Valentine’s Birthday Flight Mile High Club Initiation

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What started as a sleepy red-eye flight ended with three loaded orgasms and a sheepishly satisfied pair of complete strangers.

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*This is a true encounter. I was catching the last flight back home. Yeah, it was a red-eye, but it was still my best option to arrive as soon as possible. After all, it was my husband’s birthday, and I had been working in N.Y.C. for the past week, and I was eager to start the weekend with him. Not only did his birthday fall on a Saturday this year, but it also is my favorite holiday — Valentine’s. I have always loved the romance and sexiness that surround the day. So, I either fly out of JFK at 10 pm and get to Orlando just before 1 am or wait until 3 pm the next day. At least it was a non-stop flight, and I could get some sleep on the plane.

Mr. Sits Down Hard

Being a frequent flyer, I boarded quickly, and I got myself settled in my seat against the window. After I wrapped myself in my favorite travel blanket and lowered my eye mask, I was ready to shut out the world for the next two hours and forty-six minutes. Almost Immediately, I felt my chair move the way they do when someone sits right next to you hard. ‘Ugh. Here we go,’ I thought to myself. Not bothering to lift my eye mask to see who my new neighbor might be, I let sleep wash over me. I hadn’t realized just how beat I was until a jolt of the plane woke me from a dead sleep. 

Taking off the eye mask, I tried focusing my eyes and figuring how long I was out and where we were at. The cabin was dark, but one knows the feeling of taxiing on a plane. I grabbed for my phone as I lifted the window shade. Sure enough, we were still on the runway, and I’d been asleep for forty-five minutes. I looked around the cabin for the first time and noticed a few things right away. For one, there were hardly any passengers aside from Mr. Sits Down Hard and me. Nobody was behind us that I could see, and only five heads were scattered in the rows toward the front of the plane — two on the same side as us about six rows ahead, and the other three were on the opposite side of the plane, each in their own row. 

Mr. Sits Down Hard was also waking up and processing the same thing I was. Looking at him for the first time, I noticed that he was ruggedly handsome and wearing army fatigues. After making eye contact, he immediately introduced himself as Alex and apologized for crowding me, explaining that he, too, thought the plane was going to be packed and must have dozed off just as fast as I had. Alex was heading home from being deployed for six months overseas. As he was saying this, the stewardess was walking through the cabin and told us the delay was a fueling issue, but it had been resolved. She offered us some free mini bottles for the inconvenience and that once the fasten seat belt sign was turned off, she would be back around for us. 

Conversation started pretty much instantly between us. It was the type of connection that just works without trying. When the stewardess came back about twenty minutes later, she asked us what we cared for, and both choose whiskey. She gave us two bottles each and said, “Cheers.” She was being very sweet and generous. When Alex started to slide over to the next seat, I jokingly teased. “Do I smell or something?” Chuckling, he said, “Fine, I’m staying here, but if I do, you’re sharing that blanket. It’s freezing in here. I’ve been in the desert for months.” Judging from his well-tanned face, I could see he had. With a naughty grin, I threw the blanket over his head. No hesitation held him back from reaching for me and going in for a kiss. My shock was pushed aside as his tongue entered my mouth, and I didn’t stop him. Sure, I had some guilt starting to build in the back of my mind, but it was shock and awe and deviously exciting. The skill and ambition with which he pursued my mouth are still unmatched to this day. My blouse was unbuttoned by his nimble fingers, which were all over my body before any protest could emerge in my mind. I was fully entranced by this encounter, and it had just begun.

Oh, Mr. Massive Cock!

Rough hands grabbed my breasts eagerly. Wetness grew between my legs as he ventured under my skirt, which he had hiked up to expose my thighs and past my panties. Thank goodness for my travel blanket. Taking things into my own hands, I reached for his lap and began to feel him swelling in his pants. He removed them to his ankles in one swift motion. This guy was good, alright. My hand found his growing erection, and everything stopped. I gasped. He asked, “Is everything okay? We can stop. I’m sorry if I got a little ambitious.” I replied with a hard, wanting kiss. 

With my hand barely able to wrap my fingers around his massive manhood, I giggled to myself and thought, ‘No wonder he sat down so hard. This thing is huge.’ I shimmied in my seat and lowered my head to his lap. I could take little more than the head of his monster cock in my mouth. Stroking him with both hands is about all I could do as I licked and sucked his girth. I’d never had such a cock in my gasp. Without warning, I felt his balls enlarge and contract. I knew what was coming next as he grabbed the back of my head with both hands and moaned. 

Flooding my mouth, I swallowed what I could as half of his sweet load dribbled out the sides of my mouth and down his shaft. My tongue eagerly reclaimed what I could. To my surprise, his cock did not soften. If anything, it was now harder than before, like forged steel and slick with his juices. He pulled me up by my shoulders and lifted the armrests as he plunged me down, entering my sex with a type of carnal lust and want that I have thought about a million times since and still not able to describe accurately. 

Being discreet under the cover of the blanket, he went back and forth from nipple to nipple, sucking on them equally, while his hands guided me rhythmically up and down on his cock. Stretching me to ecstasy, I rode him through two mind-blowing orgasms that happened back-to-back, leaving me quivering in his arms. Not yet finished with me, he pushed a final thrust up and held me on him as he impaled deep inside me and rocked me back and forth. Again I felt those large, smooth balls contract, enlarge, and unload, only this time inside my married pussy and with the same force and amount as his first load. It was utterly amazing, and I climaxed for the third time.

Mr. Forged Steel Cums AGAIN

As I started to ease myself off of him, he shyly asked where I was going — he wasn’t quite done yet. Feeling his grasp on my hips tighten, I said, “You have more in you?” As if a challenge, I felt him stiffen and swell inside me again, and I started rocking into him. Taking him fully was no longer a chore. My body welcomed and accepted all of him as he took me for the second time. This one was a slower pace. It was more sensual as I ground my sex into his. I felt his hard body while he thrust into me and eventually emptied his third stream of the night into me. I coyly asked if he was finally done with me. He said, “For the moment,” and gave me a wicked grin that made me wonder if he actually could have kept going. That’s when the fasten seat belt signal chimed, and the cabin lights lifted to an amber glow, bringing my attention to the fact that I was half-naked and had spent the last two-plus hours being used by this man. What was I doing? Had I just joined the Mile High Club with a complete stranger on my husband’s birthday? My mind was racing in a hundred directions.

Mr. Tongue-Tied

We got ourselves straightened out and collected our things as the plane landed. When exiting the plane, the stewardess gave me a nod and wink that let me know we were not as quiet and discreet as I thought. ‘So much for the cover of the blanket,’ I thought to myself. Blushing and embarrassed, I walked toward baggage claim. Following close behind, he asked for my number and what I was doing for the rest of Valentine’s weekend. I told him I had forgotten to mention that I was married and that it was his birthday. The look on his face was priceless. As if on cue, my husband walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around me in a genuine, I miss you hug. I turned to introduce Alex to him, and Mr. Sits Down Hard was tongue-tied for the first time in our encounter. Stumbling over his words, he just grabbed his duffle bag off the luggage carousel and quickly exited, saying a hasty hello and goodbye. “What was that all about,” John asked? “I’ll explain in the car,” I told him. “I have quite a story to share.”

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