He Got Cucked with Her Favorite Couple

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His wife wanted to play with some lifestyle friends, and the couple joined in their cuckolding dynamic — all the way to the explosive ending.

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We did not know what to do on a Sunday afternoon. The weather was great. Wife (Jenna) decided to call her favorite couple. She had already had two glasses of wine, so I knew the conversation would be sexy. The husband picked up. “Hey, Shawn here; what’s up?” Jenna said, “I feel like playing today; can we come and hang out?” … “Sure” … “But I have an unusual request. Husband has been misbehaving recently, so I want you to help me to punish him. I wanna cuck him.” … “Sure, whatever you want, baby.”

Play Time with Shawn & Becca

We got there at 2 pm. As I gathered our stuff, Jenna said, “Bring the naughty bag. Or rather, give it to me. I want you to walk in there with your collar on.” I put it on myself. I knew she meant business. I gave her the leash. She pulled me along and rang the doorbell. “Hey Shawn, hey Becca, today Jon is going to be my little cuck, like I said on the phone. He agreed to do whatever we want. Not that he has a choice anyway.” … “That sounds like fun,” said Shawn. “Yeah, I am not sure what we should get him to do. Maybe he can start by getting us a drink in the hot tub. Little piece of shit, fucking nothing, small-dick husband.” I was like, “Baby, I will get drinks for you.” Jenna went, “Don’t call me baby today. Today you are nothing but a slave and a hole waiting to get fucked, so shut the fuck up and don’t speak unless spoken to. Piece of shit.” I could not believe it, but I went into the kitchen and fixed three drinks for them. 

I brought all three drinks to the hot tub. The three of them were flirting already. “Thanks for the drinks, cuck,” said Becca. I said nothing, as I was afraid to get hit by Jenna. She turned to me and said, “Give me a kiss, baby.” I leaned over and WHACK — she slapped my face really hard. “Stupid cuck, did you really think I was going to kiss you? Fucking idiot.” She slapped me again. “Go prepare the bed; we are about to go fuck. Light some candles. I want it to be romantic.” … “Yes, mistress.”

I was just done opening the bed as they all walked into the bedroom. I handed her the leash. “Good, I want to pull on it when they pleasure me.” … She was kneeling on the bed between them, kissing them in turns. Hands were flying everywhere. I was kneeling on the floor, waiting for an order. Jenna spent a lot of time on Becca’s pussy. She just loved her sweet taste. Then Shawn moved behind Jenna and started fucking her doggy style. Becca was coming again and again. Then Jenna came. And again. “Shaw, I love your big cock. You fuck me so much better than my husband. You are so big.” Then Jenna laid on her back, and Shawn fucked her hard. Becca was on her face. Jenna was pulling on my leash so hard that I was strangled. Then Shawn came like three powerful bursts of semen into Jenna. “Cuck, open your mouth.” Jenna stood up over me and rubbed her vagina on my face. “Swallow his juice, cuck. You are nothing but a cum dump. Make me cum again … aaaahhh!” Then Shawn went, “He needs to clean me up, too. Suck my dick, cuck.” … “Haha, what a piece of nothing. Becca, do you have a dildo handy?” asked Jenna. “I do. Let me fuck him.” 

I had to bend over on the bed and get fucked by Becca. I had no idea she could enjoy pegging me. Jenna was sitting on Shawn’s dick and cumming again and again and said, “OMG, I just love to watch you peg him. He is so nothing.” That made me cum without even touching my cock. Becca came by rubbing her clit on me. Even Shawn came again because he was so excited. I cleaned up for everyone and brought some more drinks.

Jeanna made me sleep on the floor that night while she was in bed with them. She whipped me in the morning to show me who was the boss. I am still sore. I love my mistress. She hurts me so well.

He Got Cucked with Her Favorite Couple

This story was submitted by one of our members to the Sexiest Cuckold Adventure Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced the winner of this contest on January 15th, 2021. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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