My Girlfriend Got F*cked in Ibiza While I Watched

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When he fell ill while on holiday in Ibiza, this cuck and his girlfriend decided to take advantage of the situation and make their fantasy a reality.

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My girlfriend M and I have been having fantasies for years about a threesome with an extra man and that M has sex with a guy with a big (dark) cock. This story is an elaboration of my imagination. 

M had been to Ibiza twice before with a friend and then came back with great stories about how much attention they got from all the beautiful men there. Both times, we’ve had many fantasies about how it would be if she got fucked there by a potent, hung, and attractive man. We had no experience with sex with others, but that was about to change in a great way this holiday.

She Goes Dancing Without Him

After the first week of mainly enjoying just each other and the resort and having been out a few times, I got pretty sick halfway through, leaving me in bed for two days. To not spoil M’s holiday fun, I thought she should go out with some people we had met in the hotel. After some hesitation, she agreed, after which plans were made for a beach club that night. With a kiss and a wink, she left in a taxi van with the other hotel guests to a nightclub a bit further on the island. 

At about 3 o’clock, I woke up to the message beep on my mobile phone. M had sent me a text that they would go to another club and that they would be home around 5 am. Also, she had met a nice big guy on the dance floor who could also dance very well and sensually. Without hesitation, I texted her back and told her she should go ahead with this guy because I was too sick to perform anything. With a hard cock, I fell asleep dreaming. 

In the morning, I woke up around 5:30 am to noise in the hallway of the hotel, where I heard the others say goodbye to M, who had just opened the door. With a pounding heart and full of anticipation for her eventual adventure, I waited for her to enter the room. Somewhat to my disappointment, M told me that she had done nothing except dance closely with that guy. She didn’t dare go any further because she thought I was joking in my text. I told her I had meant it and found it very exciting when I went back to sleep at night.

He Wasn’t Kidding — Go For the Other Guy!

All day long (M slept until about 2 o’clock), I couldn’t get the image of my girlfriend being fucked by another guy out of my head. We fantasized about it so often, and we already chatted with a hundred men online, but this got so close! When M was awake, we talked about it at length, and she admitted that she would have been a bit afraid of my reaction if something had actually happened. I told her how absolutely horny I’d find it. M promised me that if there was going to be another party tonight (I was still a bit sick), she might dare to go a step further. In the afternoon, we met the Dutch couples at lunch, and they asked if I was better and if we were going to go out that evening. I told them I wasn’t well enough and that I wasn’t going to come, but M would.

At about 11 o’clock that evening, M had arranged with the mob to take the taxi to the club. I went back to bed. Not long after, however, I was awakened again by a text from M. The guy (James) was there again, and his intentions were obvious, so she asked me whether she could pursue. “Go for it,” I replied. From that moment on, I couldn’t sleep. After an hour of turning and fantasizing, I decided to take a look for myself. I quickly pulled on my jeans a shirt and picked up a taxi to the club. 

When I arrived, I ordered a beer right away and kept myself out of the crowds. I headed up the stairs to the balcony, from where I could see the dance floor perfectly in reasonable darkness on the lounge benches. It took me a while to discover M and the rest of the Dutch, and when I saw them, I was disappointed: There was not a tall, dark guy in their neighborhood. I had to go pee and went to the toilets on this floor. When I was waiting for a free box, I saw a big guy come into the toilet and walk straight to the condom machine and get a package out. ‘This HAD to be James,’ I thought to myself with a pounding heart. After he was gone, I rushed back to the spot on the balcony. I saw M dancing with a few of the Dutch women, but no James in sight. Would I have been wrong? 

After a few minutes, I noticed M looking around and saw that she had found what she was looking for: James. He was walking towards the exit, waving to her. I saw M say goodbye to the Dutch and walk to the exit. So, it was going to happen! What was I supposed to do? I was shocked by the text message that I received: “Honey, I have told our friends I’m heading back to the hotel… But guess what: I’m going to the beach with James!! Wish Me Luck. XXX M.”

M & James Head to the Beach

A few minutes later, I also carefully went outside and entered the nightclub’s alleyway, which led to the beach. Immediately, I froze and dove back around the corner. Two hundred meters away, M and James walked hand-in-hand to the beach, which was 100 meters further away. I waited until they turned right onto the beach and rushed towards it. It was fairly quiet. I saw some kissing and hugging couples on the beds in the lovely warm night. 

It took me a while to see them. The pair stood 150m away near the surf and kissed each other intimately. I got a rockhard erection in my pants right away. I sat down in the sand between a couple of piled-up beach beds. After a few minutes, they walked back to the edge of the beach and further away from the relative crowdedness where I was sitting. After a minute, I dared to get up and followed them to a completely deserted and dark stretch of beach. There, I saw them standing closely again, kissing, while M slowly unbuttoned the shirt of her lover. I saw her kissing and licking his chest and nipples (at least I thought I’d see it; it was pretty dark).

“She’s So Lucky”

The pair found a bed, and M took off her shirt and bra. In the soft moonlight, I saw her deliciously full, round shapes and James’s hands and mouth all over her. I had a huge erection in my pants at the time and opened my zipper to give it some space. James took off his pants, and, even from this distance, I saw that he had a huge cock between his legs. ‘She’s so lucky,’ I thought to myself. M slowly began to give him a handjob while he was on his back on the beach bed. M put his enormous dick in her mouth and started sucking it gently and, after a while, more passionately and rough. I could hardly take it anymore. I got so aroused from the sight of my girl with another man that I just had to jerk myself off.


But then, I was suddenly startled by a bright light shining behind me. I looked back and saw two headlights on the beach calmly coming my way. I crawled between some piled-up beach beds and watched how M and James responded. I saw them quickly put their clothes on and walk back quietly. ‘Failed!’ I thought. When the headlights, which appeared to be from a police jeep, neared them, I saw James waving at the occupants, and he started talking to them. I think I saw that M was a little uncomfortable and felt for her. Fortunately, James seemed to know the officers well, given his attitude towards them. Then I saw James walk towards the back door and gesture to M to get in. She did so reluctantly and stepped into the back of the police jeep. I didn’t know what to think about this for a while, but I thought it was safe. 

The jeep turned 180 degrees and drove calmly to the path where I had also come to the beach. When the Jeep hit the road, I quickly walked across the beach that way. I could just see how the Jeep left at the very end of the road near where the club hit the main road. Again, I was shocked by the beep on my phone: “Sweetie, we were on the beach, but were disturbed by the police, is a cousin of James. Taking me back to the hotel. See you in a bit! Was very exciting!! X” Shit, what was I supposed to do? It would be very weird if she came into the hotel and I wasn’t there! I quickly sent her a message back that if he would drive towards the hotel, they could continue on the beach at our hotel! While in the taxi back to the hotel, I got a text back that she didn’t know if he could enter the hotel (our hotel had a private beach). I was just hoping for that and texted again that she had to try and that I would try to control my curiosity by not coming to the beach myself. 

The taxi driver raced, in crazy Mediterranean-style, across the road to the hotel, and we had within a few minutes the Jeep in sight… Fortunately, he then started to stick to the speed, afraid of the police! That would have been awkward if the police, with my girlfriend and her lover in the back, would stop the taxi with me in it!

M & James Try Again

Once I arrived at the hotel, I saw that my M and James entered the hotel without much problem, which was also confirmed by another message: “We’re walking to the beach now, we’ll head to the pier. Come and see if you dare!!” ‘Wow, what a horny hotwife I have!’ I thought to myself. The idea of seeing her with another man, with her knowledge, made my dick grow again immediately! 

I walked into the hotel and headed towards the pool so that I could get to the pier via a detour. I saw the two walk up the pier, which runs about 20 meters into the sea. It was about 2 am, so there wasn’t really anybody awake anymore. I saw from about 20 feet away in the moonlight how M and James made it easy for themselves to lie on the pier on beach bed pillows they took from a cabinet. 

Kissing was apparently no longer necessary because it didn’t even take a minute for M to pull his huge dick out of his pants. She started to blow him with great passion. What a great show this was — again! After a few minutes, I saw him push M away, and he stripped himself and M of their clothes. I saw the two beautiful naked bodies collapse onto each other. M was lying on her back while the guy put a rubber around his cock. I saw M turn her head towards the beach, probably to see if she saw me. Luckily, she looked the wrong way. I wanted her to let go completely without holding back because I was there. So, I kept quiet, and her attention was quickly drawn back to that big cock.

The Biggest Thing She’s Ever Had Inside of Her

James started to put his big black dick into her tight, bald pussy. I could clearly see M’s back arching the moment he penetrated her. She stopped him with one hand on his stomach, probably so as not to let him enter her too hard and fast. Gradually, he started to fuck her harder, and with that, M’s resistance stopped, and she let herself fully fuck that huge pole. From the collection of sex toys we have at home, M had quite some experience with large dildos, but I thought that this was probably the biggest thing she’s ever had inside her. 

I opened my pants again to give my hard cock some space and started to finish myself off with a great view of the fucking couple. Every once in a while, I’d see M looking back to the side. I thought she might find it very exciting if she knew I was watching her, but I didn’t draw her attention just yet! 

After a few minutes, they changed positions. James lay on his back with his head towards the beach and his feet towards the sea. M threw one leg over him and slowly started riding that huge cock. Every time she came up, I couldn’t really see how fat and tall that cock of his really was. Unbelievable! M was now sitting with her face towards the beach, but I was about 10 meters to the right. She was now clearly checking if I had come to see. When James took over control and M started fucking in this position, she threw her head back. I could now clearly hear her (and him) groaning.

He’s Watching — And Loving It!

M looked down the beach once more, and I felt that this was the time to let her know that I was present — and enjoying it! I waved, and she saw me after a few seconds. I believe I saw an incredible grin on her face. It was impossible for James to see me because he was lying with the back of his head towards me. M started to fuck James with the pace I recognized. ‘She is about to cum,’ I knew. 

M gazed towards me now more and more, and I started jerking off my own cock, harder and harder. Not much later, I saw the first signs of M’s approaching orgasm; her body tightened and she fingered her clit while she was riding that cock. Suddenly, I heard and saw her upper body starting to shake to the front and back, and she had to hold herself on the pier with one hand so as not to fall. James started fucking her like a raging bull, and I saw that M could continue her orgasm for a long time. But then James orgasmed, moaning loudly, and then M slowed herself down by lying on his sweaty chest. 

I saw them lying down and kissing for a moment, and then M started looking in my direction — not that she could see much of me, because I was hiding in the shadows. I also jerked myself to my orgasm, which took only seconds! I had to bite my lip not to make any sounds. My orgasm was so intense!

Cumming Together Again… Until Dawn!

After a few minutes. M and James got dressed again and walked off the pier and further away from me. At the entrance to the pool, I saw M give him a passionate kiss, and there, their paths split. He walked to the lobby while she walked towards the entrance to our section of the hotel. Once she was inside, I ran to her. Without saying much, we walked up the stairs to our room. There, we almost tore the clothes off each other’s bodies, and we fucked each other until the sun came up. It was a wonderful feeling, my cock in the more spacious-feeling pussy of M by that thick pole of James. Unfortunately, we left for home that evening, but we enjoyed the past few weeks and talked a lot about this AMAZING experience!

My Girlfriend Got F*cked in Ibiza While I Watched

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