Hot Spanish Night: Our First Time

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It was their 25th anniversary in Barcelona and this couple dove right into swapping with not one but two other couples!

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My wife and I planned a two-week vacation to Spain to celebrate our 25th anniversary, and we wanted to top off the celebration with a visit to a swingers’ club. We had visited a couple of lifestyle clubs but had yet to take the leap to play with anyone. On our last night in Barcelona, we decided to visit a well-known club, although we feared it would not be very exciting on a Tuesday night. We were partly correct, as there were only two other couples at the club, but as fate would have it, it would mark the beginning of our adventure!

The Swingers’ Club in Barcelona

After taking the manager up on his proposal to walk us through the club, I looked at my wife and recommended that we leave. She looked at me and said, “this was part of our fantasy, and we are going to stay and make the most of the night.” I paid the entrance fee, and we were informed the dress code was nude, lingerie, or a towel. We didn’t bring extra clothes, so after getting down to just a towel, we decided to wander through the dimly-lit mansion that serves as the club. 

We passed two couples that were playing with their own partners and tried not to look too long before moving to the adjacent room (we were still unsure of how to engage others). We hadn’t even taken a second sip of our complimentary drink before one of the couples approached and started chatting us up. They were much younger than us and clearly very comfortable in this environment. By the time we finished our first drink, the four of us had decided that taking a dip in the pool would feel great on that warm evening.

Something in the Water…

There must’ve been something in the water because without saying a word to one another, we began to kiss the other’s partner. It was a surreal experience to have sex with a total stranger, as well as watching and hearing my wife enjoy herself with this young Spaniard. After a bit of fun, we said our goodbyes to our new friends and decided to enjoy the pool and talk about what we had just experienced. 

By this time, it was almost 1 am, and the only people in the club besides us were the manager/bartender and the other couple we saw earlier that evening. We did not get a good look at them, as the only things visible were body parts writhing in a dark room. As they came out by the pool to grab a drink, my wife got out of the pool and passed by them and “accidentally” brushed against the woman and apologized (not a bad move for someone with little experience, but not too believable as she had to go well out of her way to bump into her). I was too far to hear their conversation, but after a while, I could see the woman was kissing my wife, and her husband began kissing my wife’s breasts. I was about 40 feet away, but when the man stood up from his chair, I could see my wife’s hand reach down as she began to play with him. I decided it was time to walk over and introduce myself (I didn’t want to appear standoffish/miss out) and was surprised to see what an attractive couple they were.

Our Second Couple of the Night

The man was young and muscular with short-cropped hair (I could tell my wife was excited at the notion of playing with him), and the woman was stunning, with red hair and green eyes. When she told me her name, I was instantly smitten by her Catalonian accent! There weren’t many words exchanged before we had split off with our new partners and began to taste and feel our way around one another’s bodies. 

When I think back on that night, it truly feels like a dream. It’s a secret we can only share with others who are “in the know,” and as crazy as that night would sound to our vanilla friends, I’m sure that you will understand!

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