Interesting Morning Walk

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What started as an innocent morning walk routine around the local park turned into a blow job, a drooling pussy, and plans for more.

One of our SDC members submitted the following swinging story to our “Wet & Wild” Erotic Writing Contest.

It started three weeks ago. I would take earlier morning walks around the local park close to my home. I thought nothing of it — at first! There was a mature woman walking in my direction and I said “morning” and she replied back. I completed one loop and this time, she smiled and said, “very nice.” I turned around and she kept walking. I returned the next day and saw the same lady. She smiled again and said, “oh my,” this time. I had light-colored shorts that day, and you could see the entire shape of my cock. As I finished my first loop, I saw her again!

His Bulge Was Swinging in His Shorts

This time, I got a little horny and hard because I knew there was some potential interest. I was able to walk slower, and my cock was swinging in my shorts. She stared, and I saw her lick her lips. I turned around and said, “you should see it out.” She turned red and smiled. I walked toward her, and when I got closer, I was fully erect. I had to hide it as others were walking past us. I said to her up close, “we should play one day.” She grinned and replied, “oh yes, big boy.” So, we exchanged contact info.

Plans to “Chat” After Walking

Two weeks later, I sent her a text, “walking this morning?” She replied, “yes,” and I ended up seeing her, and I could tell she dressed for me. She did her hair differently, applied lipstick, and lastly, her shirt was tight and showing how busty she was. I knew I had to say something and make a move. I asked, “after your walk, you want to chat a bit?” She replied, “yes, please.” I met her by the front entrance, and we sat down to chat. During the chat, I cut the conversation and asked if she had ever been with a black man before. She got nervous and said, “no.” I asked if I could be her first, and she really turned red. I could tell she was both nervous and interested, as her nipples were hard and poking.

He Was Her First

I asked her to follow me to my car and then to get it in. She got in, and I took down my shorts. She was like, “OMG OMG OMG,” very nervous. I grabbed her hand and put it on my soft, long, black cock. She looked at me and began kissing me hard. She was READY. I grew FULLY erect in her hands, and she was moaning. I told her very sternly, “suck my black cock.” She did it willingly and VERY well.

Her Pants Were Soaked

I was rubbing her big tits and holding her hair as she was choking on my cock. I took it out to tease her and asked if she liked that big black cock in her mouth, and she said, “OMG, I do.” She then took her top off and put her BIG tits around my cock while licking the tip. That almost made me cum, it felt soooooo good. I reached down and her pants were soaked. Her pussy was just dripping — seriously drooling. I could tell she was going to cum soon, so I kept rubbing her clit faster and faster. She was moaning very loudly. The windows were fogged up, and she came all over my hand, my seat, and her pants. I then exploded on her chest, face, and hair (I’m a big load cummer). We were both satisfied! So, I asked next when I can fuck her, and she said, “tonight!”

SDC Wet and Wild Member Stories Erotic Writing Contest

This story was submitted by one of our members to the contest name Erotic Writing Contest. Sign up today to submit your own amateur erotica. SDC announced the winner of this contest on May 7, 2021. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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