A Hall Pass for Christmas? SDC.com

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A Hall Pass for Christmas? SDC.com

Last year, an article in the telegraph.co.uk suggested that men should give their wives a ‘Hall Pass’ for Christmas. Well, it’s almost Christmas time again, and we just wonder how many hall passes were given out. The suggestion came from Dr. Wednesday Martin. She is quite sure that women are more likely to become bored with sex, especially when having sex with no one besides their own partner. But can you just give your wife permission to have sex with another guy and not feel any jealousy? Can you just let her go without potentially damaging your relationship?

Better Ways for More Excitement

You can both agree that your relationship is fine, you love each other and feel okay, but that thrill and excitement are missing in your sex life. According to Dr. Martin, it is particularly the woman in a long-term relationship who has a negative impact on her desire and lust. In her research, she found that most people longing for a hall pass are women. Other studies, however, show the opposite: it is the man who feels that his desire ebbs away as time goes by. Whatever the truth is, some excitement can help a long-term relationship back on the sex track.

But there are better ways to spice up your sex life. You can consider to be consensual non-monogamous or start swinging.

What is Consensual Non-Monogamy?

To put it short: it is when a couple agrees on the possibility of having an open relationship. Everything is discussed, and boundaries and terms are set.

What is Swinging?

To put that short: it is when a couple agrees on the possibility of having sex with others — not individually, but usually in each others’ company. There are several ways to swing. Here, too, everything is discussed and boundaries and terms are set.

So, swinging is totally different than giving your wife a pass to fool around whenever she pleases.

Explore the Possibilities

Would you give your wife a hall pass, or would you rather discuss the options of spicing up your sex life together? Explore all the possibilities in that area? On this website, you will find all the information you need.


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