Crown Your Clitoris with Jewels of Pleasure

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For sexy holiday celebrations or for any occasion, offer her a clitoral jewel, a sexual jewel — a jewel of pleasure!

Among designer Sylvie Monthulé’s erotic jewelry, the most wonderful and exciting are the non-piercing clitoral jewels. Sylvie offers several shapes and sizes for refined aesthetics and promises pleasure for everyone with a clitoris. Hypoallergenic, ultra-comfortable, made with premium materials, and gold-plated or silver-plated, they are available in sizes S to XXXL. Clit jewels are dedicated exclusively to feminine pleasure, orgasm, and enjoyment and are created to caress, embrace, excite the marvelous treasure that is the clitoris!

The Drop Clit Jewel Crowns Your Clitoris with Gold and Crystal

SDC Sylvie Monthule Erotic Clitoral Jewelry

One of the most extraordinary clitoris creations by Sylvie Monthulé! The elegant shape of the Drop Clit Jewel is inserted between your labia to embrace your clitoris. The clitoris springs out as if captured in the trap of ecstasy. A greedy jewel that invites you to rub, titillate, and caress this delicious little flower, to make it palpitate with pleasure… Your clitoris rises, and your fingers play with the libertine drop to excite it. An erotic jewel to wear like a thong that’s so sexy, so exciting, so comfortable, and so beautiful with pure crystals! The Drop Clit is designed for all bodies with a clitoris. In gold or silver plating.

The Excite Clitoris Jewel for Exquisite Pleasure

SDC Sylvie Monthule Erotic Clitoral Jewelry SDC Sylvie Monthule Erotic Clitoral Jewelry

An exciting jewel created to sublimate the clitoris — to stimulate this organ of pleasure. Discover the wonderful effects of the Excite Clitoris Jewel, which slips deliciously between your labia. Whatever your sexual morphology, you will very easily position this marvelous jewel with a perfect fit thanks to its elasticated belt system. Take care to position the blue ball that’s huddled in the jewel under your clitoris. You play with the blue ball; your fingers touch the moving ball, making it turn. Customize the intensity of your pleasure with your touch. The first movements of the ball caress and stimulate your clitoris. It begins to stand up — it’s up to you to tame the jewel. As you massage, slow or fast, rolling back and forth, your clitoris quivers, rises, and thrusts with pleasure, and apotheosis! Your arousal is visible, and your partner will be able to admire all its beauty.

Visit Sylvie Monthulé’s website to discover all clitoral jewelry.

Not Just Jewels! Try G-Strings for Intense Stimulation

SDC Sylvie Monthule Erotic Clitoral Jewelry SDC Sylvie Monthule Erotic Clitoral Jewelry

In her collections, Sylvie Monthulé created G-strings — so sensual, so sexy, so provocative. Discover all G-string Jewelry for women, from the softest to the more daring, from the most intimidating to the naughtiest. Some thongs cover the dune of your pubis with splendor, while others hide their delicious secrets and offer up the skin — the sex — to more daring kisses, even the most intimate caresses… These are sexy, penetrating G-strings for nights of ecstasy, with libertine pearls, erotic chains, or thongs dressed in gold or silver. Each G-string is a wonderful erotic encounter — a game for your senses. Sylvie Monthulé’s string jewelry covers the bodies of women… above, below, and inside.

Metallic Leather Thong with Stimulating Finger

SDC Sylvie Monthule Erotic Clitoral Jewelry

An erotic and exciting leather G-string created for pleasure! Inside the leather G-string, adorned with gold or silver, is a blue articulated finger that rises and penetrates your sex — in secret. The leather, so soft, hides your pubis entirely. It is a caress on the naked skin. The erotic jewel has a daring secret: the blue resin finger, hidden in the G-string, follows all the movements of your body and hugs your sex. What excitement, what pleasure! A G-string jewel imagined for exquisite sensations, for orgasm, with a superb design. A thrilling jewel to be worn for hours, according to your desires and fantasies: during the day in the street, under your light skirt, on a libertine evening, or naked at home for your own pleasure.

The Kiss of Isis G-String Ignites Your Sex

SDC Sylvie Monthule Erotic Clitoral Jewelry SDC Sylvie Monthule Erotic Clitoral Jewelry

For her new collection, The Breath of Pleasure, Sylvie Monthulé was inspired by the symbols of Egypt.

As always, these opulent jewels combine beauty and sexual pleasure with talent. Over the satin dune of your pubis, a golden goddess appears — sensual, naked. The voluptuous body, spreading its black wings, is an erotic splendor. Sitting on a stone on fire, rounded and soft, Isis ignites your sex with rivers of gold. The pearl begins her erotic dance, brushing your sex, caressing your clitoris, snuggling between your lips… The drop surrenders to your most exciting whims. A point of pride to your beauty, this gold, and black beetle will shine in your Venusian dimples.

About Sylvie Monthulé’s Erotic Jewelry

Discover more than 600 erotic creations for individuals and couples and explore a sensual and exciting universe! Erotic jewelry designer Sylvie Monthulé and her team deliver worldwide, with discreet express shipping. Choose your intimate jewel and receive it in a luxurious velvet case engraved with the designer’s name.

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