Swinging 101 Series, Part 2: Virtual Dating Dos and Don’ts

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Let Lexi guide you through virtual dating etiquette in Part 2 of her Swinging 101 webinar series.

Welcome back to my playground, Lexual folx!

It was an honor to have you join me for Part 1 of my Swinging 101 webinar series, Newbies Tips & Tricks!

Navigating the world of swinging can be intricate and intimidating for some, but not when you have me as your coach!

I can’t wait to have you join me for Part 2 of my Swinging 101 series when we’ll discuss what to do (and what NOT to do) when it comes to virtual dating for open-minded folx!

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Swinging 101 Series, Part 2: Virtual Dating Dos and Don'ts

What to Expect at This Webinar

Just as you would have etiquette in a physical brick-and-mortar club setting, you should also know the explicit and implicit rules when it comes to interacting with other individuals and couples in the virtual sphere (as so many of us are doing these days).

I’ll teach you the best practices of online fun such as consent, boundaries, and communication! And yes, of course I’ll be talking about UNSOLICITED DICK PICS (and other such hot-button topics) as we explore the world of online dating together.

Get Your Tickets for Swinging 101 HERE!

Your ticket will also include access to a full recording of my webinar which you can watch should you be unable to attend the live event — or if you just want a recap.

Stay in the loop for more details on this Swinging 101 Webinar Series and click the banner below to explore my upcoming Lexual events.


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