7 Questions to Ask Potential Playmates Before A Meet Up

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While the pandemic seems to endlessly rage on, those of us in the swingers lifestyle have had to find new and creative ways to communicate with new playmates and/or find new ones. For the time being, safety precautions recommend against in person meet and greets, but thanks to technology we can easily communicate via text, chats and video meetings.

Of course, you’ll be eager to get back into swingers playtime after COVID-19 passes, so here are some key questions you can ask during quarantine to get to know if certain swinging playmates are worth getting to know in person in the future.

The Most Important Questions for Playmates Under Consideration for Post-COVID Fun

These are some very important screening questions, and you’ll have plenty of time to ask during socially distanced chat sessions. Be sure to use the secure chat apps, or a safe method of communicating by video by using the swingers website to do so. Taking your conversations off the pl

Group chats with several swingers are a great way to get a feel for the ‘right’ couples to talk to privately.

  1. Are you experienced in swinging? If so, for how long have you been in the lifestyle? Newbies might not be the best choice straight out of pandemic.
  2. How long have you been a couple (if it’s a pair you’re talking to)? Long-term relationships tend to be stronger and better adept to drama-free swinging sessions.
  3. Do you have rules or set boundaries? It’s essential to have rules in place, but if they don’t mesh with yours, meet and greets in person might not be a good idea.
  4. What’s your favorite part about swinging? If they can’t answer, that could be a red flag or that they are wide open for experimentation.
  5. What are your hobbies outside of the swingers playtime in the bedroom? Couples in the swingers lifestyle with hobbies can make great friends and become more than playtime partners if you have shared interests.
  6. Do you practice safe sex? Safe sex in swinging is a must, so ask about it if you things might go further in the future. Inquiring about recent STD/I tests couldn’t hurt either.
  7. When/if we meet, what do want to happen? Some might start slowly with meet and greets over a coffee date or lunch, while some swinger couples might be ready for soft play or even more rather quickly. Discussing this in advance can prevent disappointment and confusion.

Of course, open up the floor for their questions, and be prepared to answer any questions you ask of them in return.

Single and Ready to Mingle? Ask These Questions First

  1. Why are you looking for a unicorn and not a couple?
  2. Have you had threesomes previously?
  3. Will I be playing with both partners?
  4. Is this a voeyer exhibition or a group play scene?

This lets you know if a couple is in it for the right reasons and not as a relationship rescue. Knowing the rules of who and when playtime is okay prevents creating strive between commited swinger couples while keeping you out of any unnecessary family drama.

Most importantly, it’s a great time to meet some new friends without the pressure of a full on meet up. Take advantage of the opportunity to better know them first with social distance ‘dating’ during the pandemic.

Best Adult Books for Swingers Couples During Quarantine

Being in quarantine is a reality check for many people around the world, leaving millions of us bored at home including swingers. Television and Internet perusing gets old after a while, so we want to suggest some great adult books with sex stories that revolve heavily around swinging.

Whether you’re just interested, are polyamorous, married, bi, gay, straight or a swinging single, there are many great reads to occupy your time and get your mind in a sexy place, too.


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7 Questions to Ask Potential Playmates Before A Meet Up

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