My First Time Hotwifing

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My First Time Hotwifing

This newbie hotwife explored her fantasy by seducing one of the men they hired to work in the garden.

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When we first entered the world of swinging, hotwifing wasn’t something that was on our list of things to enjoy. For one, I have always been more interested in girls, but after a series of no-shows and let downs on meets, we were both getting frustrated. Long story short, we needed some work done in the garden, and I had taken a shine to the younger of the two guys, Jay; slightly younger than hubby but about the same stock, I’d talked to Rye about him and he knew I was hungry. He told me that the next time he’s here alone, let him catch you naked see what happens. As long as I filmed something to send him while at work, he was happy to let me play. I was surprised and incredibly horny at the same time. A few days later, I got my chance.

Seducing the Gardener

Jay turned up alone, and I was due to go out. While he got to work, I showered, rubbing myself off in the showers about what I was about to do like a naughty little girl. I got out and found the smallest towel I could, covering my boobs but not my bottom or pussy. I stood in our living room, curtains open on the patio doors; it faces out into our back garden. He was working, so I got his attention by asking if he wanted a drink. Giving him my best puppy dog eyes, and maybe nibbling a finger slightly cheekily, I told him he should come have it inside. 

I waited on the sofa, and as he walked, I took my towel off and started to rub my pussy, not saying a word to him. He came over and started to lick at my pussy, instantly making me incredibly horny. I let him make me cum and squirt with his mouth shaking all over from orgasm. I calmed a bit, then pushed him away as I moved off the sofa and onto my knees on the floor, eagerly taking his bulge from his jeans. He was slightly less hung than hubby, but I didn’t care. I took him in my mouth and slowly gave him my best slow, wet deepthroat, sinking right to the floor, legs spread, my pussy still dripping like crazy. I took a quick break to grab my phone, opened it, and told him to film. As I got back on all fours with him sitting on the sofa, I wagged my bare ass at him as I worked him really nice and hard and wet with my throat. I couldn’t resist any longer, so I turned around, poked my ass in the air, and told him to fuck me now and hard. 

So there I was, ‘til now a good ‘lil wifey, being fucked doggy style in my living room, patio wide open. I tried not to moan in pleasure too loud, but when he grabbed my hips and really fucked me hard, working me up and down with his cock, I couldn’t hold back any longer and screamed out in pleasure. I came hard and squirted all over the floor as I felt him pumping me full of cum. I stayed bent over, pussy leaking his big load and still gaping open and shut from his cock, and thinking to myself, that was incredible — if not a bit too short and sweet. 

I met him again another couple of times, which lasted a bit longer, and certainly got naughtier. Hotwifing was fun, and it made sex between me and hubby even more incredible for months after. Will I try it again?


This story was submitted by one of our members to the My Hottest Hotwife Experience! Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced the winner of this contest on September 18th, 2020. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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