My First Date “ALONE” in Vegas!

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She met a guy from SDC for Blackjack, and they fulfilled the hotwife fantasy of their dreams.

I joined my husband on a work trip to Vegas, and we decided to stay for the weekend. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, which is one of our favorite hotels! We love to play Single Deck Blackjack, and most everyone there cares about their appearance, the vibes are always fun, and the people-watching is great. Also, the pool scene is super hot!!! I’ve always had this fantasy that I go to a bar, and I’m picked up by a guy, taken to a hotel room, teased, seduced, and then fucked! My husband has always been hesitant to let me be alone with a stranger in a hotel room because you never know with people, but he also wanted me to fulfill my fantasy. So, we came up with a plan.

Meeting Chris from SDC

I put on a black shirt that showed a ton of cleavage, black leggings, heels, and my favorite lace panties, and I went downstairs to the casino. My 32 DD tits looked huge in this shirt, and my ass was banging in these tight leggings. I felt sexy and was ready for some attention! I got on SDC to see if I had any new messages, and there was this really cute guy, Chris. He was in town for business and wanted to meet me. We started chatting, and I really liked his personality a lot. Chris was funny, witty, and very aggressive! I told him I would be playing Blackjack at the Hard Rock, and he said he was going to head over ASAP and find me. I must admit, I did not think he was being serious! But, Chris immediately came over and found me within 15 minutes!

He was super hot, and my pussy started tingling as soon as we first made eye contact. I knew he was the right guy for the night! I stopped playing Blackjack and went to the Circle Bar in the middle of the casino. He grabbed my hand and led me to a chair in the bar, and bought me a drink. We were sitting right next to each other at the bar. What Chris didn’t know was that my husband was sitting really close to us right across the bar “playing” video poker and watching us. Chris knew I was married, but I told him the husband was busy with work tonight, so I was on my own in Vegas for the evening. 

We chatted and got to know each other. Time flew by talking; we were really hitting it off. It wasn’t long before we were holding hands, light kissing, and he was rubbing my inner thigh, just like I LOVE! Fuck!!… My pussy became more wet every time his hand moved closer and grazed my pussy. It wasn’t long until he was hard, and I was rubbing his dripping, hard cock through his jeans. I could tell he had a nice, thick cock, too. I LOVE thick cocks! 

After a few drinks and some heavy petting, I told Chris I had to use the restroom. I excused myself and went to the restroom. Before I could even unbutton my pants and sit down, I heard a tap on my stall door. You got it — it was Chris. He whispered at the stall door to let him in. I was shocked but quickly let him in. He smiled and pulled out his big cock. Although this was a first for me, and, I must admit, I was a bit nervous, I gladly started sucking his cock right there in a Vegas hotels public restroom!! He stopped me because he was about to cum and said to meet him at the elevator. “Let’s take this to the room.”

He’s Watching Me

I texted my husband and told him that Chris just shoved his cock in my mouth in the restroom and that we were about to head to the room. Unbeknownst to me, my husband got up, went to the room, set up the iPad, and FaceTimed himself. He discreetly put the iPad in the corner of the room, and he went into the snack/ice maker room that was right across the hall from our room so he could watch me live! 

Chris closed out his tab and met me at the elevator. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me on the walk and in the elevator. He almost had my shirt off and my pants down to my ankles in the elevator!! OMG… I was in heaven! We finally got to my room after the long walk, and Chris pushed me against the wall as soon as we walk in. He lifted my shirt, sucked on my tits, and then put his hands down my tights and felt my super-soaked panties and tingling pussy for the first time. He then picked me up, laid me on the couch, took off my pants, panties, and high heels, and buried his face in between my legs. 

He starts by licking my soaked pussy and teasing me slowly. After a few mins of being licked, I pushed him over onto his back, took off his jeans, boxers, and shirt and I started slowly with his balls, teasing the tip of his cock with my tongue and then deep throated him. I then climbed up on top of him, teased his cock with my clit, and planned on just allowing him to slip just the tip in and then put on a condom but I couldn’t stop. His big thick cock felt so good, so I just went with it, allowed him to fill all of me, and let my new Vegas friend fuck me bareback. 

This whole time my husband was watching secretly via FaceTime. He said it was extra hot because he knew I thought I was in there alone, having uninhibited sex with a stranger. I rode Chris’s’ thick cock on the couch, and I was gushing! He pushes me off, takes me to the bed, and bends me over the bed. I stuck my pussy up in the air and was completely exposed, waiting for him to pound me. He drops to his knees then eats my pussy and ass. After getting his face soaked again by my juices, he gets up and pushes my face into the bed and shoves his big cock into my tight, wet pussy. Chris pounds me doggie, pulling my hair, and makes me cum. He quickly tells me to turn over, and he blows his load all over my big tits. It was so much cum! My tits were completely covered in his sweet cum!!! 

Afterward, we just laid there and talked. He ended up leaving after a bit to go meet up with his friends. I bet he had fun telling them the story! Once he leaves, my husband comes in and tells me he watched everything live! I was so surprised and a little worried about him watching me have so much passion and going bareback for my first time with another man. He quickly assured me that he loved every second of it, but he especially loved watching me have so much fun! He ended up having me reenact the whole scene in the hotel room from beginning to end with him. So, I got fully redressed and relived the entire experience with my husband, step by step, including getting his full load on my tits!!! My first time alone with another man was SO fucking HOT!!!

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