SSX 2021 — Live Events are Back!

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Sexperience 2021 had the sexiest crowd ever, ushering in the return of live and in-person swinging lifestyle events, parties, and more!

Can we say OMG!!! The gorgeous 5-star resort, the spectacular pools, the yummy cocktails, the wonderful restaurants and 24-hour coffee shop, the sexy entertainment, the shows, the incredible live bands, and, of course, the sexiest crowd ever — it was all such a sight for sore eyes!

Selling out year after year, Sexperience is a success story. This is one party event that keeps building sexy anticipation all year round for those signed up or wanting to sign-up! This year Sexperience, or SSX for short, again delivered and exceeded expectations!

Upon walking into the impressive lobby, the ocean air and breeze immediately hit the senses.

Check-in was a bit more involved than in previous years for obvious reasons, but it was smooth-sailing. More than half of the expected guests were already settled in their rooms by midday and enjoying the stunning views, opening the balcony doors to their seductive baths to the gloriously warm and balmy weather. The weather gods were merciful throughout the week, with just a cooling drizzle here and there and not interfering with any outside activities — and there were many!


ssx 2021

At the reception desk, guests were welcomed with a generous goodie bag from Prudence, a condom brand by DKT International, a non-profit organization specializing in implementing family planning and STI and AIDS prevention programs around the world. They are present in more than 50 countries, and a portion of DKT product sales goes to help educate and finance underserved community projects worldwide.

Playshops with the Pros

The event had, as usual, a wide choice of sexy yet educational seminars, workshops, and playshops on the program, which were free for all attendees! Dr. Jay and Liseth presented their “Smart Erotica” program in English and Spanish. This power couple specializes in training, educating, and consulting through their business Soul Mates for Life, taking on taboo topics others won’t touch. Read more about Dr. Jay and Liseth here.

Dr. Jay

For the hands-on playshops, guests were delighted by internationally-recognized, somatic-trained Sexologist Dragonfly. As the owner and primary educator at Pure Orgasmic Love, Dragonfly encourages sexual pleasure and experimentation through a smorgasbord of body-based teachings about sex. Read more about Dragonfly here.

Dragonfly Pure Orgasmic Love

Unforgettable Parties & Playroom Pleasures

Usually, events such as these have one evening where guests take it down a notch, maybe go to bed a bit earlier, maybe chill in the room to recoup some energy for the parties to come. Not so much this time around, though! Every single night, the Night Club, a.k.a., the Sexy Sins Lounge, was jampacked until closing time, and the DJs were pumping out hit after hit ‘til the last minute!

Of course, SDC wouldn’t be SDC if there were no memorable pool parties. The foam party — complete with huge balls and balloons — was super fun, and the rally game on the giant inflatables was so exciting! Add to that the many acrobats, the live bands, the sexy dancers day and night — all together with the overall happy vibe — made sure there was something to enjoy for everyone!

ssx dancers
SSX Performers
ssx 2021

Considering the times we live in, the SDC Pleasure Dome was mainly the backdrop for the hands-on playshops during the day. This beautiful space was also ready and available to receive adventurous couples till deep in the night, and yes, even though it was a little less busy than usual, it was still nicely attended.

ssx 2021

Don’t Miss Out on SSX 2022!

The morning to say goodbye came, as always, way too soon — especially for those still dancing at 3 am. As everyone hugged each other goodbye, it was great to know that it’s a “see you again” for the many because yes, this event will be held again in May of next year! Don’t end up on the waitlist though, book as soon as you can since each super Sexperience sells out super quick. Reserve your spot in the 2022 Sexperience now!

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