was finally time to part, the boy confessed to what was their best night of the tour — dammit, maybe even life so far. Wishfully, he wondered who was going to take that wild woman home tonight. “Me,” I clarified. “I will take my wife home tonight.”

SDC Member Writing Contest Hottest Hotwife Experience 2020

This story was submitted by one of our members to the My Hottest Hotwife Experience! Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced the winner of this contest on September 18th, 2020. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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