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How does this new stag feel about watching his wife play alone with one of their swinging couples?

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My wife and I would be considered more monogamish than swingers, but we do have a circle of friends to play with. Our most frequent play partners are Brad and Angelina (obviously not their real names… but they are very attractive). We’d built a lot of trust with them, so when Brad asked Angelina to set up a special birthday treat, they weren’t afraid to ask us, though they expected wed refuse. Brad wanted a line up of three FMFs over the course of one evening. He asked that my wife be one of them. Not only had we never done any hotwifing, we had never even played in separate rooms! But we talked about it with Brad and Angelina and between ourselves, and found that not only did we feel safe, but we were also kind of turned on by the idea! So, the date and time were set, and Kate, my wife, would be the first of the three visits Brad would receive over the course of a single night. It was like the world’s hottest version of a Christmas Carol! But I had a stipulation: I wanted Angelina to send me videos during the session. I’m a bit of a voyeur, so…

A Little Head for the Road

We were both pretty nervous, in a good way, as Kate was putting on her sexy lingerie stockings, a tiny thong, and lacy bra. She is an athletic size four with perky breasts and a yoga-toned ass. Brad is a lucky man! Anticipating the activities ahead, she could barely keep her panties dry, and, surprisingly, I was hard! And she hadn’t even left the house yet! Before walking out the door, Kate turned around and, seeing how hard I was, opened my pants to warm up her head-giving skills (which are exceptional — it’s her thing). Zipping me back up, she assured me she’d come home ready for more. I told her to just let go and have a great time.

Second Thoughts

It wasn’t until the door closed behind her, and the car left the driveway that I began to have second thoughts. Like most people, I was raised to think this kind of thing was, well, unthinkable! I grew uncomfortable with self-doubt… was I some kind of pervert, sending my wife off to make love with, not just another man, but another couple?! Is this “right?” But, though I suppose I could have called it off, I decided to ride it out and feel whatever feelings came up. Again, this couple had become dear friends, so no scenario could have been safer. And so, I puttered around the house for what seemed like an eternity but was more like an hour (they live about 20 minutes from us) when I heard a text come in. I was simultaneously crazy anxious and scared to look. My thumb shook as I clicked to open it.

The Scene

The screen revealed a gently lit bed upon which Brad was seated. On her knees in front of him was Kate, delivering one of her expert blow jobs. Brad is pretty well hung, making the video perfectly pornographic as she moved her well-lubed hand up and down his shaft and sucked him deeply in and out of her mouth. Kate’s eyes were half-closed with ecstasy, and I knew she was in the zone. I was almost hard enough to come without touching myself! My phone remained silent for another fifteen or so minutes. I watched the video again and again — it was all I could do to not finish myself off at the sight of it. Then… another text. If it were any hotter than the last one, I’d have to watch it in a cold shower to prevent just going off! Again, my finger shaking, I hit the button.

This time, Brad was laying back on the bed, and the video, taken from behind, began just as Kate straddled him and, stroking him to rigidity with a hand behind her back, lowered herself slowly onto his thick cock. New to his size, at least for this night (I’m just fine size-wise, but Brad requires some getting used to), she moved cautiously down its length until she could gain a steady, repetitive momentum. Just as she did… the video ended. Now I couldn’t dare touch myself for fear of explosion! Apparently, I discovered I have a kink. I entertained myself with my new mini wifeporn collection, wondering if the next video could possibly outdo these two! Spoiler alert — it could.

The next video arrived and took the whole situation up a notch! Apparently, Kate’s session had run a little too long and the next FMF volunteer had arrived. B and A recruited her as a videographer, allowing Angelina to get into the action! Kate was laid out on her back, her legs spread and her head propped up on a wedge cushion (B and A are prepared!). Angelina was between her legs, fucking her with a dildo even bigger and thicker than Brad(!) as she went down on her. At the other end, Brad kneeled beside her face, his hand full of her hair, and he slowly fucked her mouth with his nail-hard cock. It was so hot I could actually hear girl #2 moaning as she filmed the scene. This time, the video ran for several minutes, expertly recording the action at both ends as the massive dildo overstuffed Kate’s drenched pussy and Brad’s big cock ran across her lips. I know Kate, and when I saw her start to speed up her motion, jacking Brad into her mouth, I knew she was about to come. And come she did, squirting around the giant dildo, moaning around the cock deep in her throat. The camera stayed focused right up until Angelina pulled her mouth away from Kate’s swollen clit, smiling proudly into the lens. Blackout.

Reclaiming Her Body

This was beyond the hottest porn I had ever seen my wife, my dear friends (and a mystery camerawoman), and… not me! I went into this thinking I would be cool with it, but I never expected to be this turned on. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I was ready to jump Kates bones the moment she walked through the door, but I was certain that there was nothing left for me. She had to be completely fucked and sucked. But, I decided I would keep myself unsatisfied and shower just in case.

I was dried off and sitting on the couch, my excitement still forming a tent in the towel wrapped around my waist, when the door opened. Kate entered nervously. I hadn’t considered that she had no way to know if I was turned on or freaked out! She entered the house sheepishly, wondering if our relationship had just taken a blow. But the serious expression on her face turned to a beaming smile when I pulled back the towel and delivered an evil grin. Having showered at B and A’s, she was ready once again for action; in fact, she was steaming hot.

I shared the videos with her, and she couldn’t believe her eyes. She was watching herself in a porn! I’m still not sure how I withstood exploding at the first touch of her hand and mouth, but somehow I was able to hang on long enough to reclaim her body and deliver her a series of screaming orgasms before finally exploding like a nuclear bomb myself — good news for B and A when this pandemic is over…

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