Their First Hotwife Experience

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He helped initiate a lifestyle newbie couple to hotwifing — with a cuckold slant.

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A while back, I had an encounter with another ‘First Time’ Hotwife / Cuckold couple I met on a Cuckolding website. They were newbies, but they definitely knew what they wanted. She was a cute, late 20’s Asian woman with long black hair, a beautiful face, perfect tiny tits with large, ultra-responsive nipples, a tiny beautiful ass, and the tiniest pussy I’d seen since I was 12 years old. She was concerned that I wouldn’t fit, or that I would hurt her, but I assured her that I would be gentle.

Setting the Scene

Cucki got a hotel room near where I live. When I got to the room, I found her sitting on the bed and him in boxers. He had lights set up and a laptop to record video. She suggested that we shower together to break the ice, and I quickly helped to undress her, and into the shower, we went. We washed each other and got familiar with each other’s bodies, and she was so cute when she asked if it was OK to touch my cock. 

I snatched up the vial of body lotion from the bathroom, and I started by giving her a little bit of a massage. “Wow, you look like a professional!” he exclaimed. “Yeah, I’ve done this before.” I worked my way down her back and massaged her lovely ass. As I did, she raised up a bit, showing me her lovely little pussy. I massaged both of her thighs, and her pussy opened more. First my thumb and then my tongue found their way into that sweet little hole. I sucked her nipples and started to diddle her clit with the tip of my cock. I started to work the tip into that tiny little hole, and she asked me something I’d never heard before, “Is it in?” I realized she meant, ‘Is it ALL in,’ and I told her, “just the tip… there’s more.”


I worked my cock into her slowly. She was so extremely wet, and she asked the same question a couple of times. I was intentionally taking my time to work my cock into her since, looking at cucki, I could tell she hasn’t had much in the past. She suggested a change of positions, sat on top of me, and gradually took my whole cock inside her, rocking back and forth. Cucki was struggling to get good views and camera angles. 

We switched positions again, and I fucked her doggie style. Cucki worked his way underneath her, licking her clit and watching up close as her snug pussy lips clung to my shaft on each outstroke. “Pull my hair?” she asked and “cum in me,” over and over. I asked him how it felt to hear her ask me to cum inside of his wife as I shot my load deep inside her. After a while, I pulled out, and my heavy cock fell on his face with a loud THUD. “OH! wow! Uhm, that’s OK… that was just an accident. Right?” “Yeah,” I chortled. 

She went onto her back again and donned the blindfold cucki handed her. Cucki sucked and played with her nipples while I fucked her in long, deep strokes. I pulled out and shot another load on her tits. We had been fucking for about an hour. Cucki crawled between her thighs and asked for some privacy. I knew what he wanted — he wanted to slurp my cum off her titties but was embarrassed to do it while I watched. He must’ve liked it because it was gone in a flash. He slid his little dick inside her and exclaimed, “Oh, my God! You feel so different!” “Yeah, she feels like a different woman, doesn’t she?” It was all over in a couple of strokes for cucki. She and I kissed and I dressed and shook cucki’s hand as he thanked me and told me he hopes to see me again. “It’s all up to her,” I said, and I walked out the door. A good time was had by all.

SDC Member Writing Contest Hottest Hotwife Experience 2020

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