First Fetish Party at Wasteland

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This newbie couple was ready to expand their sexual experiences and jumped at the chance to attend a fetish party — twice!

One of our SDC members submitted the following story to our “My Sexiest Valentine’s Day” Erotic Writing Contest.

It was about time we did something toward our quest for good sex with others. The up-and-coming Wasteland party was an opportunity. This was my first visit to Wasteland — or any fetish party for that matter. I spent a fortune on a very nice latex gladiator skirt, which just about covered my dick — until I danced, and then it would surely be out and about for others to see. That didn’t phase me. I’m an exhibitionist, but it was a little nervy experience getting into a taxi with my friends, feeling my bare ass on the car seat. As soon as we arrived, I felt right at home. She knew I would.

First Time at Wasteland

We danced a while and took in all the sights. She led me around the various areas to show me what was happening where. She had been there a few times before and was very familiar and I was getting quite excited by the sights and sounds. This was amazing! Such freedom! And it was well-organized with good music and lots of attractive and horny people. I was so glad we had come. After dancing a while, we were so horny we decided to go have some fun together. 

We went to the dungeon and found an empty spot. Behind us was the entrance, in front of me was a couple fucking, to the left was two men giving a girl a lot of attention, and to the right was a couple engaged in a tantric massage. She sat down and I stood in front of her, one leg up on the seat. She took my cock and started to suck it as only she can do. I was hard and hot — this was amazing, getting a blowjob in full sight of anyone who happened to be around! We were the first thing people saw as they entered the dungeon. 

A few men stopped by to look more closely, and they were respectful, not grabby. I was busy watching the couple in front of me fucking like crazy. I kept catching his eye, and we exchanged knowing looks. Another man walked up to us and he started stroking my nipple. This was nice; he was tender and slow and definitely wanted to join in. I looked at his erect cock and thought it was a good opportunity to touch one for the first time ever! All this time, she was focusing on my own cock, sucking it and licking it so beautifully. I was turned on to the max, and no amount of male attention was going to change that. An eye-opener, a confirmation, relief!

His First Time Experiencing Another Man’s Cock

I finally had the courage to reach over and grab his cock. It was hard and hot, similar in shape and size to mine. It felt familiar. I stroked him slowly and he liked it. Some pre-cum made his head glisten in the dim light. He wanted more and bent down toward my cock with an aim to suck it, but she was still so focused on me that she did not see him there, and eventually he smiled and moved on. It was a brief encounter, but it was a huge milestone in my sexual evolution. It confirmed a few things and is now a fond memory and a motivation to expand on this and see how much else I can enjoy my bisexual side.

Wasteland Time: Round Two

Six months later, it was Wasteland time again! Since the last one, I had not had any opportunity to expand on my bisexual experiences. We had both been too busy to find time to arrange anything on this site or go to any kinky parties. So, this time I was hopeful that something would happen. 

We bought her a new outfit that allowed easy access to her pussy: a short latex and gauze skirt. She looked totally and instantly fuckable in it. I wore a latex gladiator skirt. It’s so free, comfortable, and sexy to wear it, and my cock pokes through the flaps when I dance or get aroused. 

We were both incredibly horny, having had a little pre-party together, and then the amazing sights and vibe at the Wasteland party. The atmosphere was so nice; people are foremost respectful, good at sex, and totally open and relaxed. We danced a bit, but we were both much more interested in doing something. We headed to the dungeon.

The Dungeon

The dungeon is a series of areas with bars, mattresses, a vaulting horse, etc — all in a dark theme. There were lots of men there. I was standing around watching a guy get fucked by a big cock. Another was using the horse, and he was licking her as she lay on it. I maneuvered us into a corner with a bit of space and told her to bend over and suck. It was amazing; her mouth and tongue are amazing anyway, but in this setting, being so exposed made it even better. As she was doing that and I was leaning back against a cage, a man came and stood next to us. He had a big cock and was stroking it while watching and touching her back. I looked at him to ask if it was OK for me to touch him, and he nodded.

His Third Cock

So, the third cock I touched was huge. I couldn’t close my fingers around it, and I have fairly large and practical hands! It struck me how heavy it was as I brought it toward my mouth. That was it — no hesitation — I licked the tip of his cock. It was immediately nice; no negative feelings, just curiosity and the desire to give and receive pleasure. I was surprised by how soft his foreskin felt on my tongue. I couldn’t get my mouth around it, but I spent quite a while licking and stroking that cock. 

I was then distracted by two other men who had come up behind her. She was still bent over sucking me, so her short skirt revealed her bare pussy, open and wet. One of them started fingering her, quite roughly, but he knew what he was doing so it was all pleasure for her. As this guy fingered her, the other was masturbating, rubbing his cock on her ass. The one fingering her then spanked her ass hard. I felt her tense and moan in pleasure, and she sucked my cock even deeper into her throat.

A Bit Too Hard?

It was an interesting moment. I know that she likes to be spanked. I don’t spank her — well, a couple of times in a more playful manner. It looked and sounded like it was too hard, and whatever else we get up to, I don’t want anyone hurting her. Pain for pleasure is fine, but those limits must never be breached. So, I accepted what was going on and trusted that she would say if she wanted him to stop. I bent down and looked her in the eyes and got a thumbs up from an obviously very horny and happy woman. Meanwhile, I was still stroking the huge dick and was dripping pre-cum from my super hard cock deep in her mouth. After a while, we both looked at each other and nodded that we needed rest. She stood up and everyone dispersed.

I’ve never seen anything other than total respect at that party. It promotes freedom and trust. So, wow, that was fun! So many things! I’d never seen anyone else do anything with her, my love, my cherished soul mate. There was no jealousy at all, I had enjoyed seeing her being pleasured. I kind of expected it, but it was nice to confirm. Things got even more interesting later on…

SDC's 2021 Sexiest Valentine's Day Erotic Writing Contest

This swinging story was submitted by one of our members to the My Sexiest Valentine’s Day Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced this winning story on March 12th, 2021. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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