The Faces Behind The “Our Unicorn Diaries” Podcast

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Co-hosts Antony and Marie give us a glimpse into their lives and how their podcast, Our Unicorn Diaries, was born.

By Antony & Marie for ASN Lifestyle Magazine

I guess how we met could have been taken as a sign that our life together would revolve around sex. “Antony, the hunky English contractor, and Marie, the sexy, helpless American in distress that needed a bit of work done (cue awful ‘70s porn music).” But it wasn’t.

We had both come from relationships that stifled our creativity, sexuality, and spirit. Eager to make up for lost time, we shared our desires, explored together, and pushed each other’s boundaries. No idea was ever a bad idea until we proved that it actually was. Whenever either of us wanted to try something new, we would blurt it out like sexual Tourette’s and go for it.

About two years into our relationship, we decided to make it official. We were practically living together already, and it was pretty obvious that we, two slightly perverted individuals, were made for one another anyway. That very year, while traveling abroad, something felt right about that particular place and time in our lives, so we set our wedding date for three weeks later. 

It was a lovely intimate ceremony in England, surrounded by some of our nearest and dearest. Our special day was oddly the only day it hadn’t rained the entire month we had been there. We took it as a sign from above that the universe was just as happy as we were about our union.

Shortly after returning to the States, we dabbled in exhibitionism. We visited a couple of clubs in order to be watched and, if anything else presented itself, we would try it as long as we were both comfortable with the situation. It was okay, but not really what we were expecting, nor did it scratch the “itch” that we had. Hotel takeovers were a little more our speed. We liked the atmosphere far better than the clubs. Those in attendance were more engaging and friendly and, most importantly, they respected our personal space. Everyone appeared to be on their best behavior while getting their freak on, but if things got too much for us or if we needed some alone time, we could retreat to our room. It was the best of both worlds. Yet that still wasn’t enough.

Illuminating the Path with Webcamming

Out of the blue, Antony had a light bulb moment and began expressing an interest in webcamming. At first, I was reluctant because I am not “techy” at all, but I couldn’t argue with him; he had really done his homework and gave one hell of a presentation! I agreed with all of his reasons why we should do it, especially the part about people watching and paying US to do various sex acts. Once I said, “Yes,” Antony began setting up our account before I could change my mind (he knows me too well). Just when I started to wonder if we were crazy and making a mistake, I received a welcome email from the cam site. Antony had managed to set up not one but THREE accounts — HIS, HERS, and OURS — in what seemed like less than an hour. He didn’t just beat me fair and square; he was way ahead of the game. “Well played, husband.”

Even though we were both curious to see how things worked, I wasn’t too eager to get started, but Antony wanted to log on right away. It seemed the more I protested, the more determined he became. He can be very persistent at times, so that night, we became webcam models. In a short amount of time, we managed to gain enough regulars to keep us busy and satisfy our needs.

Webcamming was easy money, yet it wasn’t. Antony had to keep himself ready to perform at all times with the help of Viagra (I could only do so much!). At any given moment, we were expected to fuck at anyone’s command. When members were running out of money, they expected Antony to “cum now.” Yeah, like that was going to happen! Soon, Antony began getting too busy with work and could no longer do webcamming regularly. He urged me to continue on my own. I was nervous at first, but I somehow managed to pull it off with the help of A LOT of toys. It was amazing having men from all over the world cum because of me. Also, my newfound dirty friends suggested new things for Antony and me to try, like milking (Google it. It’s AMAZING).

The best times were when Antony would come home early while I was still online and watch me work. He was hard to ignore, standing there behind the camera with his pants around his ankles, jerking off while I entertained the members. The thought still makes us laugh. Hilarious and HOT at the same time. This is how the MFM threesome fantasy was born. We learned a lot from the whole experience, and it was our dirty little secret. This went on for years. And although it started out as fun, it was beginning to burn me out. Webcamming had left me too exhausted to pleasure Antony sometimes. Needless to say, my camgirl days came to an abrupt halt. But not before nabbing a well-endowed member to use for our first ever threesome. No matter how many porn videos we watched, it wasn’t nearly enough to prepare us for the main event. We read numerous articles and diagrams for the best sexual positions, which proved to be helpful, but there’s nothing like experiencing it for yourself.

Diving into the Hotwifing Pool

We sort of grabbed each other by the hand, held our breaths, and jumped into the deep end of the hotwifing pool. Our first time was exciting and different from anything that we had ever done before. Not to mention, the double penetration was so erotic, amazing, and very addictive. After countless playdates, we concluded that we needed to have a real connection with our third(s) in order for us to truly enjoy ourselves. We wondered if others felt the same way. Antony, an avid podcast listener, stumbled upon a few swinger lifestyles for us to listen to. We couldn’t relate to them because they mainly talked about full swap couples or FMF threesomes. From this observation, we realized there was an oversight that we should rectify for the lifestyle community and others just like us.

As we dug a bit deeper, we found that so many people weren’t familiar with the term, “hotwife” nor could they wrap their heads around it when we tried to explain it to them. Most single males we encounter assume that it is the same as cuckolding. It isn’t. Antony is fully involved in the sexual experience including OUR male selection process. Our style of play deserved recognition and we believed that starting our own podcast would be a great call to action.

“Our Unicorn Diaries” Podcast was Born

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine Our Unicorn Diaries Podcast Antony Marie

For our podcast, we chose the name “Our Unicorn Diaries” for a couple of reasons. It had a nice ring to it, and after many years of hotwifing, we had proof that finding a sexy reliable male to play with was equally as difficult, if not more so, than finding a female! We want everyone who listens to get an idea of who we are in our everyday life and to be able to feel like they’re a fly on our bedroom wall during our playdates which is why we choose to keep it lighthearted yet sultry.

Antony became a genius with editing, adding sound bites from our threesomes here and there to make our episodes even hotter. Let’s just say we’ve come a long way since episode one. Whether it’s our banter fueled by our “Cocktail of the Day” or the outrageous new dirty word I found to stump Antony, you are sure to have a fun time when you tune in. If our listeners are curious, they have the option to see us in action on our OnlyFans page as well!

We want the world to know who we are and what we do. We have no reason to hide. Being in the lifestyle is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. Why the hell should cheating be more acceptable than having sex with your partner along with other consenting adults?!

Antony and I are often approached by couples who are contemplating entering the lifestyle for assistance and our advice. We also coach males through their first MFM threesome experience. We LOVE what we do, and we enjoy educating people about unicorns and the lifestyle and hope (with our help) that it continues to grow until it one day becomes the “norm.”

SDC ASN Lifestyle Magazine September 2020 Cover

This article originally appeared in the September 2020 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine.

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