Erotic Daters vs Swingers

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Erotic Daters vs Swingers

At parties, Meet & Greets, and events, it is not entirely uncommon to meet people with a different set of reasons for why they are there in the first place. While full-on swinger couples and singles are there to hook-up primarily for sex, it is not the goal for erotic daters. So, why are they there in the first place? Interesting question!

More and more in sexy, non-monogamous circles, it is noticeable that the group of erotic daters is becoming bigger. The threshold for attending sensual parties and erotic events are quite flexible. The knowledge about these parties and events taking place are increasingly more widespread, accepted, and advertised. Those adults no longer feeling comfortable in a regular club setting, often because of age, still want to feel sexy and have fun, so they seek alternatives to hanging out and party. What exactly is the difference between erotic daters and swingers? Is there even a certain synergy?

The Big Question

A post on Reddit caught my attention the other day. It was a question about what erotic dating actually means and why it has a place on swinger sites. Most responses ranged from either made up bullshit to it being a halfway solution between swinging or polyamory. Actually, none of that is correct. So, what are erotic daters? What are swingers? What is the difference, and where is the common ground, if any?

To determine that, we have to define what the two groups are about:

Swingers are, per definition, non-monogamous people and are in the swinging lifestyle to get to know like-minded others and get together to have sex. Of course, there are multiple swinging levels, ranging from voyeur to full-on partner swap and a broad range of distinctions within.

This is where swingers lifestyle dating sites like come in, so people can search specifically what they are looking for when it comes to hookups with potential lifestyle friends.

Erotic Daters are, per definition, monogamous people yet love to frequent swinger parties and events to enjoy the erotic vibe and sexy entertainment. There are several reasons for this. Erotic daters love to have a great time, by themselves or together with friends, in a safe environment. This is where they can be and feel free with each other as a couple, be with sexy-minded others, and dress up, dance, touch, and flirt with each other, but they don’t have to be sexually interacting, persé, with others.

Delicious Prospects

Swinger events and erotic parties provide a safe, sexy environment where all of this is possible. And, because in these circles, “no” unequivocally means no, these erotic settings that everyone is looking for — swingers and erotic daters alike — are a great match for both groups of adults.
This is also exactly where SDC comes in — so people with a variety of goals and lifestyles can sign up and search specifically who and what exactly they are looking for, to meet and hookup with lifestyle swinger friends, or find out where to meet up with other erotic daters!

At professional, well-organized travel events geared toward swingers, there is always a wide range of sexy workshops offered that may very well appeal to erotic daters and swingers alike. PlayShops about, for instance, tantra, sex toys, squirting, blowjobs, bondage, hotwifing, or relationships, and pretty much any other sensual topic under the sun, are without a doubt eye-opening sensual and educational experiences. Oftentimes, these specialty sessions even prove to be a break-through, liberating experience, and, in many cases, a total turn-on for any couple on their erotic journey.

There is a certain synergy. Some swingers are at soft-swap level and are voyeurs in their own right. Will erotic daters eventually graduate to becoming newbie swingers? Well, that, of course, remains to be seen. The swinging lifestyle isn’t necessarily a great fit for all, yet being exposed to such circles and settings certainly takes away many pre-conceived notions and judgments.

In conclusion, there are many valid reasons why the growing group of erotic daters feels comfortable and welcomed to secure membership on platforms like And, who knows? The erotic daters of today may very well end up being the swingers of tomorrow.

And that, my friends, is a delicious prospect for all.

The Travelling Goddess

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