Poolside at Hedo

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An impromptu vacation landed this couple at Hedo II in Jamaica, and the wife experienced unforgettable euphoria right there at the nude pool!

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It was a Wednesday when we realized that we had an incredible opportunity to take advantage of a much-needed four-day respite. Neither Dolph, my husband, nor I knew what to do with this rare gift of time. The open dates on the calendar were like a magic box — we just needed to decide what to put inside. While brainstorming several options, Dolph had brought up Hedonism. It seemed a bit too much for me at the time; however, I was definitely uncomfortably intrigued by the unique pure, raw, carnal atmosphere that it seemed to offer. In less than 48 hours, we were on a flight headed for Jamaica.

Hedo’s Surreal Beauty

Shortly after arriving and making it to our room — on the resort’s prude side — we ventured out to the nude ‘fun’ side. While walking along the beach, I couldn’t help but notice two tall, beautiful nude girls, one ebony black and the other pale white, frolicking on a floating trampoline in the bay. It was late afternoon, and the moment was surreal. I’m not sure if it was the Jamaican aroma I enjoyed earlier, the anticipation of things to come, the rhythmic sound of the waves, or the playfulness of the girls on the water, but I was mesmerized. Dolph and I decided to relax on a nearby chaise lounge to watch them and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine over our now nude bodies. Honestly, I couldn’t recall the last time I had felt so incredibly relaxed and turned on at the same time. After watching these two beauties touch, kiss, and enjoy each other for a while, I wanted so badly to ride Dolph right there on the chaise, but Dolph insisted that we continue to see more of the resort and the pool.

Intense Connection at First Sight

Not only was everyone naked at the pool, but the sexual energy was flowing as you might imagine. Since we didn’t know anyone, we decided to put a towel down at the edge of the pool and observe some of the craziness happening around us and perhaps scope out some future friends. I was already really turned on from our show at the beach, and now I found myself fixated on a handsome, tall, fit guy across from us who was getting a blowjob from a slender blonde. After a while, he turned in my direction, and I couldn’t keep myself from staring at his incredibly sexy blue eyes. I remember thinking how powerful you can communicate an intense connection with just a glance. It was about that time that Dolph pulled out a blindfold, a condom, and a small bottle of oil from his clothing, which was in a neat pile lying nearby. “Now it’s time to really let yourself go and relax,” he whispered in my ear as he carefully placed the blindfold around my head.

From Massage to a Full Delight of the Senses

Initially, I was a bit irritated at this since I was really enjoying the show on the other side of the pool, but once he laid me down on the towel, I remember my imagination just running wild. With my feet dangling in the water and my nude body completely exposed to the rest of the pool, I felt Dolph’s oiled hands slowly rub the back of my neck and shoulders. It was close to sunset at this point, and I could hear all kinds of erotic things happening around me. After several minutes Dolph began to massage my arms and then my stomach. 

After several minutes of this, I remember feeling another pair of hands stroking my right thigh; they were gentle, feminine hands. I heard a female voice ask Dolph if this was OK, and I guess the sound coming from deep within me answered the question. Shortly thereafter, I felt another pair of more masculine hands start in on my left thigh both seemed to know exactly just how to touch me. I couldn’t help but think about the hot couple I was watching across the pool earlier and wondering if this was who was now massaging me. I remember thinking to myself, ‘I am naked, blindfolded, with hot strangers, and my husband massaging me next to the ocean’ — this thought took me to the brink of my first orgasm. With each caress, I must have been obviously enjoying myself as I could hear people gathering around me, watching me squirm in ecstasy. 

At this point, the female massaging me must have gotten up on the pool deck, presumably on all fours, as I felt her gently licking my nipples and occasionally touching our breasts together as her long hair tickled my stomach. She was an amazing kisser and tasted a bit of Red Stripe and tropical lip gloss. Her counterpart was now between my legs, massaging my inner thighs and slowly licking my clit. I could feel myself letting go more and more with each moment that passed. I was incredibly horny and Dolph knew it as he asked me, “How horny can you let your body get?” This triggered a tidal wave of pleasure through my entire body. It was as if there was an intense constant stream of energy flowing both into me from everyone touching, kissing, and stroking me that was traveling through my spine, and out of me through my pussy, all at the same time. The more turned on I got, the more conscious I was of this flow of energy expanding throughout my body. My passion was so intense it was pushing all of my thoughts and will aside.

Dolph again whispered into my ear, “How bad do you want to get fucked right now in front of all of these people? If you don’t slow down and just let this feeling completely take over your body, I’m going to let the guy you were staring at earlier who is massaging you push his big, thick cock deep inside of you.” At that moment, I began to lose control, knowing that I was about to receive my punishment.

Giving in to Pleasure

I felt a tidal wave of pleasure surge through my body as I was pulled into the pool and slid on top of a large erect cock. I was completely lost in euphoric convulsions as I felt as if I was being helplessly taken and fucked from deep inside — the physical and emotional connection was intense. After what seemed like several orgasms later, I recall my mouth being very dry so I ripped off the blindfold and grabbed Dolph’s cock from the mouth of the blonde hottie who was taking care of him while I was getting fucked. It really was the tall, handsome stud I saw earlier who continued to drive himself into me until I felt him explode deep inside. I felt as though my body was completely orgasmed out, empty and worn out, but I was unable to stop coming even after he was done. Finally, after coming up for air, we realized that we had captivated the entire pool. It was time to go back to our room and get ready for dinner. 

Just thinking about this vacation makes me horny all over again! That was my experience within the first two hours of my first trip to Hedo!

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