The Pleasure of Another Man

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This couple found their chance to try hotwifing while traveling in Greece.

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Watching my wife being seduced has always been a sexually exhilarating experience. Therefore, it was a natural evolution to try a scenario where she enjoys another man without my presence. We had been lucky in our travels, particularly when in Greece. The combination of sun and easy-going Greek men have been the perfect aphrodisiac for my wife. I knew finding the right male for this scenario would not be easy. While I focus on their physical attributes, my wife’s needs are more complex. She also takes into consideration things like their demeanor and needs to warm to the occasion. However, once in the mood, she does enjoy being a very naughty slut. 

During a trip to Greece, I put in motion a plan for a friend to join us for drinks. If my wife was happy, he would take her to our hotel room while I finished my drink at the bar. Our hotel had a rooftop bar with views of the Acropolis, so we scheduled to meet there after dinner. She was unaware he was joining us, and a smile came across her face when he arrived at our table.

Eager but Nervous

I was playfully chastised for not telling her a friend would be joining. At that stage my wife thought maybe a pleasurable threesome would be enjoyed at the end of the evening. The conversation flowed freely and we told my wife of the suggestion for her to accompany our friend to the room while I stayed at the bar for one more drink. I could see the excitement and fear brewing in her eyes. She was eager but nervous at the same time. As we spoke more her legs spread wider and her hand was brushing up against her inner thigh. It was clear she was beginning to enjoy the idea and her pussy was getting ready for the occasion. She took him by the hand and led him to the elevator, turning briefly to blow me a kiss.

A Different Tongue

Later, she told me his hands started to feel the curves of her body as soon as another couple left the elevator on the seventh floor. She enjoyed his attention but was still feeling nervous. In the lift, they moved to kiss each other. As he pressed up against her, she could feel his hardness inside his pants. By the time they got to our room level, she was feeling more at ease. The hotel room door had barely closed and he started to undress her. They helped each other nervously. Before she had time to pull her g string down, he had pushed her onto the bed, pulled it down around her ankles, and buried his head between her thighs. The sensation of a different tongue around her pussy and clitoris quickly made her wet. Her fingers began to stroke through his hair and her body moved and writhed trying to extract every last bit of pleasure from his tongue. Finally, she could resist no more and said “It’s time you fuck me.” “Let me give you a nice one,” he said. He spread her legs and kneeled in front of her. She saw his erect cock; it was a lovely length and girth. He rubbed it on her clitoris before letting it slide inside. As he leant forward, she let her hands touch his chest and muscular arms. His cock began to thrust harder and deeper and she began to move in unison with him, gazing into his eyes for confirmation of mutual pleasure.

Husband Gets to Watch

When I arrived at our room, the door was slightly ajar. I entered quietly and could hear my wife sighing in enjoyment. I was pleased to hear he was still having her. It had been several drinks before I left the bar. I moved closer and heard her saying, “Oh fuck it, just fuck it.” He was taking her from behind and I could see he had a handful of her blonde hair in his strong hand. His white teeth were clenched, as he drove in and out of her. I stood there silently as my wife immersed herself in the pleasure of having another man. He was the first to see me. “We left the door open, so you could join us,” he said before adding. “Your wife has been very good. In fact, she is excellent.” His hand slapping her on the arse as the last of his words trailed off. I came closer and kissed my wife on her soft, hot lips. “Are you having fun?” I asked. “Oh, yes I am,” she replied. Then she said, “you can watch me ride his cock.“ 

He laid on the bed and she lowered herself down, giving him a long kiss on his sweet lips. She looked at him intensely as her body rocked rhythmically on top of his. Leaning forward, she gently cupped her breast with her right hand and brought it to his lips. She lowered it into his mouth and let him taste the fullness of it. Then she moved her lips close to his. She lowered her tongue and reached out for his. He was quick to reciprocate and, using his hand, grabbed the back of her head and pulled her closer. His hand squeezed tightly on her hair as she rode him while they kissed. I watched as his hands then explored her body and could see she was aroused by the way a different man touched her. She let her hand move behind her back and lowered it so that her fingers could gently tease and caress his balls. She made sure every part of his groin region was being pleasured. 

After bringing him to the edge, she lifted herself from him and began to slowly slide her tongue over his body. Starting from his lips she worked down allowing herself to enjoy every contour and muscle of his chest and abdomen. Her mouth found its way to his enlarged penis which was twitching in anticipation. “Squeeze my nipples; I will cum for you” he whispered. Her tongue and mouth took turns to savour his body and the hardness rising above it. At one point, she took all of him in her mouth until she started to gag. With her free hand, she squeezed his nipples. It wasn’t long before his juices began to flow. The first gush shot up over her forehand. The next burst hit her on the check. There were several other minor eruptions after that. His gaze got blurry and distant like he was somewhere else. She smiled into his eyes and said “relax, enjoy.” She turned to me and I could see her face was covered in his juices. She grinned and I could tell from her facial expression that she was very happy. 

It was not long before I took over and she became excited by the familiar thrust of my body. Having watched him devouring her and seeing her face still smeared with his juices, my balls were bursting to explode. Later that evening, after he left, she told me it had been a wonderful experience and also hinted the next time I organised a surprise like that there should be two friends.

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