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A bull gets to have his vixen with the help of a swinging couple, and the lucky overseas stag gets to watch on video!

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This happened while I was on rotation overseas, about seven or eight hours ahead of time back home. My wife made plans to have drinks with a bunch of her girlfriends that she works with. She wore a romper for this occasion. She met with them at some posh drink lounge in the downtown area. They had a good time, laughing, drinking, and talking. She then got a text from some friends of ours that happened to be out as well. It’s a couple that we swing with from time to time, and we had become good friends. So, she decided to leave and meet up with them. I once again received a Skype message in the early hours of where I was. “I’m out with (aliases) Steve and Ashley.” I just said, “OK, cool.” 

As the night went on for them, I got another message. “Are you up?” Of course, I was at that time. “Yes,” I replied. I asked her if she was having a good time, and she said she was. I also asked if she had seen any cute guys there. You know, being flirty and fun with my wife and all. She said there were a few but that she had someone else in mind. I asked, “Feeling horny, are we?” Wife: “Yes, very.” Me: “You want to text Darren, don’t you?” Wife: “Is that OK?” Me: “Hell, yes, it is.” Wife: “LOL, OK, cool. We are leaving here and heading back to our house.” Me: “OK, be careful, and message me when you are there.”

The Bull Gets What He Wants of His Vixen — On Video

About 30 minutes later, she messaged me that she and our friends made it to our house. Then she video-Skype-called me as I was once again getting ready for work. Wife: “Hi baby.” Me: “Hello there. Hey Steve and Ashley.” Wife: “So I messaged him, and he is on his way over.” Me: “Very nice. He gets to do whatever he wants with you this time as long as the rules are followed.” Wife: “Yeah, I explained the rules to both of them, and Steve is going to video the whole thing. But can you resend them just to make sure they are followed?” Me: “Of course.” Steve: “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure she follows them to a T.” Me: “I knew I could count on you, LOL.” The rule is that everything must be videoed. But this time, Darren was allowed to do whatever he wanted to my wife, and once I give that kind of permission, my wife must compel and be a submissive slut for them. They can fuck her wherever and however they want. Use her in whatever sexual manner they wish.

“I Hope You Like Them, SIR”

I had to leave for work once again and had to wait until lunch to see what had happened during those four hours in the earlier morning. When I got back to my room, I checked my Skype and then my email. Just like two weeks ago, there was a series of videos with the subject line reading, “I hope you like them, SIR.” 

The first video I opened showed everyone in our living room. Darren was sitting on the sofa at one end, and my wife was standing at the other end, staring at him. As she did, she stripped down to her thong panties, threw her bra off the side, walked over to Darren, dropped to her knees, pulled his pants off, peeled his briefs away, and, staring up at him, pulled his cock out. With Steve videoing the entire thing, she started licking, sucking, and stroking his cock until it was throbbing hard. She sucked his cock like a bitch in heat, taking it balls-deep as he pushed her down, making her gag. She licked his shaft from balls to head, making eye contact with him as she sucked and stroked his cock like a good girl. Darren has a big, thick cock, and my wife loves to suck huge cock. He groped and caressed her huge breast while keeping his other hand on top of her head to make sure she continued to suck his cock. 

One of the videos I watched had my wife holding the phone herself while Darren was standing up, and she was on her knees sucking and stroking his cock up close as she watched herself on the phone as if she was making eye contact with me. Darren again grabbed her by the head with both hands and face-fucked her. As Steve and Ashley made drinks and enjoyed the show, Steve continued to video. After my wife had sucked his cock for a bit, Darren had decided it was time for her to be fucked.

Time to Bounce… on His Cock

The next video I watched was a close-up of my wife’s pussy and Darren’s huge cock slapping her pussy lips before he slid his cock inside her as she let out a moan of pleasure. He fucked on the floor and then moved up onto the couch, where he continued to pound my wife, wrapping his hand around her neck, choking her. My wife orgasmed like crazy, climaxing with the intense pleasure of a slut being dominated. She was briefly allowed to catch her breath. He put her on all fours, pinned her face to the floor with his hand, and fucked her like a slut from behind, slapping her ass, pulling her head back by the hair, palming her head with his hand, and making her rock back on his cock. I watched as Steve moved with the camera around them, getting great angles of his cock, spreading my wife’s pussy. Ashely watched on as she sipped her drink. 

Darren then grabbed my wife by the hair and made her crawl on all fours up onto the couch with him, and told her to ride his cock. “Sit on my fucking cock, baby,” is what Darren said to her. She slid down on his cock and began bouncing on it as he smacked her ass, repeatedly calling her a good girl or a good slut. Steve made sure to get the good close-ups of her moving on his cock as well as some wide angles of her beautiful ass bouncing on it. My wife moaned like a whore as I could hear Darren breathing that heavy breath of a man that was about to cum. Then, all of a sudden, I watched as Darren’s balls pumped, and his cock stiffened inside of my wife as he started to cum inside her. He grabbed her ass and squeezed as hard as he could, spreading her ass apart. My wife kept bouncing and sliding up and down on his cock as cum started to pour out of her pussy, running down his shaft. He finished cumming, and my wife stood up on her knees, letting his cock slip out of her. As she did, Darren’s cum came pouring out onto his balls and onto the couch. 

With his cock covered and soaked in my wife’s juices, they made out for a few minutes. Steve moved in for a close-up of their faces, and they both looked at the phone, smiling and giggling. My wife blew a kiss at the phone, “I love you, baby.” Then the video ended. I replied to my wife’s email with, “that’s even hotter than the last one!!!” I still have these videos and still enjoy watching them.

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