Better Sex: New ED & Vaginal Dysfunction Treatments

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Improve your sex life with these new and revolutionary sexual wellness treatments for men and women.

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Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas was founded with the goal of helping people regain the active sexual performance they enjoyed in their youth. After our team of PhDs and MDs completed six years of research and development to formulate, perfect, patent, and trademark several treatments to help others improve their sexual health and well-being, we launched our clinic in 2020.

Enjoy Longer-Lasting Sex at Any Age

“You should never consider yourself “too old” to enjoy sexuality. It is our goal to turn back the hands of time physically so you can enjoy sex as late in life as you want,” says Jeff Nuziard, founder of SWC of Texas. 

It’s natural for men and women to experience challenges with our sexual health as we age, whether from erectile dysfunction (ED), vaginal dryness, laxity, or discomfort, as well as decreased sex drive.

“We do NOT believe that sexual wellness is a specific treatment or procedure,” Nuziard explains, which is why SWC of Texas personally works with each client to create customized REGENmax™ treatment plans.

By personalizing each client’s experience, SWC of Texas can help men and women regain and maintain control over their sexuality at any age.

Here’s how SWC of Texas can help you achieve the fulfilling, active sex life you and your partner(s) deserve.

Treating ED & Sexual Dysfunction with REGENmax™ for Men

Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas REGENmax Treatments for Men SDC

Although many men don’t speak openly about the challenges they experience when it comes to sex, erectile and sexual dysfunction are very common in over 39% of all men 40-50 years old, and 70% of all men over the age of 60.

REGENmax™ for Men is a trademarked, individualized treatment plan designed to maximize men’s sexual performance for improved sexual experiences and longer-lasting sex. 

At SWC of Texas, we first use the Fotona SP Dynamis laser for a patented delivery system to regenerate collagen in the penis’s erectile tissue and dilate penile vascularity.

Acoustic shock wave therapy is used next, which will help increase blood flow and tissue regeneration. 

To speed up the restoration process, we use a regenerative fluid called TRF (Tissue Regenerative Formula) that stimulates and regenerates new tissue at the cellular level.

All of this without surgery or any pain.

Lastly, we do a complete hormone and vitamin deficiency panel to best establish which supplements, hormones, and peptides may or may not be needed as part of your treatment.

We offer several prescriptions that will give temporary results while we go through the regenerative process.

While your body is going through the regeneration process, your doctor will also give you some homework to do to maximize your results.

Treating Vaginal Dysfunction with REGENmax™ for Women

Sexual Wellness Centers of Texas REGENmax Treatments for Women SDC

Many women experience some type of sexual dysfunction in their lives, commonly starting as early as 6 weeks postpartum and increasing during post-menopause.

REGENmax™ for Women is a trademarked, all-inclusive treatment plan that is personalized to each woman’s needs to maximize her sexual performance and help her rediscover and fully enjoy her sexuality again.

To regenerate collagen, tighten the vaginal canal, reactivate vaginal wetness, repair stress urinary incontinence, and restore clitoral and G-spot stimulation, we first use the Fotona SP Dynamis laser for a patented delivery system of energy without any pain or downtime.

Acoustic shock wave therapy is used next, which will help increase blood flow and tissue regeneration.

At the same time, we can also perform any labia rejuvenation if desired, all of which can be done with little to no discomfort to you.

We then use a regenerative TRF (Tissue Regenerative Formula) procedure that stimulates and regenerates growth of new tissue. A comprehensive hormone and vitamin blood panel will also ensure we can determine which hormones, supplements, peptides, and other pharmaceuticals to prescribe to improve your sexual wellness.

Get Your Consultation with SWC of Texas

Schedule your appointment with our specialists at SWC of Texas today to consult with us about the personalized care that’s right for you and your body. We’ll tailor our revolutionary treatment plans to your needs and help you improve your sex life and sexual wellness.

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