A Tidbit with Bridgitte: Quarantine Life

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Bridgitte finds beauty in co-quarantining with her hunny during the pandemic.

Quarantine? Who? Me? How long in one place? NOOOOOOoooooo!!!

The original thought of being told to stay home and be quarantine sounds awful. This is horrible. How could this happen? I’m not gonna be able to do this! I mean, the thought of having to stay at home with my hunny, for an undisclosed matter of time, seems awful, unbearable, not even fathomable.


Day 2

Wait a minute; this quarantine thing isn’t so bad. I literally didn’t have to wake up early and get the boys ready for school. I didn’t have to set an alarm clock; I didn’t have to be anywhere at a specific time. This isn’t hell; this is amazing. I don’t even feel bad because the government is telling me to stay home, and you know me, I’m a rule-follower! If I agree with the rules and the guidelines, they have been Bridgitte-approved.

When looking back at this past crazy several months, I think we should all take a few minutes to realize what we have been able to do that we normally wouldn’t even have thought about! I realized that I actually love Bri, and not just for his penis! We took time together, laughed together, played together, drank together, and just hung out. We even took time to masturbate together, and it had nothing to do with fishing. This girl can bait a hook if she needs to, but I’m not a hooker… unless you want to role-play! We literally sat in the house together and just enjoyed each other’s company with no outside distraction or stress of the outside world. We didn’t have to worry about entertaining anyone else or making sure countless nonsense items were done. There isn’t a time in my life when I just didn’t have to be doing something or feel bad about not being somewhere I was supposed to be. This crazy time has taught me that we have been overlooking so many simple pleasures of life. Not only did we spend time together, but we had quality bonding time. We worked out together, vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and, if you know me, you know I ended up upside down. We ate dinners together, cooked, cleaned, swam, and spent endless hours in bed. We rediscovered toys that we had forgotten, angles that we thought couldn’t be possible, and procatasterbation masturbation became a thing again!

Bridgitte & Bri

Make Lemon Drops!

This time of uneasiness and turmoil has made me realize that there are so many things we are missing out on every day. To sit in the sun on a Wednesday and tan while watching a butterfly flutter from flower to flower was once not even the closest thing on my mind. But I did that. We put up a hammock we purchased over two years ago sitting in the corner in the garage. This makes us official swingers since we have a hammock now! When life feeds you lemonade, there are two things you can do. Make the worst out of it, deal with the sour taste, or whip out some vodka and make lemon drops! I encourage everyone to take a step back and lay on your back. Take it all in. Let things be that can’t be controlled and enjoy this time with your families and lovers. Reconnect and share with each other what we have been missing out on. Treat this time like a honeymoon and love like you haven’t loved in a long time. But just remember to follow the COVID Sexual Safety Guidelines.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2020 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.


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