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Jeff met a couple on SDC and entered a new dynamic — like dating, but with a deliciously fun bi twist.

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It had been one week since I first replied to their profile on one of the common websites… And there I was, just around the corner from their house, ripe with excitement and cautious optimism. As I got closer, I kept thinking of the discussions over the last week, how sometimes vague and sometimes extremely direct they had been. At this point, the reality of it all was setting in, how this felt like a life-changing evening. And, after a deep breath, I turned into the short, dimly-lit driveway and parked, as directed by the email. As I made my way towards the door of the house, I could almost feel my heart beating. This is one of those ‘back out now or don’t turn back’ moments. I stood there for a minute, thinking about turning and walking away. I had fantasized about this type of scenario for a couple of years now… ever since discovering bi porn on the internet. “It’s time. Now or never,” I told myself. And with that, I reached out and pushed the doorbell.

Meeting Mark and Brenn

“We were hoping that you would decide to come out,” she said, in a voice that was calm and measured. “Come in and join us; Mark and I were just enjoying the sunset on the back deck.” As she led me through the rather luxurious home, I couldn’t help but think that while she was obviously older, she was even better-looking in person than her pics on the site showed her to be… Long-ish dark hair, nice tan, medium height, and what looked to be a beautiful body under the clingy sundress that hung off her shoulders. 

On the way through the house, she offered me a beer, and I accepted. “I’ll get it; go on outside and meet Mark.” As I stepped through the door onto the spacious deck, I noticed her hubby, Mark, leaned back in a chair by the table, obviously relaxed. He didn’t get up but motioned to a nearby chair. “Have a seat and relax…” “Jeff.” I offered. “Yes, Jeff.” “Brenn told me that you have chatted over SDC, but you know how that can go.” 

About that time, Brenn walked up behind me, set my beer down along with a fresh one for Mark, and sat down with her arm on his shoulder and added, “Yes, we have been chatting for a week or so, but meeting in person is so much more the measure of a person.” “Thanks for making the trip out, Jeff.” “Well, the invite was intriguing enough, but the view here is the icing on the cake. You truly have a beautiful place,” I said, as I took in the lake view and the slowly sinking sun… This place was magnificent. For the next hour, we discussed all the normal topics — life history, current events, hobbies, etc. Brenn had brought out another round of beers, and I was truly enjoying myself in the warm evening breeze and what turned out to be great company. It was then that Brenn decided to turn things up a notch…

Dating… with a Twist

“As we talked about over SDC chat, we have had trouble finding what we want on any of the lifestyle websites… It seems that anyone under 25 is incapable of this type of arrangement, and so we moved our search up a few years. You are 29, right?” “Yes. 29.” So, here we are…” “Yes,” I agreed, “here we are.” I was working hard not to get too anxious and make sure that she took the lead, and I followed, even though I had only a hint of where she might lead. “We are looking for a boyfriend for me and a toy-friend for Mark.” There it was. This is what I had suspected. I nodded but said nothing. “Ideally, you would get to accompany us to lifestyle parties and spend a few weekends with us here or at the condo in town. Sometimes, it would just be you and I, sometimes both of us, and sometimes…. just Mark.” “Think of it as a typical dating scenario like you would a normal woman, with a twist.” She paused, both of them looking straight at me… “And a cock.” 

I sat and returned their gaze and finally responded. “This sounds like fun.” Mark then continued, “it’s easy to find someone wanting to sleep with my wife… but that’s not all we are looking for… we require discretion, openness, trust… We want you to enjoy this, and I assure you that you will… But we call the shots.” I grinned at them both and nodded. “Sounds very interesting and potentially a lot of fun.” With that, Brenn gave an almost imperceptible nod to Mark, who excused himself to go turn on the dock lights. 

As we watched him glide across the grass down to the water’s edge, Brenn leaned towards me and said… “Jeff, if you are cool with this, we will need for you to prove that you are what you say you are… and that you are interested in enjoying both of us. We have met men before who were great with touching me, but this is for Mark as well. It’s not 50/50 with us; it’s 100/100. Do you understand what I am saying?” I took a swallow of beer and replied, “Yes. I understand.” She leaned back and told me that when she went into the kitchen to get us another round, Mark would be back in just a minute, and then it was decision time… “If you want this… I need you to ask Mark to suck his cock. If not, let yourself out the side gate and have a great evening. You have a couple of minutes to decide.” With that, she got up and went inside. 

WOW. So, this is it, I thought… This is the time that I decide to take a cock in my mouth, and eventually, everywhere else, I assume. I saw the stepping stones leading to the gate, but I just didn’t want to get up. I also saw Mark coming up the dock, and I knew what was expected of me when he got here. It seemed like it took him an hour to get up the hill. He stopped once to mess with something. I didn’t notice what it was, but I knew that my cock was stirring in my shorts. I knew that I wanted to give this a try and that if I didn’t, I would not get another chance…

Taking the Plunge

“Hi, Mark… Would you let me suck your cock?” WOW! Who said that? There was no one but Mark and me, so it must have been me. “I would enjoy that.” And with that, he stood up, pulled his starched white t-shirt over his head, and slid off the loose-fitting shorts revealing a rather large, semi-erect cock. He sat down and leaned back in the chair, waiting on my next move. I got up slowly and walked towards him… I got down on one knee in front of his chair, looking at the first cock that would ever touch my lips. I reached out and grabbed the first cock I had touched that wasn’t attached to me… But this one was about to be attached to me. 

I had gotten blowjobs before, so I knew what to do… After stroking it a time or two, I took the plunge. I leaned in and took the large purple head into my mouth and started giving Mark the head that I always wanted from past girlfriends, trying to get his cock as wet as I could and with as much tongue contact as I could. As much as I had wondered how this would be, I was really surprised to be enjoying myself. 

I started to listen as he groaned a bit while I worked on his large, now very stiff cock. He was getting a little vocal as he urged me on while getting ever harder… I was starting to get tired, as my jaw had been open for some time. I tried to push my head down onto his cock further, but my gag reflex kicked in, and I could only go about halfway down on this rather large tool. I pulled back a moment to take a breath when I felt a hand on my shoulder, and Brenn knelt down beside me. “Watch,” was all she said as she expertly took him all the way down and nuzzled her nose into his pelvic bone. 

She pulled up and down a few times, slowly teasing him. He wrapped his hands in her long mane, and I could tell he was close. I felt her hand on my head, and just as she pulled off, she pushed me down on that big cock — not hard, but firm. As I ran my tongue across the head, I felt him tighten up and groan loudly just as the head swelled. He released his seed into my mouth as she held me there. I started to swallow as quickly as I could, but there was more coming as he pulsed into my mouth. As I felt him relax and begin to shrivel, I let him slide out of my mouth, and I swallowed the last of his juice. Brenn pulled my head around and gave me a long deep kiss, tasting her husband as she did and enjoying it, as was I. “Well, boys, let’s go inside and get better acquainted.”

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