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She decided to switch careers and create her own maid service, and now she gets bi-weekly threesomes with one of her clients. Good luck finding that in the medical lab!

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I am a 42-year-old woman with a master’s degree in Bio-Sciences. I worked for twenty years in a medical laboratory at a major university. After so many years, I was just done with all of the crap that went with working in a stressful, professional environment, so I quit. I decided I wanted to do something for a while with little to no stress, so I started my own cleaning business. At first, I struggled to find clients. I was in a larger metropolitan area, but it seemed to be difficult to get my foot in the door, so I used my master’s degree and found a way to market myself. I bought one of those short black maid outfits, dolled myself up, and took some pictures to put out on the websites with my ad. Like I said earlier, I am 42, but have taken good care of myself over the years. I am 5’9” tall, 130lbs, with a 36D chest. I don’t look too bad for my age, and I thought I looked pretty good in my new outfit. Shortly after adding the photos to my ads, I started getting a few requests.

Dressing the Part

I always set up to meet my potential new clients at a public location so we could both meet each other and I could make sure they were normal. I met a few potential clients that I could tell were only meeting me because of my pictures on my ad. They were men that just wanted to hit on me, even at the coffee shop, but I did start adding real clients that actually wanted their houses cleaned. I started going on jobs at different houses, and yes, I would wear my maid’s outfit to clean. I decided to wear it since it was in my ads, and figured that it would be a way for me to differ myself from other cleaning ladies in the area. I would get a few comments about my uniform from clients now and then that thought it was nice that I dressed the part and that I looked good in it. I enjoyed the compliments.

The Hot New Clients

One day, I was going to a new client’s house so I put on my outfit and headed out. I had met the lady of the household at the local Starbuck’s a few days before, and she was a beautiful 30-something-year-old blonde. She seemed normal and said that she and her husband both worked from their home every day and they had two children that were in school during the days. They just couldn’t keep up with the housework and would like some help — a typical story that I had heard before. This was the first household where both the husband and wife worked from home during the day, but they said they would just be working in their office and I could come in and clean.

I got there at about nine in the morning and rang the doorbell. The husband answered, so I introduced myself, and he invited me in and said they were expecting me. I’ll tell you right now, he was HOT. He was dressed in a pair of casual shorts and a t-shirt that hugged the muscles under it. He was probably 6’2” and 220lbs. I brought my supplies inside and started to clean. Both the husband and wife were working in their office most of the time as I was cleaning. 

The office was in the front of the house, just off the kitchen and living areas, where I was initially cleaning. I was dusting the furniture in the living room when I was startled by the husband behind me who asked if I needed a drink. I said, “Thank you, but I’m OK right now.” He grabbed a drink out of the fridge and headed back to the office. I was working my way around the room and ended up near the doors to the office, and I could hear the couple talking in the office. He was telling his wife that ‘he loved the new maid’s outfit and that she was pretty hot in it.’ I was amazed when the wife said, “Yeah, I’d go down on her.” I almost dropped my duster. 

I was flustered and not sure what to do, but I regained my composure and started sweeping the floors. About ten minutes later, when I was just finishing the floors, the couple came out of the office and said it was break time and offered me a drink and asked me to sit down with them on the couch to talk and we’d get to know each other. They handed me a water and I sat on the couch. They came over and sat on each side of me. After hearing their conversation earlier, I was a bit nervous. The woman came straight out and just said, “We are swingers and we think you are very HOT in your maid outfit.” My jaw must have dropped to the floor. I didn’t say anything and just sat there.

The Couple Makes Their Move

Her husband leaned over, put his hand on my leg, and planted a kiss on my lips — and he didn’t stop. It was good. Really good. I couldn’t help but get into it and reciprocate the kiss. I could feel his hand rubbing up my leg under my short skirt as I leaned into the kiss. At about that time, I could feel the Mrs. unzipping my outfit from behind. I pulled away from the kiss, and my outfit fell forward down to my waist, leaving my excited breasts exposed. I never wore a bra under my outfit, only a black thong with black high heels. The husband quickly leaned down and started sucking my right breast as the wife worked to pull my outfit off of me. As she did this and threw it on the floor, the husband laid me down on the couch with my nipple still in his mouth. 

I was now lying on the couch with nothing on but my black thong and 4” black heels. The husband was lying on me and sucking my right nipple and the wife started kissing me. I had never really kissed a woman before this and it was nice; so soft. She kept kissing me, and the husband slowly worked his way down my body until he got to my thong. He slowly hooked his fingers around each side, pulled it down off my legs, and tossed it on the floor with my maid’s outfit. I was now naked on the couch with my heels on.

Bringing the Maid to Orgasm

The wife worked her way down and started sucking my left nipple while the husband started working his way up my inner thigh. I spread my legs and he got to my tunnel and started licking me. I was already so wet at this point that I’m sure he had no problem with full access. It felt so good as he sucked my clit and licked up and down my pussy. He licked me to a screaming orgasm as the wife sucked my breasts. After my orgasm, I was so hot and exhausted I really needed a break, but that wasn’t going to happen. 

The wife climbed on me and sat on my face with her pussy right over my mouth. I started licking and sucking, just as I would have wanted someone to do to me. It was wet and sweet. About that time, I felt the husband climb on top of me and I felt the head of his penis press against my pussy lips. He slowly pushed all the way in, and I had to pull away from the wife so that I could breathe. This went on for a while, the husband fucking my pussy with his glorious 8” cock, and me licking and sucking his wife’s pussy. At one point, they were both kissing each other as he fucked me and I tongue-fucked his wife. The breathing started getting heavy from both of them, and the pace picked up. I could hear the husband start panting and knew he was about to shoot a big stream of cum deep in my pussy. About the time I could feel his penis start shooting and my pussy grab him tight, the wife started gushing her juices all over my face. We all three came within seconds of each other and collapsed together on the couch.

Making Messes with the Maid — Twice a Week!

We laid there for a few minutes and then they both got up, gave me a kiss, and said, “Thanks for the work today. You may head home now, but we’d like to schedule you for two times a week.” I got up, grabbed my uniform, and told them that that schedule would work for me. I got dressed, grabbed my stuff, and headed out. I have been cleaning up their messes twice a week now for the past three months.

SDC's 2021 Sexiest Valentine's Day Erotic Writing Contest

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