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They found a couple to play with while on vacation, and she finally experienced another woman’s touch.

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Vacation. A time for rest, relaxation, and fun. Most people dream of white beaches or mountain resorts, but we dreamed of lingerie and new playmates. Sona (my gorgeous, tall, dark, and handsome man) and I had been considering a trip of our own for some time, and the topic of finding a couple there came into play. After some searching on a popular personals ad site with a few conversations and pic swapping, we agreed to meet Camille and Anthony.

Camille and Anthony

The date, time, and place were set, bags were packed, and libidos throbbing with excitement. We arrived in PCB at a small, quiet hotel on the beach, changed for dinner, and headed out to meet our new friends. As we walked into the restaurant, we looked towards the back left of the place where they said they’d be. We didn’t even have to second-guess when we saw them: gorgeous blonde woman, dressed in a blue sundress with balayage hair, and a sexy brunette man in a T-shirt and board shorts, both late 30s. Of course, it didn’t matter what they wore. It was the beach, and if the night went well, we wouldn’t be dressed for long anyway. 

I couldn’t keep my eyes off them all night. Before that night, my dreams of a woman’s touch was only that, but I knew I wanted her to touch me as much as him. After dinner, we agreed to head to their hotel for the long-awaited fun. The anticipation was palpable.

Another Woman’s Touch

When we got to their room, we started with kissing and playing with our own partners. After a few minutes, I was surprised to feel Camille’s soft fingers caressing my breasts. I turned around, my backside grinding up against my man’s growing member. She stepped forward, kissing my neck with her fingers trailing down my abdomen to caress my clitoris. Her touch was unlike any man that had touched me before. I could feel my juices being rubbed along my labia and clit. Sona and Anthony switched places, and she leaned me back on the bed, kissing me on the way down. She knew I wasn’t yet experienced with a woman and seemed more than eager to teach me what I had been missing. 

Sona took her from behind as she placed her head between my thighs and her tongue touched me for the first time, sending shivers through my body. Anthony placed himself by my lips, and I instinctively parted my lips to take him in just as I got one good glance at the excitement on my partner’s face. It was in that moment that I truly understood what compersion is. I could hear Camille’s moans and feel the vibrations against my sweet spot. My own moans escaped with each lap of her tongue, muffled by his member in my mouth. Within minutes, her expert skills had me cumming with waves of pleasure ripping through my body. 

Once I caught my breath, I looked down at her with a huge smile on my face. The touch of a woman is unlike that of any man. Even though I just had one of the best orgasms ever, my body begged for Anthony to be in other places. I stood up and began to kiss and stroke him as he slightly pulled my hair and bit my neck softly, his guttural grunts showing me how much he couldn’t wait to take me. I pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him, unable to wait any longer. I needed him to slide inside me. And I was not disappointed in the slightest.

The Rhythm of Mutual Pleasure

To my right, I could hear Sona tell her to climb on top of him. I glanced over to see this sexy blonde bombshell riding him, her breasts bouncing heavily. I admit, there was a mix of jealousy and excitement all at once, but I knew that at the end of the night, he was mine, and I was his. She caught me looking, leaned slightly in my direction, and kissed me as we both rode each other’s partner. It took a few seconds for us to get the same rhythm, but soon we were in sync with the rise and fall of our bodies. Her kiss was so tender, and with Anthony magically growing harder as we kissed, I could only imagine what Sona’s reaction was to our lips locked in ecstasy. 

After riding Anthony for a little while, he sat up, sucked on my delicate, sensitive nipples, lifted my body off the bed, and laid me under him towards the foot of the bed. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he softly bit my collarbone/neck area, slowly sliding in and out, as if teasing me. But I loved it. He began increasing his speed and force. I could tell he was trying to resist cumming. He would tremble slightly and slow down, then resume speed and force after a few seconds. I lifted my lips to his ears and whispered, “I want you to cum hard, don’t stop pounding me.” And he did not disappoint. His strokes became harder and deeper, his balls slamming against me, my thighs tight around him. Soon I was moaning so loudly that I imagine the hotel room several floors below us could hear me, and I didn’t care one bit. With one last deep thrust, he began to shake from head to toe, his cock throbbing inside me. He rolled to my side and breathed deeply.

Sona and Camille were still going at it, so I whispered to Anthony to tell him I would jump in the shower quickly and be right back. As I toweled off, I could hear the three of them talking. I assumed they had finished and we would be exiting soon. I walked out into the hotel room with a towel drying off my hair in my hand and nothing else. Sona looked at me like he hadn’t looked at me in months. Full of pleasure, satisfied, happy, taking in every inch of my body as if to say, “she is mine.” He pulled me close with both hands on my waist and kissed me like it was the first time all over again. And just like when we first started dating, I felt weak in the knees and momentarily lost in him. Anthony and Camille laughed slightly, and I remembered where we were. As Sona went to rinse off, I began to get dressed, thanked them for such a great time, and asked them to keep in touch for future adventures. Once back to our hotel, we ended the night in the perfect way: with passionate sex and in the arms of my partner.

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