Husband’s Cuckolding Surprise

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She surprised her partner with an impromptu play date with one of her friends, and it escalated from a sexy three-way to a cuckolding roleplay exchange!

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So, I was thinking of how I could please my alpha partner with another woman. I know he really loves to also be the center of attention of two pussies. I invited my friend over about 15 minutes prior to when my partner was scheduled to arrive home from work. When my friend came over, I could tell she had already showered and, I didn’t waste any time getting started so that my partner would find us playing and become so turned on.

I started right when she walked in the door. I pushed her against the wall and started kissing her while my hands went to the base of her shirt and began moving it up her chest. Then I moved away from her mouth long enough to remove her shirt. I then threw it to the floor right next to the front door and moved my way down her neck to her hard nipples. I took one in my mouth and started running my tongue all around her nipple. She let a moan escape from her mouth. Just then, I heard the garage door open, and in walked my partner.

He’s Home!

Wow, he was early! But that is OK. He walked in and found me sucking on titties while her head was thrown back with her face up towards the ceiling. She was enjoying me taking her nipples in my mouth and running my fingers over them. She didn’t notice that he came in since she was wrapped up in what I was doing to her. I did not stop, either. 

My partner went to shower really quickly. While he did that, I continued to move my way down her body. I reached her pussy and allowed my tongue to move between her slit. She tasted so good. I moved her legs apart so I could get better access to her pussy. I went to town. I wanted to taste as much of her as I could while my partner showered. Once I heard the shower turn off, I rose and moved us to the bedroom.

I laid across the bed on my back with my legs spread wide open to give my friend open access to my sweet pussy. She bent over with her ass in the air and started sucking on my nipples, causing my back to arch and give her more access to my body. I heard the bathroom door open, and my partner comes out to see her ass in the air and her sucking on my nipples. His dick got hard instantly, and a big smile ran across his face. He looked at me, and I nodded to him that it’s OK for him to join in. He moved behind her waiting ass and ran his finger through her wet pussy slit. She moaned from the pleasure of his finger as he inserted it slowly and then started moving it in and out. At the same time, I moaned from her sounds. She then slowly worked her way down my stomach and started eating my pussy.

Tasting Each Other

Right then, my partner came around and put his cock in my mouth so he could watch my friend eat my pussy while he also got pleasure. He moved in and out of my mouth, taking it all the way to the base and causing me to gag on his cock. He moaned when that happened. “That’s right, eat her pussy. That looks so good,” he said as he encouraged her to lick it more and more until I orgasmed all over her tongue. Then he moved and had her lay on her back so he could taste her sweet pussy. He told me to sit on her face with me facing him because he wanted to see my face while he looked up from eating her pussy. So, I did as I was told

I started fucking her face while she moaned into my pussy from the pleasure she was receiving from my partner. His tongue was moving across her pussy while he slowly entered his finger into her tight pussy. I heard him moan from the pleasure of how tight her pussy was around his one finger. He knew that when he slipped his cock into that pussy, it was going to swallow him so tightly. As he had her orgasm all over his tongue, at the same time, I orgasmed on her tongue.

He moved us so that he was lying on the bed now. It was his turn for pleasure from two mouths. So, my friend and I started at his neck. We both knew he loved having his neck bitten, and we watched as it caused his cock to throb and move up and down. Then we worked our way down his neck to each take one of his nipples in our mouths and started moving our tongues all around them. Meanwhile, our hands were roaming all over his body, just not touching his cock. We were enjoying teasing him with anticipation of when we would please his cock with our mouths. He was moaning with pleasure. Then we both started moving our way down his stomach.

She allowed her tongue to tease the head of his cock, while I slowly moved to his balls. Just as I was about to lick them, she took his cock all the way down her throat. She moaned from the little cum that had come out of the head of his cock. I started sucking his balls, taking both in my mouth while running my hands over his thighs. I moved between his legs and noticed she moved her pussy onto his face so he could taste her some more. She then bent down to take his cock back into her mouth while we all tasted each other.

I moaned on his balls from the pleasure I knew he was receiving and giving. I get so turned on from his satisfaction. I then licked my way up one side of his cock while she licked up the other side. We kissed at the head of his cock so that our tongues could swirl around it, making him harder and harder while keeping kissing each other. Then we both moved down his cock to his base, making him moan all over her pussy. She was face-fucking him when I heard her cum all over his tongue. She moved off of his face and joined me on his cock. We were taking turns putting his hard cock into our mouths and stroking it when his leg started to twitch — we knew he was enjoying our mouths. My friend whispered into my ear, “can I fuck your husband?” I said, “oh yes.” I moved away to a nearby chair that I had brought in so I could watch them enjoy each other while also giving space to change positions multiple times. He looked at me and I said, “just enjoy yourself.” He smiled as he realized that she was going to ride his hard cock.

Hitting All the Right Spots

She moved over him and placed his cock right in her slit, and just moved her hips, which was turning him on more and more. He moaned from the pleasure she was creating and the anticipation of her pussy sliding over his cock. Just then, she moved his cock right to her opening and slowly moved down his shaft. I watched as the delight spread across his face from her tight pussy sliding slowly down him. He moaned loudly. She started moving up and down his cock, taking all of him with each stroke. He began rocking his hips, causing her to moan with each thrust. He knows how to fuck and hit all the right spots, which made her orgasm within seconds of him rocking his hips in unison with her. Wow, she soaked the bed! He then rolled her over onto her stomach and slid his cock right into her pussy. Then he looked at me and said, “come over here and sit on her face.” I did as I was told.

So Tight, So Wet

My pussy was dripping and when I sat on her face. She dove right in with her tongue and started licking up all my cum and then ran her tongue all over my clit. I leaned forward and started kissing my partner, which turned me on so much — me kissing him, him fucking her tight pussy, while she ate my pussy. I orgasmed right then all over her face. She was sure to suck up all my cum, not wasting a drop. I then moved off her and started sucking on her nipples. My partner fucked harder, “damn, this pussy is good,” he said. “So tight, so wet… milk my cum, baby.” She moaned from his dirty talk. I looked at her clit and it was quivering; I could tell she was about to cum all over his hard cock. Then, just as I thought she came so loud, I heard him say to her, “that’s it, cum on me, come on baby, cum for me.” Once her orgasm subsided, he turned her over into doggy style and slowly slid his cock back into her pussy. “Damn girl, you’re so tight,” he told her again.

Time to Watch the Show

I moved back to my chair to watch the show. I moved my fingers over my clit and started rubbing myself as I enjoyed watching how much pleasure he was giving and receiving from her. I was so wet and turned on. I love giving him someone to have more pleasure with. I watched as he fucked her doggy, sliding in and out of her tight pussy. He leaned forward so he could also rub on her titties. Then he moved to lay on his back. He must have needed a break, but my friend wasn’t giving him one.

She moaned around his cock as she took him back into her mouth. He started moving his hips so he could face-fuck her mouth. She took him from tip to base while sliding her hand up and down in rhythm with her mouth. She had her ass right over his hand, and that’s when I noticed that he moved his hand to her pussy and was sliding in and out one of his fingers, causing her to moan around his cock. He then slid in a second finger, and she started cumming all over his hands. He moved her back onto the bed and slid up into her pussy again. They both moaned at the same time. He leaned down and started kissing her while his hips slowly moved in and out. He could feel every inch of her tight pussy wrapping around his cock and milking it.

Waste Not a Drop

He then turned her on her side so that he could open up her pussy even further, allowing him to push every inch all up in her tightness. Once she was on her side, and he moved all the way in, she moaned so loudly that it almost made me cum right then. I had to stop rubbing my clit. I watched as he moved in and out of her at a pace that amplified the sensations of every inch moving inside of her with each stroke. He threw his head back from pleasure as he moaned. He knew he was close to cumming, so he laid back on the bed, and she and I both started sucking his cock at the same time. He came right in our mouths as he let out the sounds of deep release. We did not waste a drop because what we did not swallow, we licked up. We all fell on the bed in a puddle of pleasure.

Husband's Cuckolding Surprise

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