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Openlove 101 SDC Newbie Lifestyle Guide ManualAre you in an open relationship?

Consider yourself poly?

New to the swinger lifestyle scene?

First time to a swingers lifestyle club?

Well, then this guide is for you!

Who We Are

We are John & Jackie Melfi, and we are the owners of colette clubs and We have over 20 years of combined experience in open relationships, have coached thousands of couples, and continue to operate our lifestyle clubs every week.

Based on what we’ve seen (and experienced), we’ve put together this guide so you can know what to expect when starting out in the lifestyle and going to a club for the first time, which can be a little unnerving.

I (Jackie) remember my first time going to a “sex” club. Just trying to pick out my outfit for the night triggered so much fear and doubt. Could I really pull off wearing something like this? What did this dress say about me? Was I trying too hard? Who am I kidding in these platform heels and this short dress? You’re far too refined and respectable to allow yourself such silly frivolity. Thanks, ego! I really appreciate those self-defeating comments. Now I feel dumb. Now I don’t want to go. Now I’m scared of what people will think of me. 

Cue the mini breakdown.

Thank goodness I had John, such a loving, understanding, and patient partner. John stopped what he was doing and reassured me that everything was going to be okay, I didn’t look ridiculous… I looked beautiful, and nothing was going to happen that I couldn’t handle. 

Looking back on that experience, I wish I’d had some formal guide or checklist I could have followed to help prepare me for the evening. And thus, what you’re reading now is what I wish I had back then! So, let’s get started!

In This Guide

There are four parts to our Newbie Lifestyle Club Guide here on SDC. You can find all the links below:

1. What a Lifestyle Club Is — & Isn’t

2. The Pre-Club Talk & Prep

3. Lifestyle Club Etiquette

4. You’re at the Club. Now What?

By taking these steps in this guide, you can have an incredible first time (or anytime) experience at a lifestyle club that will keep you cumming back for more! (I couldn’t resist!)

Happy swinging!


Openlove 101 SDC Newbie Lifestyle Club Guide

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