A Lifestyle Guide To Friends with Benefits Type Relationships

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Swinger couples enjoy all the sexual pleasures without the burden that comes with committed relationships by seeking “Friends with Benefits” (FWB). In fact, when scrolling through most swingers website, you’re sure to see couple profiles that are looking for a “FWB type of relationship.”

So, what are they really? Friends with benefits refers to a person with whom someone has sex without commitment or fear of hurting the other’s feelings. Most couples prefer a friends with benefits type of relationship as opposed to a “no strings attached” type of arrangement. While the two may sound like the same thing, they are not.

According to love and sex experts, there’s a huge difference between friends with benefits and no strings attached. In the FWB scenario, the parties are friends and have also agreed to get busy together. While in the second, there are no expectations for ongoing friendship (or any kind of relationship, for that matter) — just sex.

Friends with Benefits Relationships

Lifestyle couples prefer to develop long-lasting relationships through shared history and experiences such as going to events and travel. Below is a list of the typical types of “friends with benefits” scenarios swinger couples are looking for:

The “Touch and Go” FWB: This type of single swinger has played once or twice with a couple and says “Hello” when encountering them at lifestyle functions, but there’s no serious, in-depth discussions taking place in or out of the bedroom.

A Bit More Socially In-Depth: Some couples enjoy having FWB with common interests beyond getting naked together. FWB connections on this level lend themselves to occasional intimate discussions and can create lasting bonds that are beneficial for all parties involved.

An Eager, But Distant Beaver: This friend looks forward to seeing a particular couple and perhaps even “playing” with them at a future mutual event, but there’s no solidified agreements concerning such encounters.

The Private FWB: These types of friends socialize somewhat regularly and have sex privately. These can be long-term FWB situations because the members of the threesome get along so well — and get it on so well…

The Playmate & Personal Friend: An extension of the private FWB is the friend that couples have sex with occasionally, but also has been integrated into the pair’s lives to the extent of being introduced to other friends and/or family members.

The Soulmate FWB: This swinging single “hits it off” with a couple to such a degree that they ultimately form deep intellectual and emotional connections. These types keep up with each other’s day-to-day lives with pleasure both in and out of the bedroom.

The Chameleon: This FWB can easily transition into any and all of the above on demand, and he or she feels completely comfortable in doing so. This is often a highly desirable type of friend in the lifestyle.

As you can see, there’s a huge spectrum of possibilities for “friends with benefits” when swinging. Most won’t care if a friend finds another FWB situation; couples in the lifestyle are simply looking to enjoy sexual adventures in a drama-free safe zone with other open-minded people.

What kind of friend are you searching for? Or, do you fantasize of being a certain type of FWB? Join the swingers lifestyle and find out which type of friends with benefits relationship works for you.


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A Lifestyle Guide To Friends with Benefits Type Relationships

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