It’s Her Turn to Be the Exhibitionist

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A role-reversal gives him a chance to play voyeur for a change, and he watches his wife flirt their way through a night on the town.

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It’s all true! Hi, just sharing a sexy night out with my hotwife! She is a super strong and in-shape Pacific Island MILF. She’s a little over 5′ tall, long black hair, super lean, and perfect little 32B boobs with large and dark nipples and a great bubble butt.

Over the past few years of our marriage, she has been a voyeur and likes watching me with other women. I’ve been fantasizing about changing up our routine and watching her. We talked about it, and she was nervous but up for it. We also have a Dom/sub relationship, and on this evening, she would be in her alter ego, “Kat,” and do as she was told by her “sir.” After a week or so of chatting about it, we finally decided to go out and have her tease a little and see how it felt for us both. Our goal was to pretend she was by herself and let guys pick her up in a club.

Super Bowl, Super Hot Wife

It was over Super Bowl weekend (before all the lockdowns) that we decided to head downtown, as the streets were one huge party. We live in South Florida, about thirty minutes away from where the Super Bowl was played. She dressed in tight, faded, and ripped-up jeans and an almost see-through cotton peasant blouse with a sheer bra underneath. It was easy to see her dark nipples and big areolas under the bra. She looked hot as hell. Just seeing her in public in that sheer blouse and bra was a huge turn-on for me.

At the first club we went to, she waited at the bar for her drink, and two middle-aged guys from Kansas City came over and started talking to her for a while. I was only two bar stools away and watched them trying to make eye contact but constantly staring down at her nipples. Most of it was casual chat, but they did buy her a shot. It was so hot being so close and watching her flirt and watching them nervously flirting with her. They said they were leaving to go to another club, and all said goodbyes.

Our first round of flirting was tame but a success! She was nervous and turned on. By this point, we had both had several drinks and wanted to turn it up a notch. I encouraged her to head to the bathroom and lose the bra. She was really nervous, as her shirt was completely see-through. She came out, and her long hair was covering her now-exposed perky tits and long nipples. She stood next to me at the bar, and I moved her hair back over her shoulders and, for the first time, saw her perfect little breasts, long nipples, and dark areolas in public.

Her Dark Nipples, On Display for All to See

It was time for another shot while I now attempted to keep eye contact with my own wife as she looked so amazingly sexy. She also needed another jolt of courage. We decided to head down the block to another club. Walking down the street jammed with people and her so openly exposed was amazing. Well, maybe not openly exposed, but more of a surprise. If you didn’t look closely, she looked like just another hot girl walking down the street; however, if you did look, you saw a super hot MILF, exposed in a large crowd of people. Of course, it was mostly drunk Super Bowl attendees and fans from out of town, and everyone seemed in a wild mood. I watched some women give her dirty looks, but most did double-takes, and you could tell they appreciated the view. I watched several guys bump into other people as they no longer paid attention to where they were walking!

Flirting Heavy with a Stranger, 25 Years Younger!

We went into the next club, and she headed off to the bathroom, and I went to the bar to get us drinks. She came back, took a shot, and said a boy 25 years younger than her was flirting with her while she waited to get in the bathroom, and she thought he would follow her back to the bar. I told her to go for it and immediately moved a couple of steps away. Shortly after he came around the corner, she waved, and he came over.

Once again, it was such a turn-on to watch him constantly staring at her tits and flirting. They made small talk for a while, and she avoided answering the question of why she was there on her own. He was being very respectful and mostly just talking to her. I watched her slowly start to take the initiative and touch his arm while they talked. She is an amazing dancer, and one of her favorite songs came on, and she started moving slowly to the music. It looked as if she was putting on a show for him as he leaned on the bar and watched. It did get the attention of a few people nearby who were now checking her out as well. She had her own mini fan club!

At this point, she was slowly turning around while moving her hips. She had her arms raised over her head, and her sexy shirt was riding up and showing her sexy flat belly and the low rise of her jeans in front with just a hint of panty sticking out. The polite boy knew it was time to quit being so polite. While her back was to him and she was swaying, he came up close behind her and moved slowly with her without touching… still so polite! She backed into him and started grinding her ass on his crotch. He finally got the message and gently put his hands on her hips just under her shirt to touch her skin, and she leaned her head back onto his shoulder. He started gliding his hands up and down her sides, coming near the edge of her breasts but still taking it slowly. They danced like this for a few minutes, and every now and then, his hands and fingers would move around to the front, just at the edge of the top of her jeans where her panties peeked out. She pushed back harder now, and she would later tell me she could feel his hardness pressing on her ass. He leaned down and started nuzzling and kissing her neck while still behind her. Holy shit! This was our first time,  and it was so fun to watch!

She turned to face him, went in close, and made full-body contact. With her head buried in his chest, they still moved together. He continued to run his hands all over her skin underneath her shirt all the way up her back. She leaned back a little and looked up at him, and he bent down and kissed her, starting slowly and then deep and hard. I saw his left hand come out from under the back of her shirt and slowly move up over her clothes, and he squeezed her right breast. She kissed him more deeply. She then surprised me and put her hand on his. I thought she was going to stop him, but instead, she led his hand under her shirt, and he then starting teasing and squeezing her nipple directly. I watched her left hand go between them, and I could tell for sure that she was rubbing his cock over his jeans. The small but very focused fan club was really paying attention now. They both felt it and broke the kiss and stepped back for a breather, as it was pretty intense.

Fun New Bar Friends

My wife and I made an agreement that it wasn’t fair to string men along too far before telling them what was happening. It was especially important now because he was just asking her to leave and fuck! I watched them from several feet away as they talked; his eyes got big as they spoke, and then she pointed at me. He laughed and immediately came over and shook my hand and said how fun we were! We chatted for a few minutes, and I finally told him to leave me alone and go flirt with my wife. Before he left, he introduced me to his friend, who was a girl but just a pal. He asked me to explain to her what was going on. I did and prepared to be judged, but she loved it. She and I sat and watched for a while, and then it was last call. Both of them wanted us to go to a bar with them… more on that later!

It's Her Turn to Be the Exhibitionist

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