A New Hobby

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What started as a nude drawing class turned into explorations of a lifestyle she didn’t even know existed.

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A new hobby, finally! For about a year, I had been going to a drawing class at my local church that studied and drew mostly biblical objects. It was a little dull, but my love for drawing kept me going back. I always wanted to draw something risqué, like nudes, but I’m kind of shy and a little self-aware; heck, I could never be a model like that. My experiences are limited, to put it mildly. At 35 and married out of college, I’d only been with two men before my husband. Both were very quick schoolboy crushes that didn’t last. In a past conversation, I must have mentioned this desire to my husband because one night at dinner, he told me he signed me up for a three-class nude drawing thing at the local community college. Shock and delight filled me when I found out the first class was the following week.

Nude Drawing Class, Day One

Class started at seven o’clock; it was a feat to fight traffic coming across town from work, but I made it — barely. So, here I am, the first day of class and already running late. Crap, the only chair left is all the way in the back of the room. Great, how can I possibly see? ‘I hope the guy isn’t tiny,’ I thought and laughed to myself. Oh well, what can I do? So, I quietly sat and opened my supplies. The class is made up of about 20 people, mainly ladies ranging in age from their 20s to 40s, including myself, and three younger college guys that looked like they were in shock that the model was not female. I expected them to bolt at any moment. The teacher introduced herself as Becky and the model as Mr. Smith. He entered the room, took to the stool in front of her, and did a funny little bow. What a hunk! 30s, abs, tight butt, and nice large, thick package like I’d never seen. One lady to my left gasped and jokingly started fanning herself. My seat may be in the back of the class, but it will be a hard couple of hours of staring and drawing this model. 

Break time was half an hour into the 90-minute class and for 30 minutes. Most of us went outside to grab some fresh air, drinks, and gossip about Mr. Smith while sitting outside on the park benches off to the side of the building. When I saw this chick from class in tight black skinny pants, a tight T-shirt, and super fuck-me heels walking with the model, I didn’t think anything about it. A few minutes later, I walked out toward my car to go get some change for a bottle of water for later. This class was making me hot. The car lot is around the back and fairly large for the small building it’s for. Cars were spread out for the most part, but I saw movement in the car right next to mine. Mr. Smith was in the passenger seat. His head was back, and her head was in his lap. How I wanted to watch! Well, I did for like two hot minutes. I yearned to touch that man, to be that woman. I hurried back, so they didn’t see me. 

When break was over and we all went back to class, I was happy to have the seat in the back of the room. I was sitting there drawing this guy, and my mind kept racing back to the scene I had just witnessed when I felt one hand on my shoulder, and then one came around the back of my ribs just under my breast. I heard the whispers of the teacher, “Good show, right? I watched you watching them from my office window, and I noticed you staring off more than drawing. He’s yummy nice, right?” I replied, back shocked, “You saw me, and you’ve, umm, been watching me?” I was awe-struck as she quickly cupped my breast as she walked away and said nothing more. Hidden behind my canvas easel and the fact I was at the rear of the room, no one noticed. I shifted in my seat. Class ended with my nipples poking through my shirt and my panties damp. Walking out with my supplies pressed up against my shirt, I noticed her watching me leave. Ooh, tonight I have so much to think about.

Class Two

For the second class, I dressed much better but felt silly once I got there. What did I think was going to happen? Bisexuality has always been a no-go for me in the past. Besides, I am married. Yet, my mind kept me rolling it over in my head. I sat back in the same seat wearing a pleated skirt and a cashmere sweater. The group practiced sketching while Mr. Smith stood and flexed, but I was watching her helping others and talking about different techniques. Soon she got to me, and we shared some small talk. She commented on how nice I looked today, how much better I was doing today, and that I must be more comfortable with the model being nude. I told her I just needed to compose myself and smiled. She asked if I could hang back at break to meet in her office. I so thought I was getting talked to. It turned out very differently, and yet it didn’t help my drawing any. 

She was standing by the window as I entered the open office door. Quickly waving me over to the window, she pointed toward the parking lot. It was the model again, yet with a different girl and getting into a different car. Having a much better view this time, she leaned into me and put her hands on my waist, asking how I liked the class. Her small talk was probably to keep my mind off the fact her hands were on my waist. I turned to answer, and she pecked me on the cheek next to my lips. She raised her right hand, ran her fingers through my hair, and whispered that break was over. 

Once back in my corner, I was wondering how I felt. I had thought it was hot, but I was confused. I loved watching the model in the car while she caressed my midsection. Being brought up in a church-going family, I’d never been touched that way by a woman. It was erotic. So soft and gentle; I loved it. 

When class ended, my nerves got the best of me. I bee-lined it out the door without making eye contact and went straight home to take a cold shower and clear my head of this nonsense, but I was unable to not think about her. The entire following week, my thoughts jumped from her to him and back again.

The Final Class

For my final class, I brought her an orange as a peace offering and placed it on her desk. I walked over and took what was now the best seat in the house, keeping eye contact as I went. She was sexy and had a hippie artist glow about her with a killer figure. I so enjoyed watching Mr. Smith, too. She posed him and pointed out points about his nude muscular body and how to draw it. I watched her lips and body from across the room but didn’t hear a word she said. All that was on my mind was that I wanted to be teacher’s pet. 

Again for break, I stayed in with her, and we watched the model get in a different car with a different girl as Becky touched me. I felt passion building in me and kissed her this time. I felt no shame — just two people, connected as one. As short as it was, the kiss felt as if it lasted forever. She turned me to watch the parking lot antics. “Nothing like live porn to get you going,” she said. I nodded and thought, ‘I know I would be in my car with him if I had a chance, but he would never look my way.’ It was shocking enough that this sex-bomb teacher was all over me.

Teacher’s Pet

After class, I chose to not be a chicken and asked if she liked coffee and if she’d like to go for coffee on Saturday. Becky said that was a great idea. The next day, we met for coffee and went shopping for new flowers for her house. She asked me back to help arrange them at her house. We sat and talked and giggled. We had a great time. We got close and watched a girly movie with a few hot adult scenes. My nipples got hard, and Becky took notice. Maybe that’s why she chose that movie. 

Becky began kissing me and in no time was on my lap, one leg on each side of me. One button at a time, she exposed me. I felt like a virgin doing very bad things for the first time. Giddy with excitement, I tried to do the same for her while not sure what to do but wanting to return the feelings of desire to explore her body. She unclipped my front-clasping bra and cupped my breasts as she released them into her hands. I felt wonderful, wanted, and desired. I wanted more. 

We kissed passionately and deeply. I pulled her shirt over her head, not wanting to unbutton any more buttons. She kissed my neck and down to my nipples, running the backs of her fingers up my stomach. The goosebumps came two-fold. Who would have thought I loved the sucking of my small but ample 34B breasts by another woman? When I exposed her full C cups, I felt compelled to lose myself in kissing them as well. I embellished the tan lines and her perfectly round pink nipples. This had to be a day for one of those greatest memories. I buried my face in her breast, and my mind was in heaven. Her phone rang, and I saddened a bit as she paused our hot and heavy action to reach for it. I felt that whatever or whoever could wait. They didn’t matter as much as what was just happening at this very moment. As I was having this unnecessary twinge of jealousy, she set the phone down and kissed me deeply and passionately grabbed my hands, leading me to a closed door on the other side of the house. 

A private sunroom was hidden behind the door. Lined with both large potted and hanging plants and flowers, skylights flooded the room with an amber glow. It was simply beautiful. I followed her shirtless into the middle of this garden room. She took a plant down from a tangle of ropes with ease, placed it on a work table against one wall, and spun me around to face her. Then her hands went from gripping my waist to running up my sides, teasing around my breasts and guiding my arms up above my head as she wrapped the ropes around my wrists and hands, telling me not to let go. I was so at ease with her. It was partly the soft touch she possessed that I had never felt with the few men in my past, and partly that a woman is doing this exploration that was beyond exciting. 

My mind raced as I stood, exposed topless, and was asked to not move. Becky sauntered around me, her breasts swaying as she moved. She asked me how I felt, and I said, “Sexy, brave, excited.” I then instantly felt flush and embarrassed. Did I just say that out loud? She said, “Good. I have a surprise for us, but you stay here. Don’t let go.” She raised my skirt, rubbing up my thighs. Thank goodness I fully shaved today. Becky slid around behind me, took my bum in her hands and squeezed, and said, “Relax.” Something slid over my eyes, and she kissed me and said, “I’ll be back in a sec. You stay here.” Then she oddly placed earphones on me.

Exposed in the Sunroom

I waited what was probably five minutes but, being exposed in this sun-lit room with a blindfold on, it felt like forever. Half-nude, my mind started to wonder. What was Becky doing? Was she watching me again, or did she just run off to the bathroom? I smiled. I don’t know why that made me giggle, but I did. With the earphones she placed on me, I couldn’t hear anything or see anything through the blindfold. My body desired those hands and lips of hers to touch me fully. Finally, something touched me, but it was not her hands. It was like a scarf, soft and silky-feeling. Nervous for what might come next, my heart sped up. I loved this. I loved not knowing what she was doing or going to do. 

Only a few minutes passed when I felt a hand touch my bottom over my skirt — but not the hand I was expecting. Different, stronger, larger men’s hands were on me, but I didn’t panic; I trusted Becky. “Who’s there?” I felt like I was talking in whispers, as I couldn’t hear myself with Prince singing sexy songs softly in my ears. The strong hands were under my skirt and on my ass. I heard no reply. I asked again, a little more breathy this time. This was unreal. The different hands moved to my breasts and rolled my hard nipples over in their fingers. 

I felt her lips press against mine. SO, she was there after all. She removed the earphones, and I heard, “Do you like this?” “Who is touching my body?” I replied. She replied back, “Our surprise. Do you like it?” I replied, “Yes, but I have I’ve never done anything like this. I’m not sure what to do.” She replied, “I like to watch, and I think you do, too.” 

I let my mind wander as they touched me. It felt great, four hands all over my body, all becoming one. I felt my skirt and panties being removed together as one as someone pulled them down over my ass. I believe it was her that knelt in front of me and tongued my clit first, but I cannot say for sure, as those larger hands came around to my lower front side quickly. I could smell cologne over her perfume now. I opened my knees to allow whomever to lick my opening. 

Taking turns with their faces and tongues in me, I squirmed and was really enjoying this. Knowingly, I could have let go of the ropes at any time and never had to wait those five long minutes, but I wanted to. I wanted to be there. I wanted this. I rolled my head back as they kissed my nipples and neck and placed pecks on my lips. Becky’s breasts touched mine as we kissed. Fingers found my wetness from their tongues while deeply rubbing me, making me want more. 

She removed the earphones again, asking how I was doing and if I wanted to see. I said I was great and not as worried about seeing, but I would love to hear. She left the earphones removed, and they took my hands down and led me through the house. All I could hear were a few doors opening and closing, and I found myself standing once again in the middle of a room. From here, she told me to hold my hands in front of me. Becky explained what she was doing as she put on wrist cuffs and clipped them and, in part, me, to one of the poster bed’s beams. She removed the mask and said, “I want you to see this.”

Daydreams Coming True

As I looked around and for the first time saw the other person that was being intimate with me, I was shocked and pleased to see the model from class. I watched as she stood in front of me and kissed him, and asked if I liked what I was seeing. I whispered, “Yes.” She slid her hands into the waistband of his shorts and rubbed his cock, and disrobed him while I watched. I, of course, had seen this man naked before but not presented to me like this. I’d dreamt of this a few times. 

She was in front of me and stroked him as she guided him closer to me. Becky knelt down in front of us and played with me again. I gasped and watched as she licked his shaft and swallowed his head while fingering me. She licked me and sucked him, and then would stop to kiss us. Telling me she wants to watch us fuck, I got excited. Am I really going get to fuck this gorgeous model? Hearing her didn’t compute that the desires of my daydreams were about to come true. 

Becky unclipped the cuffs from the bedpost and attached a leash. She was awesome. I never knew this could be so exciting. I’d seen this stuff before on TV and thought, ‘never me.’ I was wrong. Leash between his legs, she whipped him and commanded me to lick David’s balls and suck him. I gladly stuck my tongue out and licked and started sucking his thick cock. I hadn’t slept with many men, but this was one of the nicest cocks I’d seen. She whipped him again, and he sprang forward. His cock went deep in my throat, and I gagged. ‘I can do this,’ I thought to myself, and I relaxed. I eased it in a little at a time as she watched and talked dirty, asking if I was getting what I wanted. “Honey, do you want more? Do you want him to bend you over yet?” This is all I wanted and answered, “Yes,” now not in a whisper. 

She forced him to sit and brought me with her as she sat on his lap with his massive cock sticking up between her legs. Playing with his erect head, she said, “Lick,” and pointed. “Suck it well, and don’t forget about me, little girl.” David was fingers-deep in Becky’s pussy while I serviced another woman for the first time. I moved his cock and fingers aside and tried to do what she had done for me. As I tasted her, all I could think was, ‘delicious.’ With two fingers, she parted her lips and exposed her clit, which I sucked with passion. She rose up off of him and placed his thick, swollen head at her entrance. I watched as her lips parted as this huge cock slid in and disappeared. She sat still and had me lick them together and suck her breasts. This was over the top. I couldn’t believe I was really having the chance to do this. 

We kissed as she rode his cock. Becky got up and pulled me to the bed. Having me lay on my back and spreading my arms and legs out like a starfish, she said, “Good girls get what they want by doing as they are told. So don’t move.” David climbed onto the bed and placed the head of his weapon at my swollen lips as Becky licked them. While fingering me, she guided him into me slowly. It took a minute or two to get past his enormous mushroom head. My husband is average and nowhere near David’s size. With her facing him straddling my chest, her with a hand on each of my legs exposing me wide for him, she said, “Fuck her now.” With that, he was fully inside me. 

He was attacking my pussy again and again in the most wonderful way. I felt filled and satisfied with every thrust. In moments, he withdrew and eased it back as though it belonged there. My womanhood wanted nothing else but to be penetrated by this man. Becky watched me cum all over him as she fingered herself above my mouth. My hungry tongue waited for every taste of her while he slammed me mercilessly. I came again and again, my hot juices flowing out of me and soaking the mattress. Becky said it was his turn and that we needed to make him cum all over me. I had no objection. I was a quivering, wet mess. It was amazing to me that he had lasted the hour or so he had at the pace he was pleasing me.

“Open Up, Sweetie”

She pulled him out of me and sprawled out next to me. They fucked for another half hour in a way that made what he did to me seem weak. I was memorized. Their rhythm and sex were flawless. I came again without realizing I was playing with myself while watching this couple have masterful, earth-shaking sex right next to me. Before he was finally ready to cum, he jumped off and knelt next to my face. She looked into my eyes and said, “Open up, sweetie.” He pushed his cock into my mouth as I was going to say, “I don’t do that,” and exploded down my throat. I gagged a bit as he emptied and pulled himself out, dripping what was the largest load I’ve encountered to this day down my chin and chest. The taste was sweet, and I didn’t hate it as I thought I would. Becky lunged for his leftovers with a swiftness, cleaning every inch of him off my body. David’s penis hung, spent and somehow still hard, inches from my face, and all I could think was, ‘I could get used to this.’

We all collapsed in a pile for a few brief moments before Becky jumped up and said, “Thanks, hun. Go get us some drinks. That was fun.” With that, he turned to me and introduced himself as David while he put his clothes back on. Until then, I hadn’t even known this guy’s name. ‘What was I doing?’ I thought. After he had left the room, she explained that they were actually married, but nobody in the class knows because she teaches under her maiden name. Coming back with fresh juice and champagne, we stayed in their bed for a bit longer and talked about a lifestyle I was not aware of before leaving out for coffee this afternoon. By then, about five hours had passed, and my eyes were opened to a whole lot more. Now, to tell my husband about the drawing class he signed me up for and my new favorite hobby…

A New Hobby

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