A Photoshoot to Never Forget

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She retells their unforgettable 16th-anniversary boudoir shoot swinging experience to her husband in this fantasy come true.

One of our SDC members submitted the following swinging story to our “Wet & Wild” Erotic Writing Contest.

Our 16th anniversary was coming up, so we decided to do something special. We wanted to find a photographer to capture some intimate moments of us but were a little nervous about finding someone who would make us feel comfortable during the process. We finally came upon a website for a local photography studio that specialized in boudoir and intimate couples. The studio was actually owned by a husband and wife, and they had an impressive catalog online and a lot of great reviews from past customers, so we decided to give them a call. We made an appointment for two weeks later and started to prepare. I started to shop for a couple of new lingerie outfits and we hit the gym more than usual. The day of the appointment arrived and we were nervous but excited, too. We had a glass of wine before we left to ease our nerves and headed out the door.

Meeting the Photographers

When we arrived, we met the husband-and-wife team. She was a pretty brunette, probably late 30s. Her hair was longer and wavy, and she was petite and cute. She had a great smile and made you feel comfortable immediately. He was taller with blue eyes, and short dark blonde hair. He had a short beard and was really tan, probably in his early 40s. They said they were both photographers and would be taking pictures, but she also did hair and makeup and wanted to curl my hair and get my makeup camera-ready. She poured me a glass of wine and he poured you a bourbon, and we just chatted for a few while she got me ready. They were really easygoing and super easy to talk to. They said have been doing this for years and really loved it — especially capturing moments between couples that they could never quite do with solo subjects.

The Camera Started Clicking

Once my hair and makeup were done, they asked me to get into a lingerie set. They wanted to take a couple of pictures of just me first on a bed. She would help pose me and fix my hair between shots, while he would take the pictures. Then they asked you to join in the pictures. You climbed onto the bed wearing nothing, and they directed you to start kissing me. We started kissing and we could hear the camera clicking. She would stop you here and there to direct you or me to change angles or sometimes to move an arm or a leg. It seemed awkward at first, but it slowly started to feel more natural. 

She asked you to take my lingerie off and kiss my breasts. Then she asked you to kiss down my tummy and then in between my legs. You went down on me for a few minutes, and then they stopped us and asked you to lay on the bed and for me to sit next to you. The female photographer took the camera from her husband and then he started to direct us while she shot. He asked me to lean over you and start kissing your neck and down your belly. He asked me to take you in my hand and stroke you slowly while kissing you. He then directed me to go down you. While I was going down on you, I could feel him lift up my hair at times to keep it from getting in the way of the camera. He then directed me to get back on the bed on all fours, with my booty high in the air. He told you to slowly enter me from behind. Things were starting to get hot.

Posing for More Than Just the Camera

We were both getting really turned on having sex in front of this couple taking pictures and directing our every move. He would have us do a few shots in different positions… kind of teasing both of us. After he told me to get on top of you, I started to ride you, and you said, “honey don’t move, I think I’m going to cum.” I stopped for a minute and slowly moved off of you to give you a moment since we wanted to get a few more shots. The woman photographer asked if we wanted to do something a little different for the rest of the shots. We looked at each other a little confused, but curious. She asked if we’d be open to them joining us in some pictures. We agreed that that sounded like fun.

Something a Little Different…

She handed the camera off to her husband and started to undress. Her husband asked you to sit at the edge of the bed for a minute and touch yourself while she just immediately dove in and began to kiss all over me. She kissed my lips, my neck… all while touching my breasts. Then she slid a finger in me while gliding her tongue over my belly. I started to moan… it was all so unexpected but exciting. She started eating me out, and I was so wet. She was so good at it. Her husband then directed you to join in by starting to eat her out while she went down on me. Sometimes we’d hear a break in between the camera clicks — you could tell he was enjoying what he was watching. He then directed you to lay on the bed. He had me sit on your face, and her ride you facing me. She and I were touching all over each other, sliding our tongues in each other’s mouths, all while we grinded on you. You finally yelled out, “oh my god — I’m going to cum!” and you came inside her while she rode you so hard. I climbed off your face and she slid her finger back into me and said, “it’s my turn again to take pictures.”

Her Turn to Take Pictures

Her husband handed her the camera and started to undress. She directed him to immediately put his face in between my legs. She wanted you laying on the bed watching at first. He was sliding his finger inside and out of me, alternating with his tongue. I was feeling so good, I forgot we were even being photographed. Then I heard her direct you to start touching me and kissing on my neck and breasts. He was moaning while tasting me, and I could feel myself starting to cum. You pinched my nipples hard and I felt myself let go. She then had you lay on the bed and had me go down on you again while he fucked me hard from behind. He was moaning and then we heard him softly say, “I’m gonna cum,” and he came inside me, filling me up. 

We laid there, all feeling amazing, but sleepy, too. We never imagined our photoshoot would go this way, but it was wonderful. So hot and unique. We got dressed, thanked them for the amazing experience, and headed home really turned on and excited. We couldn’t wait to see the pictures in a week or so. Just the thought of having to go back to the studio to see the pictures was thrilling… who knows what could happen again?! We knew the boudoir photos would be super hot — and the perfect gift to each other for our 16th anniversary.

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