Allen’s Corner: The Masquerade Part 1

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Allen and Brandy begin the story about their time at an invite-only masquerade party.

We had the opportunity to attend a “by invite only” lifestyle party. Again, out of respect to the host of this party, we will not reveal the name of the host, the party, or the location. Brandy and I had been on one of the dating websites to look for something (someone) to do for the weekend. Most of the time, we look to see what pics people have posted. We look at who has checked us out and finally the rendezvouses. Then we look at notifications and messages. Well, we had a message about a party that was to be sexy and sensual.

Fancy Dress & Eye Masks

The guys had to dress like proper gentlemen, wearing slacks, a button-up shirt with a collar, and a tie or suit coat. The woman had to dress like ladies, meaning an elegant, attractive but yet sexy dress. The other part of the dress code was attendees wore an eye mask (like a Mardi Gras mask). Being this COVID-19 thing is going on, the number of people that could go was very limited. Brandy and I talked about it for a couple of days. See, we have not played with another couple or unicorn since New Year’s Eve. Before March, opportunity was not knocking and then the COVID thing started. Other than this party, we have only been to two other parties (one being the pool party I spoke about last month). Again, the opportunity was not there, so we decided to attend this party. We have never met up on a date with a rendezvous or attend a party like this. We paid to attend the party and could not wait. For about two days we talked about what outfits we wanted to wear, and Brandy wondered how she was going to do her hair. The Saturday came and all we had to do was wait for the night to come. We drove to the party, talking about what could happen and the things we hoped would happen. 

It was a beautiful home and very sexy. We walked through the door and greeting us was this beautiful lady in a black dress. Brandy and I looked at each other and smiled. She then handed us a black gift bag that has two different kind of condoms, a very nice black business card, and two Mardi Gras-type masks. We headed over to the bar to drop off our vodka bottle. There, two extremely sexy ladies (Brandy and I both thought one of them could be so much fun). After we talked with the bartenders and got our drinks, we went to look around the home. Every room we went into was incredible, and we could tell the host put a bunch of thought into how he wanted it. Most of the people attending the party spent their time in the formal living room as a main meeting area. There was a long white drape hanging from the center of the room (later in the story, I need to tell what it was for). 

After a few minutes, a sexy couple walked up to say hi and also to tell us they have seen us someplace before. We said we go to PlayhouseLV and Whispers a bunch. They said that’s probably it because they have been at both a few times. We continued to talk to this sexy couple, but after a bit, they saw friends of theirs and excused themselves with a “hope to see you again tonight.” Before you think it, Brandy and I were totally OK with that. They had not taken off in the middle of a conversation, and it was not because we were not interested in them.

Wow, look at that! It’s about time for me to end another month and continue the story later…

Allen's Corner for ASN Lifestyle Magazine

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Until next time… Life is short. Live it to the MAX.

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This article originally appeared in the August 2020 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

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