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TJ has an honorable approach to the lifestyle and has curated a team of Men of Color to help fulfill a range of fantasies. Read on for his story and to learn more about TheG00dFellaz.

By TJ for ASN Lifestyle Magazine

I’m TJ, the owner and founder of TheG00dFellaz Ultimate Fantasy FulfillHERS, and live in Florida. I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Counselling and currently pursuing my master’s degree in Managerial Leadership. Also, add to that, I am a Reiki Master Healer and currently hold a diploma in Massage Therapy. My belief as a teacher, coach, mentor, educator, and family man is, “teaching is fundamental.”

I have been hosting events in Florida for over 15 years, where single men of color are the featured guests and treated as “kings,” and the vision including themed parties for couples and single females. This brand, a fraternity, is MOCHA (Men Of Color Helping Ascend). The parties of this lifestyle group are laid back, pressure-free environment where you can meet, greet, mix, and mingle with like-minded individuals, and consent matters to everyone involved. “No means no,” and consent matters to everyone involved. They are erotically infused and sensually arousing, and you feel comfortable regardless of your familiarity/involvement in the lifestyle.

I am also a consummate leader in the lifestyle and a strong advocate for showcasing single men in a positive light. I am also a member and proud supporter of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, which is an organization committed to advance the rights in the BDSM-Leather-Fetish, Swing, and Polyamory Communities. All of which I have a place for and love for in my lifestyle journey.

I entered the lifestyle as a single man, primarily to meet couples. I knew, one day. I would get married and mindful I would want my wife to be treated as an addition to my existing circle.

I expect a level of discipline, class, and etiquette from all guests. I approach some aspects as business and run with professionalism, respect, customer-oriented in a twisted way. The environment is one of the fun, friendly debauchery where we can all enjoy ourselves and explore our sexuality.

The Early Years

In the past, I attended lifestyle parties and clubs and it quickly became apparent that single men were treated differently, held to a different standard than couples and especially single females. Single men would have to pay in some cases three times as much as couples and be restricted to certain areas of the club and party. How single males are treated and viewed in the lifestyle really troubled me. We were all lumped in the same category even though we were all very different. I get it, because some single men can be extremely aggressive and disrespectful, but it didn’t seem fair to me because I held myself to a higher standard. 

I always dress to impress, smell good, and approach the party or club with class, respect, and etiquette. I respect the husband’s role and position. First, I go over to the husband to ask if it would be OK to join in. Once I obtain his permission, I ask the wife if could join them in an open erotic encounter. I carry a “Play Bag” where I keep personal hygiene items. 

I have been a student and a teacher of the lifestyle and want to be the best man I can. I read books on everything related to sexuality on my journey to becoming the world’s greatest lover.

The Start of Event Hosting

I began hosting at a lifestyle club in Orlando then quickly began hosting my own private parties. I started in a 3-bedroom condominium which I transformed into a 12-play area playhouse. I tried everything from karate mats to futon mattresses and could be seen driving on I-95 with about 12 Futon Mattresses strapped to my truck heading to a party. I became known for my ability to transform a seemingly regular home into my very own play space. I hosted weekend events with a different theme each night and ended with a Hot Wives Fantasy Party. During the same time, I had begun hosting a fantasy fulfillment room at couples’ only hotel takeovers. The fantasy fulfillment room we hosted was the last room to close year after year. I have attended couples only events as a single male and found it fascinating that the single men invited to attend seemed to be the most active attendees. Ultimately, the transition was to a complete hotel takeover where guests had their own rooms as well as on-premise playrooms.

Who We Are

TheG00dFellaz Ultimate Fantasy FulfillHERS are based out of Florida as an Elite Group of respectful Men Of Color Highly Ascending in all aspects of the LIFESTYLE and LIFE. We are a well-established organized group of educated, intelligent, well-spoken group who specialize in sensual erotic encounters for Hot Wives, Shared Wives, Stag Wives, Vixen Wives, Cuckold Couples, and the elusive Single Female. We have a reputation of respect, standards, morals, stamina, and what can be viewed as sexually stimulating encounters with an Ethically Slutty approach to the lifestyle. We are the group that can bring your deepest darkest fantasies to sensual erotically infused reality; one G00dFella at a time or in a Multiple Male Environment (MME). 

We have been hosting Interracial themed events in the United States since 2008. Our group appeals to open-minded couples and singles that enjoy one on one encounters just as much as multiple male encounters. We are very comfortable to socialize on a variety of levels in a multitude of environments and gentlemen first and foremost.

Our high standards and traits rub off on the opposite sex. We are changing the perception of single males; that there are great guys to be around and not only in the bedroom but also outside the bedroom.

We also are an organization that provides a series of resources to make each man the best of himself. This includes wealth education, opportunities in investment etiquette, travel, etiquette, fantasies of all types, networking, personal health, fitness transformations, and finally a brotherhood. Single men are giving back to the community and accountability and take pride in themselves.

What We Do Outside the Lifestyle

The G00dFellaz are different in the sense that our reach extends beyond the lifestyle. In 2018, we sponsored the scholarship “TheG00dFellaz” The men were asked to provide a letter about their story and how they were able to reach far beyond the walls of their community and achieve anything you put your mind to. This offered the young man to encourage himself along his collegiate journey. We have also hosted events where a portion of proceeds was donated to Breast Cancer Research as well as Christmas holiday toy drives. My motto is “More than just a Lifestyle.”

Raising the Bar

We raise the bar as the sought-after group for couples. Our approach to the lifestyle is with class and sophistication and raises the bar for other groups. Just as with many couples, our lifestyle lives are personal and when we do, it’s a PLAYCATION. The G00dFellaz come from around the world to attend and support sponsored events.

Couples-Only Events

We are featured guests at couples-only events and hotel takeovers. Some of the past events were Naughty N Nawlins, Splash Takeovers, Dixie Splash Parties FL, and Playcate in Myrtle Beach. We have also been featured in lifestyle clubs Florida at The Roof Top (Hollywood, FL), Secrets Hideaway (Kissimmee, FL), The Hot Spot (Pierson, FL, and Minglers (Daytona Beach, FL) and started hosting at The Loop 2 (Sarasota, FL). We attend these events as guests like everyone else. Our role is hosting a room themed around a Plus One playrooms where couples can meet single men. While at these events, we attend daily seminars provided by the hosts as well as holding daily meetings.

Birth of a Brand

With the demand at couples only events, we branched out in a partnership with Splash Takeovers and brought to the world, Splash Mocha in 2015. Splash Mocha is an event where men are featured guests at a hotel takeover where others meet specifically men of color. Over the years, Splash Mocha has developed its own identity and stands on its own reputation. Over the years, a variety of other races of single men have attended the event and held the same standards that G00dFellaz has always had first and foremost.

A Vision Becomes Reality

I had dreams of events where single men could be welcomed without limitations or restricted areas within the venue. I now host an event in its 2nd year, at the world’s largest nudist village “Cap d’Adge” in the south of France. We host at the Babylon d’Jardin, a venue known for previously not allowing unaccompanied males on their property. They have basically given us the keys for a weeklong holiday event that appeals to a growing interracial community. There is an event hosted in Paradise which I like to call “the tethered world.” Tethered in that everything I have experienced here in the US from a host perspective is the complete opposite at this event.

The G00dFellaz and Mocha Mania are breaking down the misconceptions about single men and hosting events in the United States and across international waters.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Adult Swingers Entertainment Media April 2020

This article originally appeared in the April 2020 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.


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