The Cuckold Crows Around Midnight

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Once she got a taste for a parade of cocks, Donna knew she couldn’t go back. Thankfully, her cuck agreed, and a cuckold dynamic was born.

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There’s just no substitute for a virile, substantial, and unyieldingly rock-hard dick. My name is Donna, and I’ve been married to Dave for over a dozen years now. I love Dave. Don’t get me wrong, Dave’s cock is my favorite. His package has all the qualities that satisfy me long-term. I love it, and I’ll never get enough of it. We learned some time ago that pressing the flesh with a willing young man of somewhat lesser experience but with more than an adequate tool in the pants could be a more than satisfying feeling for both of us. The two of us have had our share of sexual encounters and adventures over the years. We both enjoyed pushing the outside of the envelope, so to speak. Our first time is a foggy memory now.

It All Started with Casey

The young stud’s name was Casey, his hair was long, and his hands were wide. He played racquetball with Dave at the local fitness club, and sometimes I would see him there. His body was always glistening a tad with tiny beads of sweat. I would bite my nails around him to keep my hands from touching him. We had known him only a short time when we found ourselves invited to a party. You know, one of THOSE parties. When we discovered that select single men were invited, we asked Casey to go with us. There was an obvious sexual tension from the start of the party when Casey wouldn’t leave our side. Whether he was nervous or just found us comforting, he huddled next to us and virtually turned away each time a cute girl would meet his eyes. The feeling took on a new meaning when, after another couple brushed by us, Casey reached down and clasped my hand tightly. A series of events had been put into motion that all three of us were incapable of stopping. Being the adventurous types, we didn’t really try to stop it.

I pulled Casey around to my front with one motion, stretched my five-foot-six-inch frame on my tip-toes, and kissed him. Deeply kissed him. As our mouths opened and his hands went to my breasts and ass, Dave pressed against my backside. Dave’s hard cock was palpable. Dave’s hands came around my sides, and he interlocked his fingers into Casey’s belt loops and pulled the three of us together tightly. The two cocks on either side of me made me wet with giddy delight and lustful hunger. We found a nearby corner of privacy, and Casey’s probing hands seemed everywhere all at once. His unfamiliarity with my body was an exciting turn-on. My body was being discovered anew, and his desire to please me was overwhelming. Dave was enamored with a fresh spark as well, and he intuitively stepped back. As Casey ravaged me, I looked to Dave for approval as he stroked his dick with nodding pleasure. I knew when Casey lifted me, his hands clutching my ass cheeks, my legs wrapping around him, his throbbing 9-inch meat spreading me open, that this would have to happen again. Indeed, there were more times at bat for Casey, as Dave would come to call it.

A Parade of Caseys

The thrill, as I came to learn, was the fresh discovery. It was like a drug, definitely a high. As time passed, Casey became but a blip on the radar. He had ignited a lustful hunt in Dave and me. A hunt for that feeling to repeat. There’s been a small parade of Caseys in our lives. They have all been youngish, cute, more than ample cocks, and always a bit devilish like they may be talking you into something. They rarely see the hunt from our side of the table. The best thing about these unsuspecting young bucks is, as Wooderson says in the movie “Dazed and Confused,” I get older, and they stay the same age. Sometimes the fresh, if you repeat often enough, can become stale. That was until we met Luca.

… And Then There Was Luca

He was the first boy I met on my own, separate from Dave. We met in the most romantic of ways, at a museum. Luca was sitting on a bench alone, staring at a divine and well-known painting by French artist William Bouguereau. I’ve been attracted to the painting and the bench from which to admire it for some time. Being forward like I am, a conversation was inevitable. Luca had just turned 24 and recently graduated from art school. I could feel my inner thighs quiver when he spoke. He didn’t have a girlfriend, and his nervousness talking to me was amusing. I found myself biting my nails which was something I hadn’t done in forever. During some of the awkward silence between us, I texted Dave about my new-found prey. “He’s six-one,” I texted. “Curly sandy hair,” my thumbs wrote.

Luca’s shirt was loosely buttoned, and I could see his smooth chest beneath a silver necklace that bounced against his tight flesh. Luca’s edginess almost overcame him, and twice he was about to excuse himself and escape. I couldn’t let him get away. My pussy was already speaking to me and aching for him to be inside. I reached out, rubbed his leg, and brushed the sizable outline of his boy-meat, which I estimated had to be a nine-inch catch. I was not throwing him back. He warmed up during our flirting as my hand nudged against the head of his penis as the fabric of his pants tightened, causing his outlined member to be more pronounced. His awkwardness was intoxicatingly unskilled. A few more texts with Dave, some butterfly kisses on Luca’s cheek, and we were walking hand-in-hand down the sidewalk. A flash later and we were strolling into a nearby hotel. We stopped at the entrance and kissed. He seemed a bit lost. I tried to prepare Luca, but when we opened the door to the room that Dave had secured for us, he was clearly startled by seeing another man. Some things are hard to prepare for experiencing.

Dave sat down in a chair at the end of the bed as I kissed Luca backward and then to sit. His pants were off in no time. He was commando as I suspected, his groin as smooth as his hairless chest. His legs were shaking as I took his balls into my fist. I clenched tight as I saw the glisten of precum and could not wait anymore. Luca’s cock was still growing as my lips and mouth closed around his shaft, sliding him deep into my throat. He was so very big, bigger than I had guessed. As his pretty cock swelled in my mouth, I was afraid it would be too much, but then my throat relaxed and opened up (which never happens to me), and he went in and out with ease. My nose pressed against his tight-skinned stomach, my hands rubbed up, and along his taut, clearly defined abs, his big dick playfully twitching. He yanked his shirt off over his head and exposed his chiseled torso, and then his hand found the back of my head, pulling me down onto him deeper still as he thrust into my throat for the first time. The sensation was so erotically charged that I almost came while still in my yoga pants as he pumped himself into me over and over, fucking my throat as deep as he could. I raised off his steel-cock, strings of saliva following my lips, and kissed Luca as his tongue now filled my mouth, his tongue dancing with my tongue. He pulled the clothes from my body and, staring at me now naked, said, “Donna, can I please fuck you?” I melted at him speaking my name, we both looked to Dave, who nodded, and I climbed on top of this sexy god.

This huge cock filled me like none had before. At first, I couldn’t breathe he was so deep inside me. My mind went wild with passion. I didn’t want to ride Luca too fast in fear of him cumming too soon, but it was impossible to go slow. Luca took my hands and, balancing me, whispered, “Donna, faster.” I eventually slowed and saw Dave begin stroking his own beautiful cock. The scene was an aphrodisiac for my senses as several orgasms took over my body in wave after wave. My legs went weak, and Luca stood from the bed, his rod-like cock deep inside my more-than-wet pussy. He turned us around and put my back down on the mattress with him now on top, and my legs naturally spread open for him as he pounded my pussy into another orgasm. With each thrust, he grinded himself mercilessly against my labia, rubbing my g-spot relentlessly. I came again and smiled toward Dave. Luca pulled out and stood with his giant, plump, pretty penis dripping with my juices. Before he could catch his breath, I sat up, grabbed his ass, and gobbled the exquisite penis into my mouth back into my throat. He let out a muffled and guttural sound, and I felt the creamy, warm cum shoot from his young cock. The cum was so salty, so tasty. His ass tensed and flexed as I dug my fingernails into his butt cheeks. His cum was pumping into my mouth as he flexed again and pulled out, cum spurting and trailing with my mouth dripping from use. One final flex and more cum landed on my face as I let my tongue curl it into my mouth.

The afterglow was a bit of a blur as I closed my eyes with Luca cuddling next to me, my eyes fixed on Dave, who was still smiling. My body was exhausted in just the right ways. Recovery was swift, and soon my eyes opened. I sat up, ready for round two; my eyes darted to Dave’s chair. Dave was sitting and panting as I realized Luca’s head was in Dave’s lap, slobbering wildly and sucking on that cock I’ve been so satisfied with all these years. Dave’s hands held onto Luca’s head, firmly guiding him to suck that familiar cock better than I ever had and taking every inch of Dave and loving it. I’ve learned there’s just no substitute for a virile, substantial, and unyieldingly rock-hard dick.

The Cuckold Crows Around Midnight

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