LS Vacation WINNER: Just Like That, I Was Done With Limes…

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Here’s the winning story of SDC’s “My Lifestyle Vacation” erotica writing contest! This couple shares the juicy details about their swingtastic night of dancing, hot tub sex, and an outdoor orgy.

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Life has many routines, but there’s nothing quite like the routine of being surrounded by other couples who will soon be naked and having sex. Tonight, like we had on many other nights, Patrick and I found ourselves at the bar. As we threw back shots we both noticed a cute girl stride past. In our shorthand way, we code-named her Princess Leia. She was very pretty with a petite figure and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of. Her other half was a few paces behind her we had seen him earlier on the prowl and not having much luck. Our moniker for him was Smiling Dan. He appeared to already have had too much to drink. 

The disco was lively this night with attractive couples grinding on one another, their hands sliding in and out of nether regions. Plunging necklines, sexy midriffs, and short flirty skirts around us. As the dance beat pounded, more and more flesh became visible. The scene was hot with a heavy dose of erotic electricity in the air. Of course, my own sense of passion was heightened since I’d had my hand in Patrick’s crotch all night making him hard every chance I got.

A Collision of Legs, Hips, & Lips

On the dancefloor, another couple had caught our eyes. He was tall and Latin with a hint of abs and an obvious bulge in his shorts, we dubbed him Sexy Luis. His sultry minx of a partner had gorgeous dark eyes and a side tattoo that seemed to run the length of her body. It appeared to be some type of tentacle design. We’d met her earlier and learned her name was Carmela, so naturally, we privately referred to her as Caramel. Approaching the bar once again for shots of tequila and lime we rubbed elbows, so to speak, with Caramel and Sexy Luis. Legs and hips collided while a flow of hands wandered over skin and muscle. Cheers as the four shot glasses clinked together and I felt the warmth of tequila on the back of my throat followed by the balance of the bitter lime. My eyes locked with Caramel and I turned to Patrick and kissed him deeply — our lips and tongues slid together as we tasted each other. The tequila aftertaste making us both smack our lips as we pulled away. There was a sex playroom just a few steps from the bar and in no time, I found myself positioned on my knees and Patrick’s growing cock in my mouth. 

To my left, a mirror image of our activities played out as Caramel duplicated my actions. She occasionally took a breath and glanced over to me making a delightful kissy-face and puckering her deep red lips toward me. Our men moaned and sank backward into the couch. Our heads bobbed up and down taking every inch into our mouths, almost a challenge with each other as to who would take the pretend ‘deepthroat crown’ of the night. My eyes met with Caramel again as I saw that Sexy Luis was about to explode. I reached out my hand and we high-fived and silently congratulated ourselves on this successful seduction. Rather than letting our men cum, we stopped and then forced the men back to the bar for another tequila and lime. We could see that Caramel and Sexy Luis were on the hunt and we didn’t want to keep them from the big game scent.

Making it Happen in The Hot Tub

Our evening routine led us to the inevitable couple’s hot tub, where the chat soup of negotiations had begun even before we arrived. Another tequila and lime prepared us for small talk and the predictable negotiation opening statements. I spotted Smiling Dan and Princess Leia and we floated in their direction. I could tell that Patrick had an attraction to Leia. As we bobbed in the bubbly water near them, watching the tight, young couple, I made sure to keep him hard under the water. As before, Smiling Dan looked a little on the tipsy side… but that did not impede Princess Leia from scouting the surroundings for a potential hookup. As Caramel and Sexy Luis entered the hot tub we could see their instant chemistry with Princess Leia. We considered playing matchmakers, but it wasn’t necessary. Princess Leia made a beeline for the desirable couple and started her best negotiation technique as she dragged Smiling Dan through the water. 

Patrick pulled me onto his lap — we sat, intertwined, and watched the two couples figure out how to make something happen. I spread my legs and took Patrick’s cock inside me under the water as we stared at the couples talking the language of sex. Our rhythm increased which didn’t seem to disturb their delicate discussions as Leia had already begun kissing Sexy Luis — their tongues beginning to probe one another. The unknown seemed to be Smiling Dan’s role. We climbed out of the hot tub, wondering if the two couples could complete the circle and find a way of sparking the match.

Mutual Pleasures

We flopped down directly onto one of the outdoor beds next to the hot tub. I climbed on top of my man and guided his dick into my more-than-ready wet pussy. I let out a squeak and then a satisfied sigh as the cock filled me up — my fingers interlaced with his and we gave each other a loving stare. My hands moved to his chest as I supported myself and started to cowgirl his slick cock, his precum from the night’s teasing providing more than enough lubrication for us both. We found ourselves in the zone and our play turned from lovemaking into a full-on fuck — we noticed the foursome had taken up residence in the bed next to us. 

Princess Leia had completely taken charge and though she started on her back, she was commanding the action and pulling Luis into her at her own pace. Her face was that of sweet ecstasy as Sexy Luis tried to read her signals, admittedly a complex version of sign language that was leaving him a little confused. Smiling Dan did not seem to be the prize that Caramel deserved, but she was working to make the best of it and really seemed to be enjoying Luis’ pleasure struggle as they moved to other positions at Leia’s direction. 

As we watched and fucked, inching ever closer to a mutual orgasm, our voyeuristic appetite was quenched by the foursome and their delights of this initial encounter. Their fumblings and giggles were passionate and fun. A few final thrusts from behind and Luis came onto the perfectly shaped bubble butt of the Princess. The nearby orgasm caused our own pumping and thrusting to accelerate as moans became pants and kisses became lip biting. Our timing synched, arousal deepened and then Patrick’s cum was inside, filling me. With all the erotism around us, we were in a sexual trance and just kept fucking through to round two — the foursome eventually packed up and left to wherever foursomes retire. 

Time for one last nightcap — tequila! Hector, the bartender, saw us coming over. The shots were lined up on the bar and waiting for us, but this time he said, “Try them with a slice of orange, you’ll thank me.” And just like that, I was done with limes.

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