An Unforgettable Offer

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He gave his wife the birthday gift of a kinky playdate that left her drained and satisfied.

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I chose her outfit for that night. Damn!!! She looked so sexy in black fishnets defining her amazing curves and high heels that held her great posture. She looked at herself in the mirror while the last drop of perfume slumbered on her neck. She was ready — physically and mentally. We’d never done this before, but the idea of her being played with and by another man excited me like hell. She likes to submit to orders, and he was good at giving them. It was a perfect match, and I knew it was gonna be one hell of an experience.

The Master Meets His Submissive

We held hands and went down the stairs leading to a huge hall where a door at the end awaited us. We were walking toward this door, surrounded by the echo of her steps, concurrently with my heartbeats. I opened the door for her, and there he was, standing in front of us, with a tiny smile on his face, a cross standing on his right, a table with strange tools on his left, and a striped black whip on his hand. He looked at me, raised his hand, and pointed it up to a small sofa in the corner of the room, then to the door. I had to choose between staying and savoring the playdate or leave and let it all to my imagination. I sat on the sofa staring at him. 

He called her with a single motion of his finger and asked her to kneel in front of him. “Are you going to be a good girl and obey me?” he asked. “Yes, Sir.” “What is your safe word?” “My safe word?” “Because if you say, ‘please stop,’ I won’t.” She looked at him, terrified. She didn’t know what was going to happen, what he’ll do to her. Is he gonna hurt her? Neither of us knew what to expect. “Drink; my safe word is Drink.” “Stand up and take off your outfit.” She looked at me with her gorgeous sparkly eyes, like she was waiting for my approval. I smiled at her, and that’s when he grabbed her chin with his hand and turned it facing him. “I am your master.”

Mounting the Cross

After taking off her clothes, he asked her to stand on the cross. He cuffed her hands, covered her eyes with a piece of cloth, and moved his thumb all around her lips, and made her suck it. He grabbed a piece of ice and swirled it in a circular motion around her nipples and all the way down her belly. I’d never seen her twisting like this before. He started whipping her very gently on her pussy right before he used the vibrator. I could hear her moans mingled with the vibrator buzzing. He was standing right in front of her،blocking my sight. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but what I know is that she was shivering like a leaf in the middle of a storm, screaming, begging him not to stop. Her voice grew louder and louder, and that’s when I knew that she was cumming.

Losing Control

Her whole body was shaking, her screams were discontinuous, and her eyes moved around the room. She was pulling so hard, trying to free her hands. She totally lost control of her actions. Those body movements were the effect of a fantastic manipulation. I was admiring how he moved her like a puppet. I couldn’t resist her shape on the cross nor her cumming voice — I was so hard. I never thought that seeing her with another man could turn me on this much. And, the fact that I couldn’t even touch her made it more exciting. 

He kept the vibrator touching her at all times, moving it up and down and all around her genitals. He didn’t give her a minute to take a breath — she was cumming like every 2 or 3 minutes. I’d never seen her like this before. I never imagined that it could be so intense. With her hands tied up, she raised both of her legs off the floor. It was like gravity didn’t exist anymore. She grabbed him with her legs around his waist and pulled him toward her, but he wouldn’t stop. He kept squeezing the vibrator between her legs. I was blown away.

Happy Birthday, Indeed!

He took the cloth off of her eyes and looked at her. She stared at him, and nothing around them seemed capable of breaking their connection until she couldn’t handle the level of excitement anymore. “Water! Water! I need water!” And she let her whole body drop with no power. He pulled every little bit of energy out of her. I could see the satisfaction in her eyes. She was happy and exhausted… This was a special night. It was her birthday, and I couldn’t think of a better gift to offer her on this special occasion other than a fantastic, unforgettable playdate.

SDC Member Writing Contest Hottest Hotwife Experience 2020

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