Fun in Mexico

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This couple explored full swap with some enthusiastic fellow newbie couples while vacationing in Mexico.

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For our anniversary, we went to a resort in Mexico through Lifestyles Travel. At this point, we were only soft swap and had never had intercourse with someone other than us since we had met. I had had a bi experience in high school and in college, but that was it. On our second day there, we met two other couples around our age while lounging around the pool. That night, the six of us were having dinner together and some drinks when one of the ladies spotted another couple that had arrived that day sitting alone. She went over and invited them to join us. We spent a couple of hours discussing our various experiences in the lifestyle when the lady that had invited the new couple over finally said, “Look, we’re all here for the same reason. Why don’t we go back to the rooms, have sex, and come on back for some drinks and dancing?” We all quickly agreed and went back to another couple’s room that just happened to be an adjoining room to ours.

Kicking Things off with Group Room Play

The new couple, Bill and Debbie, had never swung before and were a little nervous. John and I noticed their apprehension as the pairing off began, so we invited them to join us in our room while the other two couples started partying. We began by orally pleasing our own partners, but eventually, I moved over to play with Debbie, and Bill began to stroke my breasts while I was eating her. Meanwhile, Debbie stroked John’s cock while sucking Bill’s dick. After a while, Debbie and I started playing with each other’s tits, while Bill was fucking Debbie, and John was fucking me. Bill got so excited that he came. Debbie began to suck my tits while John continued fucking me, and the scene made John cum. 

We cleaned up and joined the other two couples that had also completed their session. We then went back to the bar for some dancing and drinks. There we found out that this was the first time Debbie ever had any interaction with another woman. The next day was spent at the pool and beach with the other three couples soaking in the sun and chatting. That evening after dinner, we danced and drank, but as the night wore on, Bill began to feel ill. I began to feel that a repeat of the night before was not in the cards, especially after Debbie told us that she was going back to her room with Bill. Not long after, John and I went over to the outdoor hot tub to check out the scene when Debbie arrived and asked us if we were going back to our room. I said yes, and she asked if she could join us.

Moving Down on Debbie’s Body

The three of us went back to our room and quickly got out of our clothes. Debbie and I began to devour each other. We kissed deeply for a long time on the bed while John just watched. Eventually, I began to move down Debbie’s body, stopping at her breasts to lick and suck them until the nipples became extremely hard. Finally, I made it down to Debbie’s pussy and began to eat her. She let out a tremendous sigh and motioned John over. Debbie wet her hand and began to jerk John off while he played with her nipples. She then put her hand on his butt and pulled him down until his cock was in her mouth. She licked and sucked his cock in the same hungry manner that she had started with me. He had to pull himself away to stop from cumming. After a few moments, John began fucking me from behind while I was still eating Debbie until she came while moaning softly. 

Debbie whispered that she wanted to eat me, at which point John pulled his dick out of my very wet pussy. His cock was literally dripping. Debbie licked the juice off his cock and kissed me so that the two of us could share it. The three of us then shared a kiss, and I laid down while Debbie repeated the path that I had used on her. While Debbie was eating me, John entered Debbie from behind. She let out a very loud moan and began to grind her butt against him. He reached around and played with her clit while I stroked her tits, and she shuddered into an orgasm. He continued fucking her doggie style until he felt like he was about to cum, at which point he pulled out so as not to cum in her. I wanted his cock now, and he put it in my mouth. I have sucked his cock for many years, and he will be the first to tell you that I am probably one of the best he has ever had. 

After a very short time, he left the bed and sat in a chair just to watch the scene. The two of us then changed position and began to 69 each other while he sat and watched while slowly stroking his dick. Finally, he got up and fucked Debbie from behind while she was on top of me in a 69 position. Debbie then said that she wanted to see his cock going in and out of me, so we switched locations, and he began to fuck me while I was on top of Debbie. I had a tremendous orgasm while he was fucking me, and Debbie was nibbling on my clit. The two of us had already cum at least once, and now we focused our attention on John.

John’s Turn

He laid down on his back. We began to slowly stroke his chest and legs and licking his nipples, ever so gently teasing his cock. Then we took turns sucking John’s cock and licking his balls, stopping at the head to kiss each other. After several minutes, Debbie climbed on top of his dick and began to fuck him. I alternated licking his balls and kissing Debbie while playing with her tits. I then said I wanted him inside me, so I laid down on my back, and he began screwing me. Debbie laid down on her back next to me and played with my tits, and stroked my chest. John then moved over to Debbie and entered her hot, wet pussy. I rubbed John’s back and ass as he fucked Debbie. Finally, Debbie said that she wanted to see John cum, so he entered me again, and just as he was cumming, he pulled his cock out and came on my tits. Debbie slowly rubbed the cum on my tits while we kissed again. The three of us collapsed on the bed and just held each other and kissed for what seemed like a long time. After a while, Debbie said that she had to get back to her room, so we got up, dressed, and walked her back. 

Although the scene was never repeated during the vacation, both John and I think it was the best sexual experience that we ever had, even with it being Debbie’s first bisexual exploration and her first time swinging.

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