Left Her Alone for Only 15 Minutes…

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She has a thing for young, fit men with huge cocks, and she got her fill — and a full load — in Florida while her cuckold husband watched.

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We have been in the Lifestyle for five years now. We are very much in love and happily married with grown children. The fact that our children are all adults has allowed us to get out there and explore new sexual experiences and fantasies. We are now free to go away for 1 or 2 weeks with no worries of who will watch our kids. This has been liberating for us and allowed us to explore our sexual fantasies that, until this time of life, we had only discussed as a bucket list of things we would like to do. This newfound freedom has lit up our sex life and has led to some great wild times that we look back at when we are ravaging each other in the bedroom. It has really turned up the heat for us in our sex life. The following is one of those episodes that inspires us to fuck each other hard after talking about and remembering the experience.

Fulfilling Our Fantasy of a Thick, Young Cock for Her

My wife is a competitive bodybuilder in the figure and fitness category. She has, over the years, transformed herself into a muscular hard bodied goddess. Her large breast implants just add to her shapely frame. She looks like a Barbie doll, especially when getting dressed up to go out on the town. Her rock-hard muscular round butt and her washboard abs get the attention of many men and women. I am also in great shape and have been bodybuilding most of my life but not competing. I have an above-average cock that my wife absolutely adores and has multiple orgasms while I fuck her, and she very often “squirts” during sex. But one of our fantasies has been to watch her with a younger, fit guy with a large thick cock. We have already fulfilled that fantasy several times and loved the experience.

Finding Her Fit in Florida

We were on vacation in South Florida and one night decided that instead of going to Trapeze, we would go to a vanilla nightclub and enjoy a night of dancing and drinking with just the two of us. The club was crowded, so we got a seat at the bar. We usually prefer the bar because it opens us up to socialize with others around us more freely. Sitting at a table is usually perceived as we don’t want to be bothered, whereas you can interact with other people around you at the bar. That night, we certainly did.

After several drinks, we were both feeling happy and free. I needed to use the men’s room, so I excused myself and told her to have fun ‘til I get back, with a wink and a devilish grin from me. She knew exactly what I had in mind. When I got to the men’s room, there was a line out the door. So, I waited for what seemed like at least 15 to 20 minutes. After I finished, I returned toward where I had left my wife. I noticed she was having a conversation with a guy that we had both noticed while we were people-watching at the bar. He was at least 10 to 15 years younger than us. Like straight out of the pages of a fitness magazine, he was very good-looking with shredded, muscular arms and shoulders that we could see from the tight spandex shirt he was wearing. His lean waist accented his abdominal 8-pack, which was poking through the sheer material of his shirt. He was exactly what my wife fantasizes about. We noticed him from the minute we walked into the bar, and my wife had made eye contact with him several times while sitting at the bar. 

I did not approach them and instead sat across from them at the bar. My wife looked over at me with a smile and lifted her glass to me, signaling that something exciting was about to happen. I stayed in my seat, watching like a fly on the wall. It was so sexy the way they conversed, standing flirtatiously close to each other. She kept reaching over and feeling his arms during their conversations. I was already hard just watching the two of them interact. He was obviously into my wife, as he asked her to flex her arms, and I watched as he caressed her toned, shapely biceps. From that moment on, he became very handsy and was touching her all over as the conversation between them went on. They danced with each other, and I watched them begin to kiss, and hands were moving all over each other’s bodies. 

After about two hours of watching them get hot for each other, they were ready. We had already discussed the approach. She told him that she was married but that we had an open marriage. She told him I was in the bar and she would introduce me to him, and there was nothing to worry about. She told him she really wanted to bring him home and fuck his brains out, but that our arrangement was that I had to be in the room. He appeared a bit taken aback, but when I went over and began speaking to him, he started to grasp that I was totally cool with him being with my wife and the tension was gone.

Go Ahead — Hubby Will Catch Up

We went back to the hotel. I allowed them to go ahead of me while I parked the car. This way, they could get started and not be self-conscious of me watching. I parked the car and went up to the room in the elevator. They had been up in the room a good 10 minutes before me. When I walked in, the lights were dim and there was music playing and empty shot glasses on the table. It was obvious that they broke the ice with some shots of tequila. I walked into the bedroom, and they were there kissing very passionately. His shirt was off, and, as we guessed in the bar, he was absolutely shredded. Muscular and tan, as if he could walk onto the stage of a fitness competition. 

My wife was kissing him and running her hands all over his muscular body. She could not get enough of feeling his shoulders, arms, and abs. I expected this reaction from her, as I knew exactly what she was into. He was pulling her clothes off and feeling every inch of her chiseled body while continuing to kiss her, and he started to worship her body, admiring her muscles as she flexed for him. He spent a long time feeling her flex and licking her shapely, pumped biceps. I could tell he was also into muscular women almost as much as she was turned on by muscular men. It was a perfect match.

Excitement & Shock About His Ten-Inch Cock

She began to pull his jeans off and unleashed a monster cock that was already rock hard from all the foreplay leading up to that moment. His cock was at least 10 inches, uncut, and had veins bulging at this point from the rush of blood flowing into his steel-like rod. I saw her reaction and would describe it as excited shock as she looked at his hard cock and paused for a second. Her eyes fixated on his rock-hard dick. She had never been with someone that large but spoke about it with me often about how she wants to experience that at least one time. 

She pushed him down onto the bed very aggressively, as she could sometimes be due to her great strength. He did not seem to mind at all being dominated like that. She immediately began to lick and suck on his throbbing dick. She kept saying, “wow, it’s so big.” He was moaning in pleasure. I knew exactly how he felt because of the many blow jobs she had given me. I knew she was an expert and knew exactly how to suck a cock to drive a man wild. She sucked and licked his swollen balls and ran her tongue up the shaft of his enormous cock. I could tell that this guy’s dick really turned her on because I could see the moisture building up in her pussy of which I now had a perfect view. She was also moaning as she sucked his dick. She sucked and stroked at the same time. As she stroked his swollen cock, she also jerked it up and down with her hand as her biceps became more pumped from the jerking motion, and the veins in her vascular muscles began to really stick out. He was loving it. He was feeling the pulsations of her biceps going from flexed to un-flexed as he got sucked on and jerked off.

She stopped sucking him, and he rolled her over onto her back. He began eating her pussy. He sucked on her enlarged cit while fingering her pussy. She was loving it. She started shuddering all over and started to say, “Yes, just like that; keep going,” and then she said, “I am cumming!” With that, she began squiring her love juices all over his face. We probably should have warned him that she is known to squirt when really turned on. I think he was a bit surprised, and I got the impression that he loved it but never experienced that before.

Go Slowly — It’s So Big!

He got on top of her and put her legs over his shoulders. She said, “I want to fuck you so badly.” As he started to insert the head of his enormous penis into her, she said, “Go slowly — it’s so big.” He went carefully and inserted a little at a time as she began to stretch to accommodate his huge cock. She was in ecstasy, moaning and grinding. I could see the wall of her pussy stretching around his steel-like rod as he thrust in and out. She came so hard and let out a scream of sheer pleasure while she was cumming. 

I watched this and had never seen her enjoy being fucked like this. Her orgasm seemed to last for a full minute or even more, and she lost all control of herself and just began to shake all over. The bed was soaking wet from her pussy juices that were spraying as she came. She then got on top of him and began riding his cock, first in reverse cowgirl. She played with her enormous, swollen clit while she rode him. She suddenly exploded into another intense orgasm. Her body shuddered and shook as she came intensely. 

He bent her over the bed and stood and fucked her doggy style. She came twice and left a puddle on the floor. That was the most I have ever seen her squirt in one session. She was obviously loving this. She then climbed on top of him and began riding his cock. I can’t believe he had the stamina to keep up, but he was still hard and still had not cum. She rode him hard. I could see the muscles in her butt contracting as she went back and forth riding him. Her hands were wandering from his rock-hard chest, his chiseled abs, his round shoulders, and then she just held onto his biceps as she fucked him.

Big Flex, Bigger Load

She was going to cum — I could tell by the intensity with which she was now riding him. He reached up for her nipples and caressed her round, full breasts. Just as he began squeezing her nipples, she let out a scream and said, “I’m cumming!” He then said, “flex your arms.” She was still riding him, and, as he requested, she flexed her biceps. He reached up and felt the shapely bulge of her athletic arms. That seemed to put him over the top. He immediately pulled out and jerked his cock a few times and started squirting cum all over her tits. It was so sexy to watch, and I knew she loved it. We watched many porno movies together, and I knew how disappointed she was when a man dribbles cum and how excited she gets watching when the cum squirt out. 

He sprayed her with several squirts of a tremendous amount of cum. Her tits were covered. She rubbed the cum all over and stuck her hand in her mouth to have a taste. Then she looked at him with the sexy grin of a satisfied woman, gave him a kiss, thanked him, and told him how amazing he was. We exchanged contact info and said we would keep in touch and the next time we are in town, assuring him that we will do this again. To this day, every time we talk about the experience, it ends in us having hot, passionate sex. We look forward to our next encounter with this bull.

Left Her Alone for Only 15 Minutes...

This story was submitted by one of our members to the Sexiest Cuckold Adventure Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced the winner of this contest on January 15th, 2021. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.


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