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He arranged a date in Vegas for his wife and a handsome young bull. Was it worth the wait?

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Sometimes, five days seems like forever. I’d been missing her for days… sure, we’d texted, sexted, and even had a late-night FaceTime of her and her favorite toy. We’d needed this little getaway for a while. Vegas, here we come! This should be fun.

Meeting in Vegas

I met her in the lobby. She’s always smiling and never looked more beautiful. A quick kiss and, as I reached to take her bag, I let my fingers briefly rub through her leggings. This brought a different kind of smile… I know that smile. We walked to the elevator, catching up on the flight and goings-on of the day. The elevator opened, and two other couples joined us for the quick ride to the 8th floor. I let her go first so she’d be in front of me, which made it easy to slide two fingers between her legs. Her movements let me know she liked it. 

She followed me to the room, and, at this point, we didn’t need a lot of conversation. I opened the door and let her settle in for a few minutes. Once I could tell she had finally put the travel behind her, I took her hand and sat her on the end of the bed. Slowly, I removed her blouse, and she closed her eyes, and I could see she wanted what was to come. Exposing her large, full breast, I just wanted to taste her. We were going to be here for a while. I’d been wanting this. It would be soft, light, and delicate.

His Lingering, Sensual Tease

I worked my way behind her ear and down her neck. There is this spot along her ribs where, when your tongue just barely touches it, she’ll squirm and giggle a little… it’s so sexy. It was all I could do to not just climb on top of her and take her. That’s not what tonight would be about. I looked straight into her eyes while I took off her pants, slowly… we weren’t in a hurry. I’d tease her mouth by almost kissing her and then softly pull away. It’s those little sounds she makes that lets me know she has given in. 

As I opened her legs, the light touch of her inner thighs made her twinge — it’s her spot. You can’t just go there; you have to make her wonder and hope that you will. My lips just barely touched her, purposely just ever-so-lightly touching her, moving up and down her legs. There would be brief moments where I’d let my warm heavy breathing fall on her soft, wet pussy… this went on for what seemed like an hour.

Time to Take Her There

There came that moment when it was clear she couldn’t hold back, and I began aggressively tasting her, working my tongue in and out of her. She was dripping wet, and I knew it was time to take her there. She took both fingers inside her and sighed with a deep moan… this went on until she lost control and gave in, and her juices flowed. Her cum was all over me. We laid there for a little while, and then I told her we have plans. “Let’s take a shower. Put on that little black dress and your heels. We are going out.” Our Uber dropped us off at The Cosmopolitan, and at this point, she knew I’d arranged a date.

The Date

He was single and young, with handsome with dark hair. I’d met him the night before for drinks. What was most important is he was respectful. He knew what she meant to me. We had drinks, and I did a lot of talking… I tend to do that. I could tell they were comfortable with each other and knew they needed some time to connect. It was time for me to throw some dice. I stood up, excused myself, and told them they were welcome to wait for me, join me, or enjoy the night however they wanted. 

I felt my phone buzz. I’d been at the table for about a half-hour. The message simply said, “we are headed to his room at the Cromwell.” My reply was simple, “send me a pic at some point.” They arrived, and she sent a pic of the room and the room number and said it was nice. I think she expected me to knock on the door once I walked over, maybe 10-15 minutes later. I had another drink then made the 15-minute walk, and I sent a couple of messages and didn’t hear back. I knew he was having her. It was at this point I wanted her to just have the experience she’d never had — a good-looking young man wanting to please her and her giving in to him. This was different than the other times we’ve played with other couples. This was just about her, not just sexually, but emotionally. She wanted him, and he wanted her, and her husband wanted it for her, this she knew… I wanted her to have that. It was 51 minutes later when I got the text. It was of her beautiful breast with his cum all over them. I knew they were done when her next text was, “I’ll put my clothes on, come to the room.” 

I loved that she had this night, but I’d be lying if I said I was a little disappointed. I didn’t get to watch, and I didn’t get to enjoy them. That’s the selfish part of me that I’m still working on. I hope she shares every detail with me. I hope she wants me to know how much she enjoyed it. That is what excites me — it’s her being pleased and letting go. It was worth the wait…

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