Sugar’s First Time

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Sugar’s first full swap experience left her shaking in a pool of her own pleasure and Daddy making his fantasy come true.

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I wanted to share my wife’s first full swap experience. We’ll call her by her nickname Sugar, and mine is Daddy. Now, I had previous experience in the lifestyle, but she did not. After having our first child together, we discussed the possibility of us becoming swingers. I explained to Sugar how it turned me on seeing other guys flirt with her. She was concerned that if we did join this lifestyle that I would end up falling in love with someone else’s wife and leaving her. I told Sugar this would never happen as long as we communicate properly, express our emotions to each other, and only get with other couples in a secure and stable relationship. We joined one of the swinger sites just to see what options we had. After a few dozen conversations with a few couples we matched with, we stumbled open a very young, sexy, fun looking Latin couple.

The Night is Young

So, we chatted back and forth with this couple. They were very respectful and did not show any signs of just wanting to hookup. We ended up meeting them at their apartment. The guy was my height, had a darker complexion than I did, some muscles and tattoos to complement his physique. The girl was light-skinned, very beautiful with a huge perfect Latina booty. They were both very well dressed, they smelled good, and they were even more respectful in person. Right away, you could see the excited look in their eyes as they would look us up and down and back to each other with very accepting looks. They sat us down in their living room to tell us what they were looking for. They said they’re very go-with-the-flow, like things to build on their own, and would never be pushy. We both agreed we were the same. They then invited us out to a club where they sold hookah, and the guy ordered the bubble gum flavor. We chatted about life, work, and our kids. The girl developed a liking for Sugar and continued talking as if they’ve known each other for years. Once the DJ started playing Latin music, we all stood up and started dancing with our own partners. We had so much fun but didn’t want the night to end. So they invited us back to their apartment where we played drinking games.

Heating Things Up

Once the liquor started kicking in, Sugar and I started making out on their reclining couch while the sexy young couple made out on their love seat. Sugar starts to unzip me and commences to pleasure me, then all of a sudden we tipped the seat backward and started laughing because we both ended up on the floor. When we both stood up, we see the young sexy Latin couple completely naked, with the girl laying down on the couch while sensually pleasuring him. He stood in front of her while rubbing her clit with his middle finger. We couldn’t help but stand next to them while we watched her. 

He gave us permission to feel her breasts and rub on her. He then asked my wife to kiss his girl, and they started off slowly while he continues to rub on her, while I played with the girl’s breasts. The girl’s breasts fit perfectly in my hand. I then gave the guy permission to kiss my wife and suck on her breasts. You could tell that Sugar was extremely nervous and shook a little, but the moment the guy pulled her close to his face with his hands, she started to enjoy his touch, his lips, his tongue as it slid inside her mouth. The sound of them sucking face while she embraced his lips while her eyes were closed. The thrill of seeing her being kissed by another man excited me. He then asked Sugar to kiss his girl again, when she bent over to kiss his girl, the guy started to lift Sugar’s skirt up from the back and pulled her panties to the side, and commenced to finger her with the intent to make her climax. Sugar became concerned for her IUD (birth control) and started shouting “no” with the fear it would pop out. The guy, being the gentleman he was, offered us some beer and shots of tequila in order to make her loosen up. We partook in the drinks, which quickly made us both very loose and horny. 

We then went back in to take off our clothes. Sugar jumped on the couch with the girl and commenced making out aggressively with her. The guy approached both of the girls on the couch and they both started sucking him with one girl on each side. He pulled out his phone while shining the light toward them to record a POV-type video of them pleasuring him. After a minute of this, we changed spots and Sugar sat on the couch with her while they kissed while I went down on the girl. At one point, Sugar pushed me out of the way and went down on her instead, in the exact way I usually do it to Sugar. The look of joy on my face made me smile as she did it exactly how I would.

Afterward, Sugar stood up and moved over to the guy who was sitting on a high chair he had in the kitchen and had Sugar sit at the top of the chair, while I watched him slip a condom on and started to pound on Sugar. She began to scream out how big he was and how good it felt. Sugar has always been a screamer, so the sounds of her voice while she was climaxing made me hard. After tossing the girl’s salad, the girl sat me down on the couch and started sucking me slowly until I was nice and hard. She then slipped the condom on me. I got to smash this beautiful little goddess slowly, sensually, all while watching Sugar with her legs wrapped around the guy. I had an out-of-body experience for a moment, realizing that I finally made my fantasy a reality.

Sugar’s So Wet

Sugar squirted for the very first time that night. The guy had such great technique that he made her squirt at least 3-4 times. She became so wet that night that she slipped off the couch and onto the floor, unable to control her shaking legs. I remember her calling the guy an a-hole for doing it so many times, while she continued to slip and fall on the floor. We all laughed at Sugar for making the floor so wet. After we finally put our clothes on and picked up the condom wrappers off the floor, Sugar continued her drunken shouting, telling the guy, “The next time I want you to do me from the front while Daddy does me from the back.” The girl and I shared an intimate kiss while Sugar gave the guy two pecks on the lips. Sugar, with a smile on her face, was satisfied after she got what she wanted. When we left, we agreed it was the most fun experience we’ve ever had together! Here’s to the lifestyle!

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