53rd Birthday at Temptations Cancun

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She discovered and enjoyed her first gift during day one of their trip to Temptations Cancun. By the time she and her husband left, 13 became her lucky number.

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Hubby (Jr) and I decided to do a quick three-night trip to Temptations in Cancun for my birthday. On our first day there, while drinking at the pool, I happened to notice this rather tall and sexy younger man (about 40 to 45 years old), 6′ and about 230 lbs, with dark hair, broad shoulders, ripped arms, nice ass, and thick legs. We were having a great time with everyone in the pool. I was topless with a thong bikini bottom. I have more than a few tats… OK, I am pretty tatted up, and everyone wants to see and touch them. They are very good conversation starters for sure. Well, to my disappointment, before I could talk to him, he left. I had a hall-pass as a gift from my husband and blew it, LOL. I was mad at myself for not speaking to him. I had not reacted when I wanted to. Guess I wanted him to talk to me first. Well, about 30 minutes later, I turned around, and there he was, sitting on the steps inside of the pool. 

Meeting My Gift

I walked up to him and introduced myself and we made some small talk. I, of course, flirted with him and he asked about my tats. I stood on the steps to let him see them. The more I teased, the more he opened up. I would touch his arm or rub his shoulder. Guess he wasn’t sure where this was going. He could see my wedding ring on my hand. But even with him knowing I was married, I could clearly see he was interested. The erection in his bathing suit might have been a clue. I didn’t want to miss my shot and I doubted he would proposition me. He did ask who my husband was, so I point him out. So, out of the blue, I looked him in the eyes straight up asked him if he wanted to fuck me. I told him he could be my birthday present hall-pass. He quickly said yes, though he was a little shocked. He was concerned and I assured him my husband was OK with this. He watched as I swam over to my husband. I gave him a big wet sloppy kiss and proceeded to inform him that I was going fuck my new friend. He agreed and told me to be safe and have fun. I told Jr to meet me back in our room in about an hour and be waiting naked. With a hard dick, of course! 

California Man Takes Me to His Room

He walked me to his room. Before I even entered the door, I had my thong off. I walked straight to the bed and sat on the edge. Within 30 seconds of sitting down, I had his thick 7″ inch cock in my mouth. What a beautiful erection he had. I sucked and slowly stroked him until he was on the edge of cumming. I then pushed him away. With a grin on my face, I said, “oh no, not yet.” He was thankful, as he really didn’t want to cum that quick. He then laid me on my back, spread my legs wide, and said, “it’s your B-day; relax and enjoy.”

What a tongue he had! He licked my pussy until it was oh so wet. The talent of his tongue as he licked me front side to side then up and down… He would slowly insert his tongue into my honey hole. He got me pretty close to cumming, but stopped and kissed his way up to my boobs. He spent a few moments kissing and caressing them. Next, he slid up and looked me straight in the eyes, and started kissing me very passionately. This guy was an excellent kisser. I was really excited I had chosen him for my birthday fuck. While still kissing me, he slowly entered me with his throbbing cock (with a condom, of course). His girth was a little more than I am used to with my husband. The stretching really felt good. Seemed like it took minutes for him to fully enter me. He proceeded to slowly grind against me, causing friction on my clit. Each stroke was slow and deliberate. Damn, this man knew what he was doing. Within maybe two minutes of him fully entering me, I had my first orgasm.

He rolled me over and took me from behind, this time with longer, faster strokes. He would get me close then back off. Guess he was paying me back for edging him earlier. He was pounding me pretty good as I came back-to-back for orgasms two and three. It was now my turn to get on top. I rode him for what seemed like 10 or 15 minutes cumming for the fourth, fifth, and sixth time. I slid off and kissed all the way down his body until I reached his cock. I slowly stroked and sucked him into a thunderous orgasm. I must confess, I did edge him once or twice before I let him erupt. It seemed like he came for about a minute…

Exhausted and fully satisfied, we both collapsed on the bed. He admitted that he had never done anything like this before. He asked, “what should I do or say if I run into your husband?” I said, “smile and give him a high-five.” I then got up, cleaned myself off, and put my thong back on. I turned to him, kissed him goodbye, and walked out. I never even got his name. I refer to him as California man. He was on vacation by himself, as his girlfriend backed out at the last minute.

Reclamation Sex

I hurried back to my room, as I had told Jr to meet me in the room in an hour. I walked in and we had sex for the next hour. You would swear we hadn’t had sex in forever. Reclamation sex is always the best. I orgasmed for the seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth time with my husband. I then slowly sucked him to orgasm and licked and swallowed every last drop. He asked me how it went, and I told him everything that happened. Hubby was very pleased that I had enjoyed my birthday present from him and California guy. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon of my 53rd birthday!

Later that night, we did run into him at the lingerie party. He walked up, high-fived my husband, and told him how sexy I was. He straight-up thanked my husband and said how much he had enjoyed the sex we had. Then he turned, kissed me goodbye, and walked away. His flight was very early out the next morning, and I never saw him again. In case you are all wondering, YES — my husband and I left minutes later and went after it again for what seemed like forever. This is when I had orgasms eleven, twelve, and thirteen!!!!! Guess you can say 13 was my lucky number on birthday #53. On the last day, I just laid out topless by the pool. Of course, I had a huge smile on my face and a somewhat sore honey hole.

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