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ASN met and interviewed Chris and Crissy Vee at Hedo II and learned about how much these two have helped grow and enrich the swinging lifestyle over the past twenty years.

We interviewed Chris and Crissy Vee from Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas, while they were at Hedonism II a couple of months back. They were pioneer swingers before swinging was mainstream. They have a strong open marriage of 20 years, and all 20 of those fantastic years have been in the lifestyle. Their lifestyle journey started when they went to a swinger’s club looking to find a female they could bring home. The night ended up with a couple doing only girl/girl play, then they started the next step into soft swap, swapping oral. From there, it led to full swap, when Crissy said, “If she is going to be that intimate sucking a man’s dick, I might as well go all the way with them; that is just as intimate.” That’s when all the fun started happening in the lifestyle. But with the fun comes learning curves and learning how to communicate with each other when your partner feels left out, jealous, or literally butt hurt. The lifestyle has definitely kept their marriage sexually alive and their bond secure. Everyone could use some strange. It’s just sex!

About Chris & Chrissy Vee

Chris Vee was a professional comedian for 12 years working the comedy circuit. They frequently attended a swinger’s club, and that club owner asked Chris to perform a comedy show there. Chris said yes to the performance but was nervous. He didn’t know how a sexually energized audience that was there to fuck would accept his normal day to day life humor. Chris went to work, writing swinger-related material from his own experiences. To his surprise, the audience loved it and could relate to every bit. Some ladies came on stage during his set and proceeded to take his clothes off, then started sucking his dick after yelling for permission from his wife. Being in his 20’s his “little comedian” was at full attention, saluting like Hitler. This is how the first original swinger’s comedian got started. From there, Chris performed less in comedy clubs and went on a swinger’s comedy tour performing his swingers act at many lifestyle clubs all over the United States.

Chris doesn’t perform stand up much anymore, but you can hear him on his podcast live, raw, and uncut. The show is recorded live on the first Monday of the month at 9 p.m. Central Time. You can also listen to the recorded shows anytime. The show is exciting, sexy, and funny, with thousands of listeners each month. But we do want to warn you that Chris’s humor is absurd, rude, vulgar, and he plainly just doesn’t give a fuck. He keeps it real, honest, and blunt. Don’t take it personally; that’s just how he expresses his artistic freedom as an entertainer.

After building a relationship with the lifestyle clubs, Chris and Crissy started promoting original themed events that have been going on for decades. For example, Butts, Boobs, and Boats (BBBEVENT), Texans & Outlaws, Dirty Love Rave, Dirty Disney, Lifestyle Carnival, Red Hot & Blue Veterans party, and The Fireball for first responders, with most of the proceeds of these events going to different charities. 

Throwing these events and parties will always come with legal issues and discrimination, and many doors being slammed in your face. Chris and Crissy studied many laws and researched hours of case law to make their events safe for themselves and their attendees. They have had to defend themselves in family, criminal, and civil law cases, standing up for their sexual freedom and civil rights. They are always helping other club owners, promoters, and lifestyle couples behind the scenes with any legal or lifestyle issues. They’re a friendly, down-to-earth couple. If you ever see them out, feel free to ask them for any advice or just say hello. 

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Chris Chrissy Vee Hedo Swingers Nudist Resort

In 2012, Chris and Crissy stopped promoting for other lifestyle clubs and opened their own club in Texas called Lucky’s Clubhouse. With Chris and Crissy’s signature parties and promoting experience, it grew rapidly. They took the opportunity in buying a bigger club and building called the After-Midnight Club and eventually rebranded it as PlayersDFW Nightclub (Players, Domestic partners, Females, Welcome). PlayersDFW soon became one of the leading lifestyle clubs in Texas. Its popularity was well known all over the world. With its great success, they merged with Club Eden, a club from Oklahoma City, which had been opened since late 1996. Both clubs re-branded to start a franchise and a chain of clubs. If you’re in Texas or Oklahoma, you are going to want to check out one of the Eden clubs. You may even see kinky local celebrities or your boss. Look for the signature E wherever you go.

Are you into BDSM? You’re going to want to check out Chris and Crissy’s 9,000 sq ft dungeon called The Infliction Hall, located next door to Club EdenDFW. They have all the major equipment for your maximum kink experience.; Slave bed, coffin, suspended birdcage, human kennels, Saint Andrew’s crosses, spankings benches, Kinky Susan, a wall of pain, and so much more. All their events are LGBT friendly as well.

If you have never been to Butts, Boobs, and Boats (BBBEVENT), the largest lifestyle adult boating rally in Austin, Texas, it is a must-do event. This coming year will be its 19th year in existence. Proceeds in previous years have gone to different charities. Chris and Crissy have been working hard at this event every year, keeping it alive with fresh new entertainment and sexy fun. They have also expanded BBB (Butts, Boobs, and Boats) to their home away from home in Hedonism ll in Negril, Jamaica. BBB in Hedo II this year is Butts, Boobs, and Beaches in October 2020.

Chris just launched a new lifestyle apparel website They provide nice custom lifestyle merchandise, toys, and BDSM furniture. Crissy also just launched her alternative lifestyle adviser website.

Crissy likes to help people from her own experiences. We all need help and advice sometimes. As fun as the Lifestyle can be, it also can be very complicated and emotionally draining. Her advice is free. You can find out more at​

Also, check out at one of their events soon; you’ll be glad you did.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Chris Chrissy Vee Hedo Swingers Nudist Resort

The Interview

ASN: We have some just random questions.

Chris: OK, no worries.

ASN: How are y’all enjoying Hedo II?

Chris: We love Hedo II. It is our favorite resort. We feel so free here without any judgment.

ASN: What brought y’all to Hedo this week?

Chris: We are here for Tom’s Trips’ Ms. No Swimsuit contest. This week is a lot of fun because we get to meet so many new sexy friends from other clubs from other areas. 

ASN: The photoshoot looks like it was fun.

Crissy: Yes, it was! Our good friend Samantha Renee with Arouse Boudoir came with us to help promote Club Eden and take sexy photos. It’s so beautiful and sexy here. I never want to leave.

ASN: What’s it like owning lifestyle clubs?

Chris: Having multiple popular clubs, it’s a lot of nonstop work. Sometimes it feels like we never get a day off, just a few hours. We live, breathe, and eat this lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong — we love our job, and there are a lot of perks.

ASN: Some would assume y’all get to play a lot.

Chris: Not as much as we used to. We have toned down quite a bit, but we still have our fair share of fun.

ASN: What’s y’all’s favorite hook-up arrangement? 

Crissy: Full swap, same room with another couple, or very small group

ASN: Who’s the better kisser?

Crissy: Me! I love to kiss.

ASN: What one thing do you remember while playing with another couple?

Crissy: This guy farted while he was going down on me… We all just started laughing. We made a joke out of it, but playtime was definitely over at that point.

ASN: What kind of porn turns y’all on?

Chris: We watch all types of porn — some to get off, and some to laugh and learn from.

 ASN: Do you prefer professional or amateur porn?

Chris: Both can be very sexy.

How long does it take you to get yourself off, on average?

Chris: Not long.

Crissy: I’m a hard nut to crack.

ASN: What’s your best blowjob technique?

Chris: I only eat pussy, and I spell their name 69 times, LOL!

Crissy: Deep-throating. 

ASN: Have you ever watched another couple have sex without them knowing?

Chris: Yes, I’m sure many times. That seems almost normal in the lifestyle.

ASN: Would you say y’all are dominant or submissive?

Chris: We are both dom switches, I guess if we were to label it.

ASN: How do y’all feel about sexual freedom?

Chris: Sexual freedom is very important to the lifestyle. We are a major supporter of open marriages, BDSM, and LGBTQIA+. 

Crissy: We believe in everyone. 

ASN: Thank you both for visiting with us.

Chris: Yes, of course! Thank you. We love ASN, and we read the magazine often.

Crissy: Thank you.

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine May 2020 Cover

This interview originally appeared in the May 2020 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

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