Friends Becumming FRIENDS

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This July 4th weekend went from wholesome outdoor time with friends to an hours-long, orgasm-filled threesome that spangled everyone’s banners!

So, my first threesome was on a 4th of July a while back. I had been friends with a certain woman for about three years, and we always got along really well. We had invited friends up for the weekend, including my sister and brother-in-law, for some boating, grilling, 4-wheeling, and drinks. At about 7 p.m., those that were still at the house on Sunday had found themselves wanting a new round of cocktails. We had music going and drinks flowing, and all were having a great time. By 9 p.m., there were only five of us left in the house: myself and my husband, a female friend, my sister, and her husband. After a certain amount of drinks, my clothes just start coming off. Strange, I know. But, this time, I thought I would do it in a striptease fashion, on my kitchen table for all to enjoy. 

Naked & Dancing

At some point, clothes were gone, and I was enjoying the music and the free feeling of being naked. At this time, I looked down and saw my husband and brother-in-law sitting at the kitchen table and smiling with enjoyment. I have to admit — I LOVE that feeling of being watched!! As I ended my show for the only two men in the place, I looked over and saw my sister and my friend had felt that dancing naked was a good idea. There they were, naked and dancing about with the music and enjoying the cool summer air on their skin. Now, with all of the women naked, my brother-in-law saw my sister naked and took the opportunity to return to their room. (Which, may I say, is directly below the master suite. You’re going to want to remember this part.) With them out of the room, my focus shifted to a beautiful and naked woman in my living room and my husband sitting with a big smile on his face. I went and took him by the hand and sat him down on our sofa. Without ever doing this before, or asking if he would mind, I asked my friend to help me get him out of his clothes. Feeling completely turned on and ready to try something new, I sat him down and whispered something in her ear. She smiled and nodded yes.

Taking it Up a Notch

Each of us ran our hand up the inside of one of his legs and began to caress him in all of the right spots. His erection was hard and immediate. The passion increased. The things we did to him were endless and very erotic. At this point, I knew I would forever want these moments. After taking turns licking the sides of his erection and gently kissing and nibbling on his inner thighs, I wanted to turn the attention to her. I took both of them by the hand, led them to our bedroom, and told them to trust me and the acts I was about to play out on and with them both.

Once in our bedroom, I sat him down on the leather chair and faced it perfectly to where I had her bent over the bed. I came up behind her and ran my nails ever so gently down her spine to the tailbone and then ran my fingers down to the point in which I could feel her wetness, her physical signs of pleasure. I got down on my knees and can remember focusing on the way she felt, her pulses, and her taste. I can honestly say that I have no idea how long I spent there, but I made use of every tick on that clock. Now that I had my taste buds quenched, I wanted to take it up a notch.

I took my husband and had him take my place while I moved onto the bed in front of her, on my back and legs spread for her. I cannot describe the sounds we all were making. There were moans that reverberated in that room at decibels that I had not heard before, which drove the desire higher and higher. I opened the array of toys and began to please her and me with them both while my husband made use of us. Every hole of each of us was getting a turn. We all were screaming with excitement and doing all of the things that we had only dreamt of doing before. I began spraying and soaking all three of us, the bed, the floor… It was amazing! After a couple of hours of playtime, it was time to watch my husband have sex with another woman. I bent her over the bed once more and knelt on the bed next to her. I looked over my shoulder and told my husband to come over and please us both. I told him to go from her to me, from me to her, until he just couldn’t contain it anymore. This continued much longer than I expected he would be able to. She and I are women and showed just how many times a woman can reach orgasm in a night. It was truly a mind-blowing experience.

An Unintended Audience

After we all reached the point where we needed to have that final release, we let it go. It had been just over four hours of excitement, passion, fantasy, and pleasure. We were all exhausted, but none of us were complaining. It was one of the most amazing sexual experiences of my life and started the ball rolling to where we are today. Now, let’s go back to that fact I mentioned about my brother-in-law and sister being right below our bedroom. Fast forward to brunch the next day. Sitting at the table, enjoying pancakes (oddly enough) and bacon, was my husband, me, my sister, and my brother-in-law. When I asked how their night went, my sister admitted that she passed out and slept like a baby. Upon hearing this, I looked at my brother-in-law, and he had a piece of bacon in his hand and looked at us and simply said, “You guys need better insulation.” This poor 28-year-old guy was up those entire four hours ALONE and heard it all. They still bust on us for it, but we all agree that it is a story that none of us will ever forget.

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This story was submitted by one of our members to the My First Threesome Erotic Writing Contest. SDC announced the winner of this contest on July 1, 2021. Our editor made minor adjustments to this story for length and clarity.

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