One Perfect Moment

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An impromptu trip to Desire Resort in Mexico brought these two couples together for an erotic experience they still talk about fourteen years later!

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In 2005, Bridget and I had been in the lifestyle for three years and were living in New Orleans. Katrina just happened, and our world had been turned upside down. We were both working hard to restore homes and our communities, but we knew that we needed to do some restoration on us as well. Enter Jay and Cee! They found our profile online, and it started with just an occasional chat here and there with them and progressed to a nearly daily conversation. It didn’t matter that they lived in the next state. 

Jay and Cee are an incredibly beautiful couple, both inside and out. She is an amazing woman and stunningly beautiful. Since this trip, we actually watched a guy run into a wall as he was staring at her. Yes, she is that beautiful. Jay is a good-looking guy himself, and back in 2005, he was especially good-looking, with a chiseled body and abs that Bridget wanted to rub her body all over. One night our conversation moved to vacations, and they told us that they were going to Desire in Mexico for July 4th. We had never heard of Desire before, and we both agreed that we needed a vacation, so we were in.

Desire with Jay and Cee

When we arrived at the resort, they had already been there for a couple of days. The greeting I received was like something out of “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” where the beautiful woman emerges from the pool and is dripping wet when she kisses you. Only this was real, and she looked better than Phoebe Cates, and she was completely naked! When we broke our kiss, I had to catch my breath to check on Bridget. Apparently, she was great because Jay managed to get Bridget naked and already jumping into the pool. I quickly stripped down myself and joined everyone. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon with their friends and got to know more about Jay and Cee. Things started slowing down by mid-afternoon, and we agreed to all have dinner together. After a great dinner conversing with Jay and Cee, they explained that there’s usually a show to start the evening, and then everyone will head up to the disco, and finally, the party moves to the hot tub. We joined Jay and Cee at the bar and watched the show along with their friends. After the show, we all made our way to the disco and danced, surrounded by all of these beautiful half-naked people. But the club was slowing down, so it was time to move to the hot tub.

To the Hot Tub!

Bridget and I quickly stripped down, hurried to the hot tub, and positioned ourselves just at the edge of the group of Jay and Cee’s friends. We didn’t want to intrude but also didn’t want to sit all alone. We did not see Jay and Cee, so we figured they must have gotten lucky at the disco. We were enjoying ourselves but not quite clicking with anyone yet. Suddenly, a woman walked up and whispered something into Bridget’s ear. Bridget smiled and reached out and grabbed my hand, guiding me to the other end of the hot tub to where Jay and Cee were waiting for us. They sent the woman over because they wanted to get us alone and away from their group. We sat down next to them, and the conversation started flowing again. 

Our drinks were low, so I made a run to the bar. I returned to find Bridget and Cee sitting on the edge of the hot tub kissing each other, while Jay was kissing on Bridget’s body and caressing her breasts. I quietly sat next to Cee so I could watch Bridget be devoured by them. Once they realized that I had returned, Cee quickly slid back down and straddled me. She leaned in and gave me an incredibly passionate kiss as I held on tightly. As soon as we broke our kiss, I immediately dove into her breasts as she leaned back and moaned. Her hips were grinding against me, and I could feel her pussy lips as they glided along my erection. We got a tap on the shoulder as Bridget and Jay were moving to the palapas. Palapas are beds on a wooden platform and posts with silk curtains around them. We had never seen anything like this before, and little did we know what was in store for us.

Pleasure on the Palapas

I laid on my back, and Cee seductively climbed on top of me. She took her long, beautiful hair and gently caressed it on my chest as she made her way up to kiss me. Her beautiful naked body was hovering just above me while her nipples were teasing me with an occasional touch. I could not take it, and I puller her in close to continue the interlocking kiss we enjoyed earlier. She responded by continuing her earlier grinding on my cock. Her grinding grew more and more intense and focused. She was trying to grind herself to orgasm. With every thrust of her hips forward, she grew slicker and, eventually, her motions caused me to slide right into her. She threw herself back and let out a primal moan of enjoyment. 

At this moment, I quickly had a chance to check on Bridget, so I glanced over to see them two beds over. She was on her back with her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. She had his magnificent mid-section right between her legs and right where she wanted him. They were in a deep kiss, and I could tell he would be entering her soon as well. And then this is where it happened. Never in my life have I had a more erotic moment than what would occur next…

The Perfect Erotic Moment

I had just seen my beautiful wife being made love to by someone that she thought was incredibly attractive, only to look back and find myself in the perfect erotic moment. I looked up at Cee and saw her beautiful body, and she was staring back at me with her beautiful eyes. There was just a slight breeze in the air that had the silk curtains blowing in the wind around us, and a perfectly clear night had the stars ablaze around her. The touch and feel of her body were perfect as I rubbed my hands up her body, and I could feel myself fit perfectly inside of her. The breeze was carrying in the smell and sound of the ocean, and the crashing waves blended in exquisite fashion with the soft erotic music that was playing nearby. As she leaned in to kiss me, the touch and the sweet taste of her lips were a scintillating combination. It was the perfect moment. 

Cee’s motions on me continued, and the rhythm of our hips became perfectly in-tune with each other. She was pushed over the edge, and the climax she had was spectacular. The release of energy between us seemed to go on and on until I joined her in orgasm. We laid there for several minutes, staring into each other’s eyes and soaked in everything.

It’s now been 14 years since this trip with Jay and Cee, and we’re still extremely close friends. But in all the years since that moment, that perfect moment — where all of my senses were perfectly and completely aroused — has not happened since and may never again. But it’s something I’ll never forget.

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